What are all of the signs that a girl likes you? What are the best signs?

What are all of the signs that a girl likes you? What are the best signs?

When I like a guy, I go up and tell him. Sign language is hard to understand and express these days.
And I’d prefer the same from a guy. Why make things complicated and waste time?

During a random conversation, out of nowhere, my girlfriend asked my Gotham. Two people of the same Gothram means they are brothers and sisters by blood relationship; hence, they are typically advised not to marry each other. What an excellent way to take the initiative. We have been in a relationship for the past three years.What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?

  • She will find ways to be around you. She will hang out with the same group as you or randomly(?) show up in places you go to.
  • She will always try to keep the conversation running. She will never let it come to ‘Hmm and ‘yeah. She’ll keep coming up with new questions (God bless Google) and keep you entertained. Of course, she wants you to think she’s the most incredible girl you can find.
  • She talks to your friends more often, trying to get them to like her. Also, this would give her an excuse to hang out with you more often because your buddies are now her buddies, too.
  • Whenever in distress, she’ll be your Superman. She’ll jump up to help you whenever she gets the chance. Well, maybe not that much, but she’ll step up to help you however she can, so you know you can count on her. She will be pleased if you ask for help because it shows that you trust her and give her an excuse to talk to you.
  • She randomly tells you things she likes. No, she doesn’t do it randomly. She hopes you will remember it and surprise her someday.
  • She will touch you (not so) casually in between conversations or otherwise. Please pay attention to the feel; it is strategically placed and planned.
  • She remembers little, insignificant things that you’ve mentioned without much thought. If it is some detail about you, she might surprise you by following up on it, say by suggesting a place that is famous for the kind of food you like (and you have no idea how hard she’s worked for it), or a birthday gift, or some other thing.
  • Or, when she says ‘I like you‘. Or some variation of that.

I worked in interrogations for the military for several years. We were put through an eight-month class on body language and several other things. Body language makes up 90% of communication, and the excellent vets can sniff out pretty quickly (not the Joe Biden sniff) whether a woman likes them or not in a heartbeat. I’m not. If anyone could give you ALL the signs a woman would make, here are a few that can point you in the right direction.

  1. She makes intense eye contact with you and looks down before you do. This is a sign of submission on her part. You have shown to be dominant.
  2. If you two are talking, she sits toward you and opens her chest towards you. She is interested
  3. If she sits with her arms folded and away, she’s not that interested
  4. If she smiles and the outside corners of her eyes squint, it is genuine, and she’s interested.
  5. If she’s sitting with her legs crossed and her top leg and toes are pointed toward you, she’s more than likely interested.
  6. Suppose she finds any reason to get close to you. She’s interested.
  7. If she’s sitting next to you and leans in, she’s yours.
  8. If she initiates touching first, she’s all yours.
  9. If her chest and some cleavage are showing, a seasoned vet will know she is interested because her heart rate will spike, and her skin will flush red on her cheeks and chest.
  10. If she’s willing to buy you a drink, she likes you.
  11. If you catch her preening herself or fixing her hair as you are walking up to her or while you are already there, or you see her looking down at herself in her breast area, she’s making sure her goods are good to go.What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?
  12. These things are primarily subconscious, meaning she won’t even realize she is doing them. You can’t fake body language. Good luck.

The other answers here aren’t beneficial to the technical young men who probably read this because interpreting those signals without a solid baseline can often be ambiguous (i.e., what’s “more than typical?” or “more than usual?”). Here is an attempt to make it less ambiguous, as well as signals to help differentiate from false positives:

  • She finds reasons to initiate conversations with you, especially about non-weighty topics when you have yet to address or talk to her first. This is a false positive if she starts discussing a specific work topic (if you are a co-worker) or talks to you in her job as service personnel (e.g., checkout line or waitress).
  • She invites you to things like little meal outings to get food or meaningless little trips (e.g., pick up something at a convenience store). This is a false positive if she is a habitual social-engineering type that tries to make everyone feel included, but this “type” of person can usually be easily identified in a group.What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?
  • She touches you. Unless she is the type who touches everyone (easily observable), this is a positive sign if she is, in addition to making lively conversation, feeling you.
  • If you ask her to join you in doing something (e.g., casual lunch or a coffee run) and she cannot make it, she suggests another specific time/place. This means she likely had an actual conflict but does not want to let the opportunity to interact with you slip away. If she is not interested, she’ll say she’s busy or, at most, say “another time” unspecifically.

