USPS Delivered To Wrong Address How To Handle? In 2023

USPS Delivered To Wrong Address How To Handle? In 2023

While USPS is one of the best mail and package delivery services in the country, they do make mistakes.

Your mail or package could go to the wrong address if a mail worker is in a hurry and misreads the address or if something gets put in the wrong pile.

When that happens,  you might wonder what you can do to get your mail or package into your hands.

So, today we’ll discuss this topic and figure out how to solve it. Let’s get started.

Let’s Take a Look…

USPS Delivered To Wrong Address Mean?

There are many reasons why a package or letter cannot be delivered to the right person. Look at the points below to see why this kind of thing happens.

Scenario 1:

Is your tracking status showing “delivered” when you have not received any package? It could happen if the driver marked the package as “delivered” before getting there. It means that your package is already on its way.

Scenario 2:

Have you tried changing the delivery address after placing an order? If yes, the point that should be made here is that the courier sometimes takes longer than thought to reroute the package. Again, if you try to change the address while the package is already on its way, it may be sent to a different address.

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What to do if my parcel gets misplaced?

First, look around your house to ensure the package ended up somewhere other than you didn’t expect. Check both the front and the back doors. Ask your friends if the package might have been left with them instead. Still, looking for the package? Check online to ensure that you give the right address when you place an order. Before you charge the courier system, make sure everything is correct on your end.

If USPS sends a package to the wrong address, it is usually sent to the right address within a few days. After a few days, if USPS can’t find the package, they say it’s lost. Then you can do anything, claim and get your money back for the losses. USPS will ask for specific proof of the value of the contents. Then they’ll examine the case and tell you what they’ve decided. They promise to do everything possible to help their customers get the package back.

It could take a few days to get it back or take a long time if the person who got your package by mistake doesn’t want to return it. If there is a big delay, the shipping business will ask you for money back on the shipping costs. They will give you back both the original value of the items and the amount you paid for shipping.

Track your USPS package from time to time

This answer may have been given in many places: check on your USPS package now and then until it comes. It means that if the tracking information says your package has been shipped, but you haven’t gotten it yet,

In that case, you can call the support team immediately to learn more about your package. It may have been sent to the wrong address, or there may have been a mistake that made it look like it still needs to be delivered. The post office has your package.

How to track: The USPS has a tracking system to help you. Put your tracking number in the text box and click “track.” Your tracking number is easy to find on the mailing ticket or email you got from USPS.

Now let’s come to the main question!

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What do you do when the package tracking status says delivered?

If the tracking system says your package has been delivered, but you have yet to receive it, it could have been sent to the wrong address or damaged somehow, making it unusable. You can find out for sure by calling customer service.

Check the package’s destination address to see if the address is right or wrong. If the address is right, USPS has to move and send you your package. And it’s best if you take charge and do something about it.

Here’s a Quick Checklist to Follow:

– Check with your neighbors to see if they took in a good-looking package for you when you were out.

– Call the local office and describe your item to see if it’s been returned or is waiting to be picked up at the station.

– Try calling the post office that sent your order, too, in case something goes wrong with their tracking system.

If you’re still having no luck, there are a few more things you can do to try and track down your package:

– Call the support number on your order’s shipping label to see if they have any ideas/information about what happened.

– If it’s an address error by USPS, contact the sender directly. You might not be able to get your money back, but they may offer you a replacement item or gift card.

It’s sadly not uncommon for this type of thing to happen. If you ever have something delivered to the wrong address, don’t panic.

Do all the work yourself rather than waiting for them to resolve the issue. If you follow the same guidelines, it becomes simpler to locate and retrieve the package.

What to do and what’s doesn’t


  • Keep your eyes on your mailbox if the post office sends you a notice regarding your package.
  • You can also ask your customs office to inquire about your package and delivery. [in the case of international delivery]


  • If it is an international delivery, contact the customs office rather than the post office, as USPS needs permission to inquire about your package. 
  • Do not panic in this case, as Panicking is not a solution for quickly finding your package, so relax for 30 minutes, be calm, and then try to locate and do the things. You can be worried about your package, but Panicking is not the solution.

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USPS Delivered To Wrong Address: What if someone else’s package is delivered to my address?

People often get upset when they get a package with their address but not their name. If you just moved into a new place, the box might belong to the person who lived there before you. Then you can ask the company to take back the package, which belongs to the person who had it before you.

If you’ve lived there for a few years and this happens, it was sent to the wrong place. USPS always suggests returning the package because it helps them get back on track quickly.

They will know about the mistake and look into the case further to find the right person. USPS tells every customer to keep a package with them only if it’s for them to ship.

Things that you CAN DO if the package gets misplaced:

  1. Keep updates from your local post office, and also keep an eye on your mailbox
  2. For international parcels, you have to contact the customs office and ask them about the updates on your delivery

Things that you should NOT DO if the package gets misplaced:

  1.  Do not panic, as USPS will either deliver your package within 2-3 days or refund your money spent
  2. For international parcels, always contact customs instead of the USPS 

Can USPS find a lost package?

Your first step is to tell them about the Package Delivered To the Wrong Address. Then, they will try to find your package. It could take a few days, but it’s more likely that you’ll get your package.

If you receive a package that doesn’t belong to you, read this post to find out how to send it back to the seller using USPS.

You’ll need to give as much information as possible about your lost packages, such as the date they were sent and any tracking numbers you have.

Once the mail has been delivered, it is impossible to check for it again. You must usually claim with USPS if a package was sent to the wrong address and has yet to be returned. You can always ask friends or call local offices to determine if the item was returned.

Most of the time, you can write instructions on a card for the new receiver. You can ask for your mail to be sent to your home or left at the neighborhood office for you to pick up. USPS Delivered To Wrong Address


If the tracking details say it has been delivered, but you still have yet to receive it, it is possible that it was delivered to the wrong address.

They handle thousands of packages daily, and they usually get to the receiver safely. However, this does happen with a few of them but only some of the time.

Please follow the rules, get in touch with USPS, and try to locate yourself. If everything goes well, then you will indeed receive your package.

You can find the package easily if you follow the mentioned details and contact the sender.

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