Top Novel Writing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Top Novel Writing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Finally, you want to write your novel. That’s a noble idea. According to experts, the novel writing industry is growing. It is promising. New writers can make a kill in this industry. However, getting your writing right is very important. For instance, if you are writing a young adult novel, edit it accordingly. Use young adult book editing services to make your novel stand out. Use the right plot. Ensure that your grammar is correct. Avoid repetition. Don’t make the following mistakes when writing a novel.

Awful Concept

Not all concepts can work. So, choose the right concept. If you are writing a novel about climate change, don’t use a concept used in science fiction or YA novels. It will fail. Research the right concept. Use it creatively. Ask an expert to enlighten you about your preferred concept.

Doesn’t Achieve Results

A good book should achieve its desired result. For instance, a romance book should be stimulating. A thriller should thrill the audience. On the other hand, a comedy book should make people laugh. If your book fails to achieve its results, then it won’t sell. Create a book that dazzles. Ramp the book up.

Written For The Past

You are living in the 21st century. Stick to it. Don’t write a book as if you are writing for the 15th century. Use modern language. Choose a subject that reflects the 21st century. Don’t bring the 1980s comedy into the 21st-century comedy. It won’t work. Research before writing your book. Bring in experts to help you do it.

No Selling Point

A good book should have its unique selling point. Of course, the book can tick all the boxes. However, it should have a unique selling point to reach more sales. Research about a good selling point. Study how the best authors do it. Experts will also guide you to design the right selling point. It’s all about being more creative.

 Poor Presentation

The way you present your book matters a lot. As a writer, be conscious of how you present your book. A book with poor fonts won’t sell. The same applies to dull colors. Poor descriptions are also another big turn-off.

Get your presentation right. Ensure that the spellings are ok. Avoid sloppy prose. Use a copy-editing service to eliminate these issues. A copy editor is highly trained to deliver optimal results. Choose an editor with experience. Select an editor who has handled similar editing tasks before. Also, attention to detail is very important.

No Clarity

Be clear and precise. Avoid using dangling modifiers. Choose your pronouns carefully. Your readers need to know exactly what’s happening. So, don’t complicate your writing with unnecessary jargon. For better flow, keep your prose easy. Without the right phrases, you might not achieve optimal success.

As a professional writer, you need to create high-quality content that’ll draw the attention of your readers. One way to do this is to maintain clarity when crafting your prose.

Not Economical

Not being economical with your sentences can be a costly mistake. You can reduce the number of words without losing any content. All you need is to remove surplus words and keep your sentences as short as possible.

Overloaded Manuscript

Don’t overload your manuscripts with extremities. These include things such as screaming, torture, fury, overwhelm, and agony. If you must include multiple extremities, then don’t concentrate all of them on the first paragraph or page. Instead, distribute them throughout your document.

Utilizing strong language is crucial. However, you need to moderate its use. Don’t cram too many extremities on one page. Short and clear sentences can work like magic.


Avoid cliches. This will make your readers feel like they’ve ever read your manuscript. If you want your writing to become successful, consider choosing your words wisely. Try being unique and original. You don’t have to use those old cliches. Otherwise, you might end up killing your readers’ absorption. They’ll quickly get bored with your story.

Short message: any kind of cliché starts to kill the reader’s absorption in your story.

Poor Points Of View

Be careful not to mishandle your points of view. It’s okay to switch roles between characters but the transition should be properly handled. When the transitions aren’t done correctly, you’ll confuse your reader’s mind. Top Novel Writing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Bland Descriptions

Invest in descriptive writing. This is an incredible way to transport your readers to a different world. Writing descriptively can completely transform your manuscript. An absence of drama can be extremely dangerous. If your manuscript lacks an emotional punch, then readers might not enjoy your story.

Too much explanation can put off your readers. But with descriptive writing, you can easily expound on the next point of action without distracting your readers.

Poor Plot

Create a wonderful plot. Find a way to hook up with your audience. Your novel should be flawlessly written. As a writer, you must demonstrate a high level of creativity. You must be crafty with your word usage. Basic competence isn’t enough for you to write a compelling story. Make sure that each sentence is written clearly and precisely.

Bland Characters

Choose your characters wisely. Don’t include a lot of bland characters in your storyline. Central characters should strongly show up for their work. Plus, your readers should know them sufficiently.

But the good news is that poor characterization can be easily fixed. You simply need to perform in-depth self-editing and remove any unbelievable characters. This will help in streamlining your writing and keeping your content relevant.

Key Takeaway

Novel writing pays. It can take you to places. With passion, you can achieve a lot of things with novel writing. However, it’s important to master how things are done. Know the rules. Write well. Minimize errors. Market your book well. Don’t make common mistakes. Use an editing service to make your novel better.

The Bottom-Line

A well-written novel will sell. However, a badly written novel will attract nobody. That’s why you should spend your time getting the process done. Plan ahead. Use the right plot. Research your characters. Avoid grammatical mistakes. Don’t make the above mistakes when writing your next novel.

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Top Novel Writing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

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