Most of the stuff you find online is absolute bs. I’m a girl, and two people are currently interested in me. One is in a local band. The other is a perfect friend. So you have two options: general first-sight attraction and attraction while in a friendship.

First-sight attraction – I’m a typical girl when it comes to this, so I’m 99% sure it’s the same for most girls, and most guys do these things, too. I will. -divert my path to walk past him. This could be walking past him multiple times or finding different, longer routes to take me in his direction. Girls do this to get attention.

Stare at him. I often find myself looking at him without meaning to. Parting of the lips is another thing, and putting your head at an angle so he only sees your ‘best side.’ Sometimes, you may see a typical smirk or the girl looks at the ground and then at you. Some will also look away quickly as soon as eye contact is made. Guys do this more than girls.

I was subtly finding a way to look at you. I’m awful at this, and the guy I’m talking about is, too. I will look at him and then subtly look around the room as if I just happened to be looking in his direction on my scan. The thing is, most girls and guys get nervous, so this action becomes super apparent. He and I always do this to each other and tend to fail.

Talking about something that they know you are interested in. I do this. This guy was watching football in the pub while playing the last time I saw the band, so the next time I saw them, I started talking about the footy scores while in his earshot. It’s just to make you think, ‘Ooh! Girl likes what i like!’

I’m just hanging out near you. Girls and guys will go out of their way to be around someone they’re attracted to. While in this process, they laugh/converse loudly, then look at you to see your interest.

Try to have minor conversations. I don’t talk to this guy, but if he walks past me from the bar, I tend to crack a little joke or say something I know he will find funny. It’s just girls’ nature to wanna make you laugh.What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?

Regarding attraction in close friendships, it tends to go like this—talking to you at every opportunity. This can involve passing each other in the hall, texting, and even calling. When you’re attracted to someone, you WANT to talk to them. Girls will go out of their way to find a topic of conversation and converse for a long time.

-being close, facing you, and touching you. You’ve probably heard this a million times, but it needs to be more accurate. I am attracted to the guy, and we are close, so we are around each other a lot. I tend to stick with him even in a large group of friends. When standing still, my body always faces him, my whole body, and if he says something silly, I gently hit him or put my hand on his arm when I laugh.

I even lean on or stand directly before him and put both hands on his chest. Girls do this literally because they want to be your center of attention.

I was hanging out. I know hanging out is normal. But when a girl likes a guy, they take every opportunity to be around you. If you go to McDonalds, they will want to sit and be close to you. I took a school trip to Paris with my guy and took every opportunity I could to be with him and have a good laugh.What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?

Take items of yours. On this trip, I left my jumper on the bus, so I took him out of his bag and wore it. Girls do this because they love having something of yours on them, even because they like how you smell.

You are doing things to get your attention. Whether it be talking about her problems or asking for advice, talking about something you’re interested in, or just doing something extravagant, they want to be the focus of all your attention.What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?

There are a few other things you may see in a gal. Suppose her pupils dilate when you make eye contact; that’s an entirely accidental sign that she likes you. If she licks her lips or parts her lips, she likes you. Girls and guys tend to raise their eyebrows when they like what they see swiftly.

It’s 100% accidental and happens quickly, but it opens the eye up, making it easy for light to reflect off them. It’s the cause of that ‘twinkle’ in their eyes. The majority of things I have listed are subconscious. It’s just instinct for girls and guys to get physically closer to people they are attracted to, etc. Half the time, we don’t even know we’re doing it.

Following are some signs that probably show Gal has a crush on you:

  1. Stare endlessly at you.
  2. Blush when your name comes up.
  3. Try to sound cute when they’re talking to you.
  4. Constantly stare at your phone number
  5. Become nervous when you’re around
  6. Constantly checking your social media profiles
  7. Get the same kind of perfume/do you wear
  8. Find out your likes and dislikes and deliberately attempt to like and dislike the same things
  9. Deliberately find reasons to drive past your home.
  10. Secretly celebrate your birthday
  11. Always make some reason or the other to talk to you.
  12. Try to sound as intelligent as they can in front of you.
  13. Give death glares to your crush’s significant others (if you have any)
  14. And finally, obsess over the tiniest details of your life.
    PS: This is all from experience.

How do you tell she is into you?

