Who had the best body of all time, Arnold or Ronnie Coleman?

Who had the best body of all time, Arnold or Ronnie Coleman?

Ronnie would destroy Arnold in a bodybuilding contest. However, aside from bodybuilding criteria, it best determines what type of physique you prefer. Ronnie was massive, ripped, and symmetrical. But, from an eye-pleasing standpoint, I would choose Arnold’s physique even though Ronnie is more significant, more rent, and more balanced.

But, if you asked me who had the best body of all time, I would say either Frank Zane, Francis Benfatto, or Hamdullah Aykutlug. I prefer ripped aesthetics over sheer size. I didn’t care for either Ronnie’s physique or Arnold’s.

Coleman pushed the envelope so far that his physique looks more like a science project. Arnold was wide-waisted and had almost non-existent hamstrings. His biceps and chest so dominated the rest of his physique that he resembled a caricature of what the general public thinks of when they think of a bodybuilder.

  • Frank Zane
  • Francis Benfatto
  • Hamdullah Aykutlug

Why do people think Ronnie Coleman has the best shape of all time in the entire Mr. Olympia competition, not Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Arnold has a leaner physic than Ronnie. Arnold has size, and Ronnie has both cuts and size. Look at Ronnie’s freaky legs and back. Now look at Arnold.

I know that no one can beat Arnold in aesthetics and no one can beat Ronnie in size and freaky Ness even though Arnold is the greatest according to me. Still, Ronnie has much better legs and almost every body part except chest than Arnold and Ronnie is one of the hardest working mr Olympia ever he has badly injured his spine (lower back) cause of his heavy training routine that’s the reason why people call the king Ronnie The Greatest Bodybuilder of all time.

If Ronnie Coleman competed against Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime, could Ronnie beat him?

Ronnie would destroy Arnold. The muscularity seen in the era of the mass monsters was a class apart from anything seen in Arnold’s era. Ditto for how lean people could get. In Ronnie’s era, Arnold would be viewed as out of proportion (arms and chest oversized relative to back and legs) and too soft.

Ronnie, in Arnold’s era, would floor the judges.

Who would win in their prime, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronnie Coleman?

Many comparison pictures floating around the Internet need to be more accurate.

Yes, Ronnie Coleman has way more muscle mass than Arnold, but Arnold appears to be a naturally bigger guy.


So Ronnie Coleman wasn’t exaggerating when he said Arnold would make him look like a little boy if he had access to the HGH/insulin/synthol stack readily available to any of today’s IFBB pros.

And who would win?

In the 70s, living works of art like Sergio Oliva and Serge Nubret, let alone Arnold Schwarzenegger, would impose a problem for even a younger, smaller-waisted Ronnie Coleman.

In modern times, Ronnie Coleman would win easily unless Schwarzenegger had access to a current pharmaceutical program.

In short, it’s just a bunch of ifs and buts.

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Who would win in a bodybuilder competition, Ronnie Coleman or Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Short answer: Arnold. He would win the popular vote for sure. But if you could introduce a young unknown Arnold into Ronnie’s era of bodybuilding, he probably would have had a hard time getting into the pros, much less taking on Ronnie Coleman.

Then again, Arnold trained with his time’s resources and was always a cut above the competition. Given 30 years of advancement in the sport, a young Arnold would indeed have looked very different. Arnold trained to be a fantastic-looking orange, and Ronnie was a fantastic-looking apple. In my world, Arnold was a mythical character. It’s hard to beat a legend.

How come bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman, being so muscular, ended up barely being able to walk, and on the other way, Arnold Schwarzenegger, despite being old, can walk and live a healthy lifestyle? What do steroids do in the long run?

Many professional bodybuilders and professional wrestlers have died from steroids. Arnold is one of the luckier ones, but many aren’t so fortunate. The worst abusers are all pretty much dead or have lifelong health problems.

Recently, seven professional bodybuilders died. After their deaths, it was determined that some died of roids. Steroids are never a safe bet. Even those using low dosages sometimes end up with health problems or hormonal imbalances. With hormone imbalances, men can grow female breasts.

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Too much testosterone eventually causes the body to produce estrogen. Some Bodybuilders have also said they’ve had sexual issues for months or years after using steroids for some time. I knew a guy who was 44 years old and started taking roids at the age of 42.

