Top Reasons why File Sharing is Better than FTP

If you go back in history, you will eventually find that FTP was a popular method for sharing data amongst different computer systems. This method was once preferred because it was the easiest way to collaborate on different platforms without limitations. Luckily, with the massive evolution of technology and the internet, people are interacting with one another every second. This is enough reason for file sharing has become a norm. Right now, millions of files are shared every hour due to the need for data. Here, we will talk about a few reasons why file sharing is a better option than FTP:

No File Size Limitations

One of the biggest benefits of file sharing is that you can transfer all kinds of data, regardless of its size. However, if we talk about FTP, it is important to note that it only allows files with 2GB to be shared on the web. While this looks like a large-sized file, the current multimedia can be ten times higher and more powerful. Luckily, with the availability of cloud-based solutions, you can typically rest assured about all kinds of files making their way through the computer systems to servers in a different part of the globe.


One of the key reasons to prioritize online file sharing is because it adds to the security of a company file. Luckily, as explained earlier, cloud-based services allow you to get the highest security for your files. Therefore, when a file is encrypted with many files, you can rest assured that the information is in safe hands. Check right now because it is the most secure document tool on the web. With this, you can also settle for different levels of permissions for the document.

Ease of Use

When a firm settles for the FTP network, it has to go through a steep learning curve. In fact, most companies have to hire people who have an overseas setup and can manage maintenance. Because cloud platforms are easy to use, you don’t require additional hardware. This will eventually put a cut on the total capital expenditure and help you make the most out of the current source available. check Watch Disney Plus On TV


With global teams being hands-on about their work, they need to access the important files whenever they want. Therefore, the availability of web-based services has become a catalyst to improve the speed of information sharing. Furthermore, you can also retrieve a file whenever you want. This doesn’t entail the investment of software or hardware installation. This enables you to get data at any time from anywhere in the world.

No Email Bounce Backs

Due to the large size, it will be hard for you to send certain files through the FTP network. Especially If you have to wait for a certain file to get downloaded, you might get the response that the file was too big. This will put a cut on productivity, which is a major issue that is often overlooked during online file sharing.  

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