  • She will give you sincere and deep compliments.
  • She will be interested in listening to you more than speaking, no matter how much she loves talking.
  • She will stalk you and want to know every possible detail about you.
  • She will avoid direct eye contact.
  • She will willingly manage her time to talk to you.
  • She will notice small changes in your behavior.
  • She will discuss topics that interest you.
  • She will first discuss personal stuff with you.
  • She will ask about your opinion on things related to her.
  • She will start using your vocabulary.
  • Some days, she will act weirdly only because she will be trying hard to hide her feelings from you.
  • She will talk about you with others.
  • She will be comfortable with your touch.
  • She will be your motivator.
  • She will find chances to tease you.
  • She will try to act cute around you.
  • She can even change her accent while talking to you.
  • We humans and our behavior are subject to changes. And you can never predict a girl’s behavior.
  • We can be irrational sometimes because many of our decisions are influenced by emotions.
  • PeaceWhat are all of the signs that a girl likes you?

How do I know that a girl is interested in me and not just being a perfect friend?

The answer is hidden in her behavior :p

To be clear, she will always tend to do these things if she’s falling for you.

  • She will start talking to you with fewer words and more smiles.
  • She will try to make eye contact to express her feelings.
  • Mainly, she will blush around you, which you may easily make out.
  • She will stop teasing you by another girl’s name.
  • She will chat with you the whole night, and it will continue in later days.
  • She will start feeling jealous about your closeness with other girls. If that girl is her best friend, she will hate her best friend.
  • If she’s falling for you, she will not miss any slight chance to make you happy.
  • If she likes you, she will wait for your replies for hours, only if you have her number.
  • She will start asking sorry for simple mistakes she will make.
  • She can easily get hurt by your actions.
  • She will start telling you that you are ignoring her.
  • That girl will take the initiative to celebrate your birthday differently to see your happy face.
  • She often asks you about her looks, and if you don’t tell her what she expects, her day is gone.
  • She will start respecting your thoughts more than as a friend.
  • She starts to do things to impress you, like dressing up nicely, sharing her thoughts with you, etc.
  • If she’s a girl you barely know, she will start appearing in front of you for no reason.
  • She will start using her words more carefully in front of you.
  • She starts feeling your every touch intensely, and you can make out that she’s getting pleased by your every touch. I hope you got that girl.
  • Otherwise, you will not get any vibes of that kind from her if she’s just a friend.
  • Thanks for reading my small lines. Much love. Have a great day 🙂

What are some psychological hacks to know if someone likes you?

There was a beautiful girl in my class who intrigued me. She spoke a lot and was brilliant, but we only had this time together because we were not friends.What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?

She was older than me, and we never had one-on-one time, so it was not the ideal situation to ask, “Do you like me?”.

So I tested some psychological tricks…

Eye Contact – I made intense eye contact while smiling when entering the room. She always smiled back!

Proximity – I picked a chair in the front of the room and close to where she was sitting. I noticed she began to pay more attention to me!What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?

Food – I brought her an apple because she forgot her lunch one day, and I wrote a note on paper. “Do you like me?”

The next day, we had a big test, and I was nervous because the girl of my dreams had still not responded to my note… after taking the test, I sat there patiently twirling in my desk and trying not to look at her.

Finally, when I received my test back, I was relieved! At least I got an A+ on the test, so today wasn’t a complete failure.What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?

I flipped the test over, and there was a note on the back!

“Of course I like you! You are the most positive student in the class and always smiling. You sit in the front and pay great attention, and you are very thoughtful. Thanks for the apple; it was delicious. Don’t forget to study for your exam next week!”

Yep, that’s right. She liked me.

Is it true that when a girl likes you, she will tell you?

My friend is studying in a government medical college. She is a beauty with a brain.

I wouldn’t be bragging, but she is one of the finest brains I have ever met.

If anyone is from medicine school, they know how hectic the schedules are in these schools—tests, labs, practicals, vivas, postings, dissections, etc.

Before each test and viva, she will ask me for chocolates.

If I ask her why you want chocolates from me, you already get them from your many friends.

She will be saying, I’ll be happy even if you give me just a chocolate wrapper. I like the way you give me chocolates.

It’s not chocolates that I love but how you give me what I like and make me happy.

It was an instance to give you some rosy butterflies.What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?


Back to the point.

Is it true that when a girl likes you, she will tell you?

A girl will not hesitate to say she likes you if it is just casually, but if she means it, she will daydream millions of times before confessing it to you.

Girls rarely have a straightforward approach to confessing their feelings to someone.