By the time he was 44, he was huge and ripped and had a physique that looked like a Greek Sculpture. One day, he didn’t show up at the gym, and after talking to his girlfriend, I found out that he had dropped dead of a heart attack. Not sure if the vanity was worth it. Take your time, and train naturally. One of the purposes of lifting weights is to improve your health. Lifting weights and developing muscle never meant putting you in the graveyard—something to consider.

In his prime, would Ronnie Coleman have a chance of winning the World’s Strongest Man?

A chance? Sure – if all the top competitors at all the events leading up to and including the WSM competition were injured to the point that they couldn’t continue. So yeah, he COULD win, but it’s impossible.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying anything negative about Mr Coleman. He is the elite of the elite in his sport, and a direct side effect of his incredible training and focus is that he was undoubtedly very, very strong.

That’s also why he wouldn’t win; his strength was a side effect of his training, not a DIRECT effect. His training focused on size, symmetry, definition, etc. So, while trying to achieve these things does make you stronger, “stronger” is not the goal.

For strongman competitors, STRENGTH is precisely what they train for. They follow specific training regimens, different diets, etc. And, if you notice, most strongmen still carry a decent amount of body fat. Think of it this way – to get to the levels of the definition of a top bodybuilder, you have to be in a caloric deficit. You lose strength during this time, which is precisely what strongmen DON’T want to do.

Again, I respect and admire what Ronnie Coleman has achieved, just that he was trained in and for a different sport.

Caveat – if you’re asking if a prime Ronnie Coleman trained to be a strongman rather than a bodybuilder? He could kill. His focus, dedication, and genetic potential would be a potent combo.

Poll: Who was the better bodybuilder? Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lou Ferrigno?

Arnold has said there would have been no stopping him if he’d had Lou’s genetics. Let’s assume he’s right and that Lou has the better potential. Arnold was the consummate bodybuilder because he knew bodybuilding was about illusion, presentation, timing, and working the contest.

He was the best because he was the shrewdest. That’s not to say he didn’t have a fantastic physique – he certainly did. A fantastic physique. But he was smart enough to minimize his flaws (sagging shoulders, small calves, grossly asymmetrical biceps) and make himself unbeatable.

What makes Ronnie Coleman unique among bodybuilders? Why has there never been anyone like him before or after him in terms of size/mass gained naturally with no steroids involved?

Ronnie Coleman”s has perhaps the most excellent genetics ever seen in bodybuilding. He had unbelievable strength and stamina, probably outworking most of the competition for years.

He also used a boatload of steroids — nobody achieves what he has naturally.

So, 1 in 1,000,000 genetics, a crazy work ethic, plus tons of steroids and other performance-enhancing chemicals. He is genuinely a one-of-a-kind athlete.

How did Ronnie Coleman cover his less-than-ideal midsection aesthetic in Mr. Olympia?

In Ronnie’s era of dominance, the midsection wasn’t looked at that much. Dorian Yates ushered in the mass monster era, particularly emphasizing the size and the back.

Ronnie had a considerable length and a massive back, and his midsection at the beginning of his Olympia reign was OK. As most Mr. O’s know what they need to do to keep the title, Ronnie just gained more size and did the same each year until, eventually, Jay Cutler beat him.

Was Ronnie Coleman bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Yeah! It’s like 50 lbs heavier and in better condition. What percentage of that gap was genetic, training-related, or the anabolic steroid advancements remains a mystery. But even if it was all down to the gear, Ronnie is still the king! Arnie is the greatest bodybuilder ever, but Ronnie is the best!

Who was the best bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman or Dorian Yates?

Ronnie Coleman, hands down. He has 8 Olympia titles to Yates’ 5. The knock some people have on Coleman is that he has that bubble gut brought on by too much insulin and HGH.

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He also packed more mass than anyone in history and competed around 300 pounds. Even though he “only” won 5 titles, some would say Lee Haney is the best bodybuilder. He had a highly round muscular physique with the lean midsection that classic bodybuilders are associated with.

Why do people think Ronnie Coleman has the best shape of all time in the entire Mr. Olympia competition, not Arnold Schwarzenegger?



Ronnie had one of the most extreme training techniques ever seen. Everything he did was to the extreme, let it be doing cardio for 2 hours or lifting heavy ass weights just weeks before Olympia. His training routine consisted of heavy-weight training. He always emphasized the quality of reps over quantity. Despite having such a strenuous training regimen, Ronnie recovered quickly and was able to hit every muscle twice a week. He was an early riser and would reach Metroflex gym at 4 A.M even before anyone showed up there.

