5 Tips for Picking the Right Fabric for your Sewing Project

The selection of fabric for a sewing project is quite hard. Many people make this common mistake and end up ruining their sewing project. The best way to choose the right kind of fabric is through research. Learn from experienced people which mistakes to avoid and which points to consider. 

Here we have gathered the top five tips that will help you select the right fabric for your sewing project. But before checking the tips, let’s understand why fabric matters for your project.

Fabric Can Make or Break Your Project

The most important factor of a sewing project is the fabric used to make it. If the fabric is wrong for a project, then it will not do justice with the design, no matter how well-crafted the garment is. All your hard work can go unappreciated due to the selection of the wrong kind of fabric. That is why choosing the right fabric for your sewing project is crucial. 

Tips to Select the Right Fabric for Your Sewing Project

Check the following tips to know how you can choose a perfect fabric for your project:

  • Check the Fabric Weight

Fabric weight is one of the most important factors to consider while selecting a fabric for your sewing project. The weight of the fabric is measured in GSM (grams per square meter), and it determines how light or heavy a fabric is. It also defines the thickness of the material. Fabric weights are divided into lightweight, medium-weight, and heavyweight fabrics. You can easily check the weight of fabric by checking its thickness. 

  • Examine the Fabric Drape

The fabric drape decides how the fabric will flow as a garment. It is especially important to consider when you plan to make long dresses like skirts, maxi, etc. Fluid fabrics have way more drape than stiff fabrics. A fabric with more drape will make sure that the garment floats away from your skin. 

Note: many people confuse the drape with the weight of the fabric. These are two different factors that affect how the garments will look. Fabrics for boys clothing and girl’s clothing are also different. You must know your targeted audience.

  • Test the Fabric Stretch 

To select the right fabric for your sewing project, you should check how much the fabric stretches. Stretching is the ability to bounce back when they are pulled. While choosing a fabric with stretch, you should make sure that it fits your project. That is because a fabric with stretch may change the look of the garment once it is ready.  check how to manifest

  • Double Check the Color 

Lighting is a great factor in the apparent colors of fabric. Before selecting a fabric, you should double-check the color of the fabric with natural light. Many fabrics look different in the sunlight from the room/ store lighting. 

You can take the fabric out in the sun or place it near a window to confirm that it has the color you seek for your sewing project. If you are making something for yourself, you should remember that fabric colors close to your skin tone might not pop much when turned into a garment. 

  • Visualize Your Project and Buy the Fabric

Last but not least, you should visualize your project and see what it will look like in your selected fabric. If the fabric checks all the boxes and fits the imagination, then buy it. It will be quite cost-effective, especially if you plan to do multiple projects with the fabric. You can purchase wholesale fabrics to get your clothing items at discounted rates.

Bottom Line

It is essential to carefully consider the fabric type before starting your sewing project. The selection of the wrong fabric can ruin the whole look of the garment. It is recommended to select the fabric after research. We hope that the tips mentioned above will help you find the right fabric for your sewing project. 

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