4 Tools You Will Need For Hunting

4 Tools You Will Need For Hunting

Hunting is a recreational activity that many people undertake. The amalgamation of dry, arid deserts and tropical, warm lands in Australia make it a perfect spot for hunting various species. There are almost 640,000 recreational Aussie hunters as of 2019. 

Although hunting is a gratifying activity, it is an activity that requires incredible skill, calibration and observation. Without any one of these qualities, hunting might be a risky activity, even recreational. Hunting needs several tools, from knives to camo clothing, to be carried out with ease. 

Hunting in Australia

Hunting is an ethical, government-sanctioned activity in Australia. However, the government laid down several guidelines to prevent mindless hunting and loss of species diversity. 

The government classifies huntable animals into two-game and feral animals. While wild animals can be hunted at any time in dedicated lands, game animals can be tracked only in specific game reserves within a particular time and cap. This is to preserve the diversity of such animals. Furthermore, every professional hunter in Australia first needs to acquire a Basic Hunting Permit. In case of using firearms, they will need a weapons license. 

While an essential permit is enough to hunt ferals like rabbits, foxes, goats and budgerigars, special permits like the Wildlife Destruction Permit are needed in the case of hunting native Aussie animals. Several other regulations must be followed to ensure absolute species and wildlife safety.

Tools for a Hunter

Hunting is a tasteful art that requires a lot of precision and patience. Half the work is done if one possesses the right tools for a hunt. Here’s a list of essentials that one must carry while going out for a hunt:

  • Pocket Knives: Australian law allows for the hunting of small feral animals with a basic hunting permit. In such cases, good quality hunting blades are vital. Usually, there is a variation in only two qualities–the make and shape of the blade and the knife’s hilt. There are several types of knives as well. For example, a fillet knife is specially employed while hunting fishes, whereas a Fury De Soto knife is used for hunting smaller prey like rabbits. Most of them also come with a sheath for protection and preservation. 
  • Camouflage Clothing: This is just as important as a pocket knife. While out in the wild, one needs to remember that animals have a keen sense. To avoid being noticed by them, camo clothing is essential. This could be a full camo suit or just a camo jacket. Such clothing helps to prevent the animals from fleeing and allows the hunter to blend with the natural foliage. 
  • Boots: There are several boots dedicated just for hunting purposes in the market. Such boots must be sturdy and tear-free as natural settings might have many hindrances. Furthermore, recent developments point towards scent-free boots. This is to counter the smell that leather boots gather with use. Scent-free boots are made of unique soles that avoid leaving the hunter’s track smelling. 
  • Decoys: Often, small animals are quick and extremely smart and catch on to any vibration. Decoys are unique methods employed by hunters to entice animals to come closer to them. These decoys often use specific resources like the prey’s meal or a scent that attracts them during their rut periods.  

Raining Gear: There is no way to predict whether or not there will be a rain spell when hunting. However, rains can hamper optimal hunting as they cloud vision and the constant sound of the rain adds to the slight shift in movement. Raining gears are specially designed for hunting. These gears often help dampen the sound created by rain falling on the clothes and come with eye goggles to prevent fogging.

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4 Tools You Will Need For Hunting

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