Ronnie did the 800 lbs. squat and deadlift just four weeks out from the Olympia, and he said that “800 was pretty light. This shows the level of strength he possessed. In a recent interview, Ronnie claimed that he could have cracked a 900 lbs. squat in his prime, which is unbelievable even according to powerlifting standards. His strength was enormous, and he is claimed to be the strongest Mr. Olympia of all time alongside Franko Columbu.


The crazy lifts we saw Ronnie perform around 2001 were all done when he still suffered from a herniated disc. That is the pain level of pain tolerance he had. Ronnie went through a lot of pain at that time and was reported saying that he could barely stand on the competition stage due to the excruciating pain. He did not opt for surgery but instead did chiropractic for most of his career. This story of the 2001 competition year shows his grit and persistence.

Ronnie decided to compete in the Arnold Classic and the Mr. Olympia in 2001. Bodybuilders often choose one of the two significant events to peak their physique, but Ronnie decides to take a shot at both. He said that he almost died before the 2001 competition. Just before the show, as he put on his pro tan, he fainted and collapsed in his bathroom. The next thing he remembers is waking up the next morning exhausted and sick. He had to drink a gallon of water to get out of bed, and only then was he in a state to get out for the prejudging.

After that, Ronnie decided never to compete in both events in the same year. He said I decided that I would never do that again to compete at the Arnold and the Olympia during the same year. It is too much stress on the body, and you can only take so much.

We are humans, not machines. Ronnie’s level of conditioning was unbelievable just once a year, let alone competing twice. Ronnie went through a lot of physical and mental pain throughout his career, but biting through the pain made him a champion.


He never slept after winning Mr. Olympia. He went straight to the strip club with Hany Rambod, stayed up there till 7 in the morning,g, went to the photo shop, and attended the Mr. Olympia in the morning seminar. Ronnie was a different breed. He didn’t rest.

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How did Ronnie Coleman cover his less-than-ideal midsection aesthetic in Mr. Olympia?

I beg to differ from your point of view, but a competitor won’t be standing on Mr. Olympia’s stage with less than ideal of anything, let alone winning it eight times.

Mr. Olympia competitions, like any other bb competition, have a lot of criteria to judge the contestants upon.

Post-80s, the aesthetic era was over, and the main priority was size.

Ronnie was competing with monsters like Jay Cutler, Markus Ruhl, Flex Wheeler, and Nasser El Sonbaty, to name a few, and still managed to beat them consistently for years.

So you can be assured that he didn’t have anything less than ideal.

You should find a video of them posing next to each other, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Who was the greatest bodybuilder of all time?

There is no single answer to this because there is most certainly a degree of subjectivity in bodybuilding. Some of the best bodybuilders have never won a Mr. Olympia contest.

So, let’s list some of the most influential and significant bodybuilders of all time! This list is not complete and contains some of my favorites.

Eugen Sandow is the man for whom the Mr. Olympia trophy is named. Eugen was way ahead of his time as a bodybuilder.

Serge Nubret is one of Arnold’s rivals and one of the biggest names of the golden era of bodybuilding.

Sergio Oliva – another rival of Arnold’s- had better legs than Arnold but never quite nailed the conditioning the way he could.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – 7-time Mr. Olympia and the most crucial bodybuilder ever. Arnold’s chest is still unrivaled today.

Frank Zane is 3x Mr. Olympia and possibly the lightest person to win the contest. Frank Zane won against much larger men due to his rock-solid aesthetics.

Tom Platz – aka the Quadfather. Tom had the best leg development of his time and is a rare golden-era bodybuilder whose legs would still be competitive today.

Lee Haney is the only bodybuilder to win the Olympia and never lose his title. He retired after a record eight wins. Some say he quit because he knew he was about to lose to this man:

Dorian Yates is the first real Mass Monster. Dorian ushered in a new era of size in bodybuilding and some of the most granite hard conditioning we have ever seen. Dorian won six Sandow trophies during his career.

Kevin Levrone is a rival to Dorian and an uncrowned Mr. Olympia. Kevin was known for not training most of the year, then becoming huge in a few months before the Olympia contest.

Ronnie Coleman is the only other man to hold 8 Sandow trophies. King Ronnie was also one of the most muscular bodybuilders ever, with some of the craziest training videos on YouTube. “Lightweight, baby”!

Jay Cutler – though Jay spent most of his career coming in second to Ronnie Coleman, he is a four-time Mr. Olympia in his own right. If it weren’t for Big Ron, he would have been the winningest Mr. Olympia ever. Jay is also the only Mr. O to lose the contest and then return to win his title.