If she is into you, she will not speak it to your face but will somehow make you aware.

The most simple and complex creature on the earth is a woman; how do you expect she will quickly tell you she likes you?

She won’t say she likes you.

Instead, she shares with you what she likes, what makes her happy, her dreams, and who her friends are.

Rather than confessing you are her crush, she would tell her a day’s activities and blah blah things.

What are some signs that a girl likes you (even if she says she doesn’t)?

1. She takes the seat next to you.

2. You make her blush.

3. She acts a little bit nervous and awkward around you.

4. Her friends know about you.

5. She eats less in front of you.

6. She allows you in her personal space.

7. She is very much interested in your personal life.

8. She always replies to your message/call.

9. She wants to know about “your” type of girl.

10. She asks you a lot of questions.

11. She enjoys late-night conversations with you.

12. She remembers things you say.

Signs that she likes you include subtle touches or “accidental” bumps, indicating a strong interest; however, if she distances herself, it’s a clear sign of disinterest.What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?

Inquiring about your relationship status or past relationships suggests her curiosity. Introducing you to family or friends is another positive sign, though bringing her child doesn’t necessarily indicate interest. Gift-giving is an apparent gesture; if she reminisces about something special you did, expressing happiness, it’s a significant indicator. Observing her interactions with other men is crucial; if she focuses solely on you and doesn’t entertain others, it’s likely she genuinely likes you.

How can I tell if my girlfriend loves me?

Girls can be pretty expressive and noticeable.

  • When a woman loves you, she will dive into your world and make you her world. She will try to know everything about your world, mix up in your world. Your family will interest her more than her own family.
  • She will take an effort for you and do lots of stuff for you. She will make you feel special. She will try to know what bothers you and cover up for it. She will try to understand your preferences and tastes more and surprise you more often than that.
  • She would care for you and advise you like you are her baby. Well, it’s inherently there in a woman—motherhood. There is this comfort and warmth when she’s around you!
  • She would blush if you complimented her. She would die out of happiness when you treat her right and make her feel loved and all that cheesy. ☺️☺️☺️
  • She would lean on you more often. She will always have this massive urge to be beside you. She will crave holding your hands, hugging you, or being in your arms. To be around you- it will be her only desire.
  • She would act like a child in front of you to get all your time, love, and care.
  • She would show lots of interest in your life. Her heart will pain seeing you in pain :’(, her heart will scream with joy seeing you happy 😀 She will empathize with you!
  • Your actions and words will impact her tremendously and profoundly. Your one text can make her day light up or smash it down 🙁 She will be playful, and her health, too, would respond positively if she’s treated right and loved by you; likewise, if she’s taken for granted—it will equally have an opposite impact on her :’( Every gesture of yours would be a big deal for her, no matter how trivial.
  • She will be silly in front of you, will get angry more, will act crazy more, and will be both happier and sadder than her usual happiness and sadness. That’s because she wants you to explore every emotion of hers and admire her for that 😛
  • She will take care of her looks, body language, and how she smells while she’s with you. She will spend hours getting ready to receive a tiny compliment from you 😀
  • She would look at you and smile more. Spend time with you like the world is ending the very next moment.
  • She will stalk you. Yes, she would want to extract every single detail about you. Your friends, family, and world would interest her like hers.
  • You would be the first person, after her parents and family, she would long to tell all the big, important things of her life about—if she is unwell, if she has achieved something, if she is suffering, all the things—she’ll be looking forward to telling it to you.
  • Your hug is a one-stop solution for all the problems. Irresistable, oh la la ^_^ 😉
  • She would crave your love, care, support, and embrace.
  • She would always make time for you and always be there for you. Your sadness and happiness amount to her sadness and joy.
  • She would proudly own everything that belongs to you. She would love to wear your hoodies or T-shirts. Oversized clothes rock, yo!
  • She will talk to you. About the future, about the present.
  • She would be vulnerable in front of you. She could give herself to you, hoping you would honor her.
  • She would want you to protect her. Okay, I know—women empowerment and self-defense stuff. But she would still want you to handle her, protect her, be there for her, fight for her.
  • She will be a weirdo. Trust me on that. When people are in love, they are at an all-time peak of emotions. So yeah, she will open up in front of you, and you will see the undiscovered sides of her personality; you will experience her dark sides and anxieties, her philosophies and her desires, her goals—the kind of her that has never been explored.What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?
  • Your birthday= Most. Important. Thing. In. This. World.
  • Notice her body language. It would drastically change.
  • She would start taking up your habits and behaviors. She would begin to change; her nature would vary to some extent. Her hobbies, her routine—there would be something different about her, and the people around her would sense that. She would start daydreaming too often.
  • She will notice you a lot. How you sit and eat and do things. And then, she will tell about all those things to her best friends 😛
  • She would be lost in your thoughts. She would think about you all day, smiling like a jerk. She will read your conversations over and over again, would keep checking if you’re online or not, would initiate talks, and whatnot.
  • She would watch romantic stuff and hear songs and imagine her and you in that scene 😛
  • She will let you inside her personal space and let you know more about her world. Trust me, women don’t open up that easily.
  • She will be loyal till the very last breath of hers—no questions of cheating, fakeness, taking advantage, or harming you in any way. No questions!
  • She would tell you frequently that she loves you and would call you by using many sweet names.
  • She would remember the most minor details about your guys’ talks. Everything—she would pay attention to you and seek your attention alike.
  • She will get hurt and depressed if you don’t reciprocate her the same way or don’t treat her properly. She will get mad at you if you don’t do that.
  • She will be possessive and jealous of your female friends, not in a negative way, just because she doesn’t want to lose you.
  • She would understand you, be unafraid to handle your dark sides and be there for you. She will love you for you.
  • Emotional Intimacy Physical Intimacy

