Transgender Relationships and Everything You Need to Know About Them

Transgender Relationships and Everything You Need to Know About Them

Transgender people can be celibate or enjoy relationships with multiple partners simultaneously. Sometimes, a person questions their gender identity and explores it after already being in a relationship. This exploration eventually leads to transition, but the existing partner chooses to stay with them. However, many people look for partners after discovering their true gender identity, which is why you can find so many members on popular dating sites. 

Finding a partner has been the biggest issue for most transgender individuals. People have confused notions about Trans singles, which makes them look the other way the moment they realize they are in a relationship with a transgender. It has started to change, though, all thanks to online dating sites. Many Trans dating sites now come with an extensive database of tg personals who may be interested in dating a transgender. Similarly, transgender singles can register and browse through profiles to identify the most suitable match to start a relationship.

What Does It Mean to Be in Transgender Relationships?

No doubt, dating sites work wonders to help trans singles find a partner, but eventually, it all comes down to the expectations of your relationship that leads to life-long companionship. In today’s world, you can find transgender people dating everyone, and so many times, their partners do not have sexual orientations that are congruent with other partner’s gender. For instance, it is possible for an FTM, who may be part of the lesbian community as a butch, to be with someone who identifies as a lesbian. In this case, the female partner maintains a lesbian identity, whereas the FTM partner may identify them as straight or bisexual. 

If you are in a relationship and have just discovered that your partner is currently exploring their gender identity, you should support them and be there throughout the transitioning phase. It can be a conflicting time filled with emotional turmoil, but you should do your partner to salvage your relationship, especially if you genuinely love the person. To support your transitioning partner in a relationship, you should first educate yourself and learn about the transgender community. Let your partner choose the right pronouns for them and ask them about anything they might need during the process. Also, try to be a good listener because your partner would have a lot to talk about, and be their biggest supporter to turn it into a happy relationship again.

Transitioning Is the Process

Transitioning refers to a stage in a Trans person’s life when they decide to make certain changes to match the way they feel inside. It is the time when you find many people change their hair, clothing, and name. Some may also go to the next level and ask others to use specific pronouns to address them. It is also possible to find some Trans individuals who decide to use hormones or surgery during the transitioning phase. The important thing to note is that transitioning varies from person to person, and it is more of a process than a quick decision. 

Experts working with transitioning individuals confirm that it might take years for people to think about transitioning and still make no move. It is hard for them to let others know and “come out” as a transgender, which often leads to stress, depression, and substance abuse. It is extremely stressful because no one can tell how others will react to your truth. While some people may be supportive and take some time to process everything, others may become hostile and take strict actions. 

The fact of the matter is that you should not suppress your emotions for too long, or it would take a toll on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Understand that transitioning is a phase, and you should be spiritually, emotionally, and financially ready to begin transitioning. Someone who feels ready may start social, medical, and legal changes at the same time and disclose their decision to their loved ones at the same time. 

Truth and Lies about Trannies

Even on dating sites for transgender people, you will meet people with assumptions about what it truly means to be a trans person. Interestingly, it is not about sexual orientation or surgery or clothing, but about how someone feels inside. 


  • Transgender people can be gay, straight, or bisexual.
  • There are as many trans women as men.
  • Transgender people are twice likely to suffer crimes as cis-gendered people.
  • Drag queens and transgender people are not always related.


  • Every transgender person goes through the same phase of exploration and transition.
  • Transgender people are gay.
  • Sexual orientation is directly associated with gender identity.
  • Transgender people are psychologically disturbed and mentally ill.

Trans Support in Different Organizations

When you are in the transitioning phase, you need support. Your loved ones need to be there, and you should use whatever help you can get online. Try dating sites and spend time in chat rooms to connect with those who have gone through the same situation. Alternatively, you can also find organizations working for transgender rights. 

  • Trans LifeLine: Essentially a peer-support service, it works great for transgender people in crisis. All the operators are transgender, so you can always find quality support. 
  • The Trevor Project: It offers quality support to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth through a crisis hotline as well as a secure instant messaging service.
  • The Sylvia Rivera Law Project: The organization ensures everyone is free to determine their gender identity without facing discrimination, harassment, or violence.

Other than these, there are tons of resources available for trans people. You can check Gender Proud and Black Trans Advocacy Coalition Mission for advocacy. Similarly, there are support organizations for trans youth, families, and educators, such as Gender Spectrum, Trans Youth Family Allies, and Trans Youth Equality Foundation.

It takes courage to break the norms and accept who you truly are. Letting the world know you are a transgender can be hard, but you need to make peace with it because that is the only way to find relationship success. Be sure to get all the support you can find and utilize dating sites and chat rooms to learn more about finding and making transgender relationships work.

Transgender Relationships and Everything You Need to Know About Them

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