The famous “stomp pose” looks photoshopped, but I assure you it is not. Say what you want about his blocky physique; Jay was imposing.

Dexter “The Blade” Jackson is a one-time Sandow winner who has competed in (to date) 19 Mr. Olympia contests. During his long and legendary career, Dexter has also won more professional bodybuilding shows than anybody else.

Phil Heath – 7x Mr. Olympia, Phil in his prime, had the best physique I have ever seen on a bodybuilding stage. Phil’s genetics are unparalleled, with long, whole muscles almost everywhere. Call him narrow if you want; his back is the best of all time (yes, better than Dorian’s)

Shawn Rhoden, the current Mr. Olympia- did what many thought was impossible and dethroned Phil Heath after a seven-yearseven-year reign. Shawn was a perennial top-five Olympia contender and deserved his win this year.

Kai Greene – Kai might be the most famous bodybuilder on this list, never to win a Sandow. In the era of social media, Kai has developed a massive following of devoted fans who love his “sage wisdom.” Though he hasn’t competed in an Olympia since 2015, he has been fueling rumors of a comeback after the 2018 Olympia. Kai is also known for some of the most creative posing routines in bodybuilding.

Who was the better bodybuilder? Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lou Ferrigno?

Arnold, and it’s not even close. Lou was more prominent, but Arnold always came in better condition when they were against each other.

Arnold was one of the greatest of all time, up there with Sergio Oliva, Dorian Yates, Phil Heath, and Ronnie Coleman (the greatest ever). Plausibly, Arnold is the second-best ever. Ferrigno was an also-ran. If it wasn’t for The Hulk and Pumping Iron, only hardcore bodybuilding fans would know who he was.

Which bodybuilder had the best back: Dorian Yates, Phil Heath, or Ronnie Coleman?

This is a matter of personal opinion as all three bodybuilders you mentioned, Dorian Yates, Phil Heath, and Ronnie Coleman have had impressive physiques and have been considered among the best in bodybuilding. All three have won multiple Mr. Olympia titles and are known for having well-developed backs.

Dorian Yates is considered by many to have had one of the best and most conditioned backs in the history of bodybuilding; He had a wide and thick back with great separation and detail.

Phil Heath is known for his broad, thick back built through heavy compound exercises like deadlifts and rows.

Ronnie Coleman is considered by many to be one of the most muscular bodybuilders of all time, and his back was no exception. He had a thick and wide back with incredible mass and definition.

It is difficult to say who had the best back among these three bodybuilders as it is a matter of personal preference. All three have different back development, and one may prefer one.

Who is the best bodybuilder ever in terms of muscle mass and symmetry?

The best bodybuilder ever in terms of muscle mass and symmetry is a topic of much debate and subjective opinion in the bodybuilding community.

However, many consider Ronnie Coleman one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time in terms of sheer size and mass. He won the Mr. Olympia title eight times, and his physique was characterized by impressive muscle size and symmetry.

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Other notable bodybuilders often considered among the best of all time include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, and Phil Heath.

Determining the “best” bodybuilder depends on individual preferences and criteria.

But if you’re asking my opinion on this…Arnold Schwarzenegger is undoubtedly the best in terms of Aesthetics and Symmetry.

Could Ronnie Coleman have gotten as large and defined as he was without lifting as heavy as he did?

Yes, much bigger!

Arnold Schwarzenegger trained with much lesser weights. As a result, he needed to spend more extended periods in the gym (5–6 hours per day).

I hear the skeptics screaming that Ronnie C was far more muscular and vascular than Arnie! This is true, but only because Coleman and other modern-day bodybuilders were doing far more PEDs!

Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to do poses like this, which is something that Ronnie or any other modern builder using HGH or insulin could never do:

So yeah, Coleman was better than Arnie, but not because of the massive weights he lifted during his only one-hour-long workouts, but because he (along with many other modern bodybuilders) was using HGH and Insulin!

Did Ronnie Coleman ever take steroids?

No. Absolutely No. It’s a sin to even think that. He is a 100% natural bodybuilder the world has ever produced.

He didn’t even eat Meat, Fish, or Eggs. He was a Vegan bodybuilder.

He built this monstrous physique by eating rice, pulses, and vegetables. It is sure, though, that he worked hard a lot.

Who had the best body of all time, Arnold or Ronnie Coleman?

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