Seriously, a woman can do a lot of things for her man. It will be just pronounced through her actions.

She will try to be the best version of herself, to have you for life with her dedicatedly! You will feel like you’re the luckiest man alive. The feelings will be very overwhelming.

That’s how girls are—extremely crazy, beautiful, and loving. All of them, without any exceptions, and I can vouch for that! It just takes the right man to see it in her.What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?

How do you know if a girl secretly loves you?

Girls take time to fall. They deal with a perplexed situation under which Infatuation, Attachment, and Love lieThey are not really in love with you. Maybe they are in love with the idea of loving you or the attention you give to them.

They want to feel secure, loved, pampered. If you’re a person who’s very clear about everything, then Man, you got her!

When a girl starts loving you, she will do anything to see you. She won’t lie, which girls usually do. 

When they’re not serious) She won’t hesitate to tell her friends and family about it. She would call you back whenever she missed any calls from you. She will share her most significant achievement with her greatest fear. She will tell you that you are the only person she trusts. Lastly, keep the hope alive.

The big one for me is when she looks you straight in the eyes and talks with a smile. I habitually look someone straight in the eyes when we talk. Her eyes will always tell you much more than a long conversation if you are tuned into her.

With my last ex, we were in a social situation that was church related. As the preacher prayed, she took my hand (the first time we touched it), and I suddenly felt the urge to look her straight in the eyes when he finished. Long story short, we stared at each other, and everything between us fell into place.

What are the signs that a girl likes you without her telling you?

Signs that we females like you:

  • We smile at you a lot.
  • We look at you a lot, usually with a look of adoration. And we might quickly turn away if you catch us.
  • Everything you do is terrific.
  • We compliment you easily.
  • We find a reason to give you our phone number (or social media for the younger ones).
  • We might struggle to make eye contact.
  • We are much quieter or much more talkative in your presence. Both are nervous reactions, and we tend to do the opposite of our natural personality.
  • We have a hard time eating in front of you. Not all of us do this, but it can be another nervous behavior.
  • We avoid you. Again, not all of us do it, but this was my method when I was much younger!
  • She talks about you to her friends. Her friends tell you about her and ask if you have feelings for her. What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?

How do I know if a girl likes me back or not?

You know what, I’ll tell you a dating hack.

Don’t give a fug about whether she likes you or not.

Screw all the useless dating advice that women give.

Who had the best body of all time, Arnold or Ronnie Coleman?

To hell with what Google and WikiHow tell you about your dating concerns.

All the girly blogs and magazines can shove their cheesy posts up their behind.

You can only hear and read so much.

Damn all the signs, man.

Could you not go looking for them?

Save the effort for something more productive.

It’s like looking for grenades while playing that online FPS shooting game or looking for cops while driving your broken ride home.

Your eyes can only see so much.

Stop analyzing each word that comes out of her beautiful mouth.

Women talk all the time.

Most of the things they say cannot be taken at face value.

Why bother looking behind every detail?

That’s the kind of work that [redacted] like me do for a living.

Don’t try to give these intelligence agencies a run for their money.

So take this advice and save yourself a heck of lot of time, effort, and suspense:What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?

Just assume that she likes you.

This will have four benefits

  1. You feel confident, and your body language and dating game improve naturally
  2. You don’t have to analyze everything she says or does
  3. Peace of mind
  4. You can focus on your corny jokes and pickup lines

Now, let me tell you why this works.

Have you ever wondered what kind of guys girls talk about to their girlfriends?

Guys that don’t reply to their texts or calls.

Guys that don’t put them on a pedestal and treat them like a little brat.

Guys that don’t buy them flowers, chocolates, or gifts on their first date.

Guys that call them to cancel the date at the last minute.

Guys that don’t drive themselves out of their minds looking for signs of attraction.

Guys that don’t care about what she meant when she said…

Guys that don’t care whether that cute girl standing across the street likes them or not.

Guys who assume that girls find them attractive, confident, and exciting.

Guys that have a pair of balls.

Be THAT guy.

Determining whether someone likes you can be challenging, as people express their feelings differently. However, several common signs may indicate a girl is interested in you romantically. Remember that these signs are not foolproof; the best way to know is through open and honest communication. Here are some signs a girl might like you:

  1. Increased Communication: She initiates or responds to your messages, texts, or calls more frequently and seems enthusiastic about conversing with you.
  2. Engagement and Interest: She asks questions about your life, interests, and experiences, showing a genuine interest in getting to know you better.
  3. Physical Contact: She may initiate casual, non-intrusive physical contact, like touching your arm or shoulder during conversation or giving you a friendly hug.
  4. Eye Contact: She maintains prolonged eye contact with you, indicating she’s paying attention and might be interested in a deeper connection.
  5. Smiling and Laughter: She smiles and laughs at your jokes, even if they’re not particularly funny. A person’s laughter can be a good indicator of their comfort and enjoyment.
  6. Sudden Shyness: She might become shy or nervous around you, which can signify romantic interest.
  7. Compliments: She compliments you about your appearance, personality, or achievements.
  8. Availability: She tries to spend time with you or be available when you want to hang out.
  9. Jealousy: She may exhibit jealousy or discomfort when you talk about other people you’re close to, especially potential romantic interests.
  10. Shared Interests: She desires to share activities and interests with you, suggesting she wants to create shared experiences.
  11. Remembering Details: She remembers and brings up details or information about you that you’ve shared in past conversations.
  12. Initiating Plans: She might suggest plans to meet or spend time together.

It’s important to note that these signs can vary from person to person, and some individuals may be more subtle or reserved in expressing their feelings. Additionally, some people are naturally more outgoing and friendly, so their behavior may not necessarily indicate romantic interest.What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?

Communicating openly and honestly is the best way to determine if someone likes you. If you’re interested in pursuing a romantic relationship, consider having a candid conversation to express your feelings and see if the other person feels the same way. Respect and consent are essential in any romantic pursuit.

Well, that’s not easy to know, and if she’s anything like I was in high school, you’ll never get to know her. She’ll want to talk to you and will speak to you, but she will never give you compliments or will never accept yours. She’ll pretend like she has everything under control, tease you with other girls, and act like she doesn’t even care about you being such a girl magnet.

She’ll pretend like she’s the only girl NOT interested in you. But somewhere, someplace, she will seek some validation from you, whether it is in terms of commenting on how something will look on her (while subtly seeking a response from you). But it might be subtle enough for you to miss it. So the best thing is to be nice to her and see how she reacts. And if she opens up to you and tells you things she doesn’t mean to others, maybe you’re on to something.What are all of the signs that a girl likes you?

Most of these answers are unrealistic, so I’m going to clue you in from my personal experience, starting at first sight. Women will not make it so evident that they peak their interest in you. So you have to get over a microscope and look closer. I’ve come up with a 3-second rule.

Whenever a person of the opposite sex makes eye contact with you, looking dead in your eyes for 3 seconds or more, that will indicate that she’s interested in you, and if she cracks a smile at you, she’s definitely into you. If she briefly looks at you for under one second and then looks away, she’s not interested.

You have a 3-second window to converse with a woman who likes you and say hi or compliment her, such as “You look nice today.” Another sign is when she starts curling her hair with her fingers. Now, this may not involve making eye contact with you, but she could be the shy type and be nervous talking to you, not looking at you, but still like you at the same time.

What are all of the signs that a girl likes you? What are the best signs?

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