The ten best Plex plugins for power users

The ten best Plex plugins for power users

For casual users, Plex is ready to use right out of the box. However, power users may want to get the most out of Plex. And these Plex plugins will help you out.

If you’re a casual user, Plex will work pretty much right out of the box. You need to spend some time learning how to set up Plex and add your media.

But after using Plex for a while, you might notice a missing feature or want some extra features. It is where third-party plugins come in.

There are hundreds of Plex plugins out there; Many of them are not worth your time. But some are absolute must-haves.

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If you want to know what third-party Plex tools can give you a power user, keep reading.

1. Tautulli

The ten best Plex plugins for power users

Formerly known as PlexPy, Tautulli is a must-have add-on for anyone who shares their Plex library with other people.

The add-on focuses on providing statistics on your Plex server. Statistics include what watched programs, who watched them, and when and where watched them. It is also a powerful notification tool. You can alert others when you add new content to your library, get an alert if your server goes down, and more.

Finally, this module allows you to use custom scripts. These will enable you to expand the functionality significantly. For example, you can kill a stream if a user is outside your local network or automatically add a tag to newly added library items.

2. Web tools

Web Tools is perhaps the most widely used Plex add-on. It includes the popular Unsupported Appstore (which consists of a plethora of unofficial Plex channels and user-generated content), as well as logging tools, a closed caption manager, and a missing media finder. Or unmatched.


Installing the add-on can be a bit complicated, depending on the operating system you are using. Fortunately, we have explained how to unblock Plex channels How to unblock more drains on Plex with the unsupported app store.

How to unblock more channels on Plex with the unsupported app store There are hundreds of Plex channels available on the App Store not supported. Here’s how to install it and unlock additional content. Read more elsewhere on the site.

3. Sub-zero

Plex can natively handle subtitles. How to Use Subtitles on Plex: Everything You Need to Know Use Subtitles on Plex: Everything You Need to Know Plex supports multiple subtitles solutions for your media, but they are all disabled. “Here’s everything you need to know about using subtitles on Plex.

Read more, but it comes with a few caveats. You only have access to a few subtitle libraries and the tool. Do not add captions retrospectively to existing media. Sub-Zero offers a more holistic way of handling closed captions.

It automatically scans eight repositories to find the best subtitles in your video, and It can scan your missing subtitle files. It offers lots of customization tools like color, time shift, and HI tag removal. I am hearing impaired.

4. Plex2Netflix

plex plugins for advanced users - plex2netflix
The ten best Plex plugins for power users

Unfortunately, there is no way to watch Netflix from the Plex app. However, Plex2Netflix offers an easy way to see how much your existing library is available on the popular streaming service. It is helpful if you are running out of space and want to delete some content. You’ll also find it helpful if you’re wondering if you should spend time downloading a new show.

For each item in the library, the add-on will tell you what show percentage is available. For example, you might have recorded five series of your favorite comedy locally, but only the first three are available on Netflix.

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5. Plex Export

Would you like to show other people what content is on your Plex server without giving them access to the server itself? Plex Export is the add-on you need. It allows you to produce an interactive HTML page that anyone can browse.

Your media presents by section, and the HTML page includes live filters so users can quickly determine what’s available. You can filter by most metadata fields, including genre, actor, year, rating, etc.

6. Theater traitors

plex plugins for power users - theatertrailers
The ten best Plex plugins for power users

Some people like to try and get their Plex server to reproduce the cinematic experience as closely as possible. A big part of that is watching pre-movie trailers for movies that haven’t hit theaters yet.

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The TheaterTrailers extension can integrate trailers currently playing in theaters and play them before the video begins. When the movies are finally available to the public, the app will automatically delete its trailer.

7. Plex-Sync

Plex-Sync allows you to synchronize the monitored state between multiple Plex servers automatically. It is helpful if you have separate servers operating in different locations, for example, at home and in the office.

The tool can also synchronize between different users. If you and your partner watch a few show episodes together but others when you are apart, this will ensure that you are both on the same page the next time you log in. You can sync your content over HTTPS and ports.

8. Transmogrify

plex plugins for advanced users - transmogrify
The ten best Plex plugins for power users

Transmogrify is a browser extension. The tool introduces several useful new features if you access Plex through a web browser rather than through the desktop client. Additional features include a server stats page, a way to view missing seasons or episodes in TV shows, actor profiles, and a movie and TV series randomizer.

The extension will also add several new links to the Plex interface. Examples include a “view trailer” button, a link to a movie’s IMDb page, and a Rotten Tomatoes link.


Many television networks around the world broadcast their shows via IPTV. You can access these streams by using the IPTV channel (assuming they are not encrypted or geo-blocked). To add content to the app, you need to get your hands on a streaming URL or M3U playlist. A quick Google search will reveal hundreds of playlists for you to choose from.

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The app supports onscreen program guides, channel categories, and custom channel logos. If you’ve never used IPTV before, be sure to check out the add-on’s wiki. It has all the information you need to get started.

10. Trakt Scrobbler

plex plugins for advanced users - trakt
The ten best Plex plugins for power users

For those who don’t know, Trakt is like the of the video world. It automatically records everything you have watched on your online profile.

Kodi has a Trakt add-on, so if you divide your time between the two popular apps, it’s an essential tool to keep up with what you’ve been watching. It will sync your video history between the two apps so that you don’t get confused.

Like, Trakt will also make recommendations based on your listening habits. It can even tell you which services and apps offer the show or movie you want to watch. Other features include a TV calendar and customizable watchlists.

Help you become a Plex Power user.

Of course, installing these plugins won’t suddenly make you a powerful Plex user. If you want to get the most out of Plex, you might want to read some of the other articles we’ve already posted on MakeUseOf.


Start by learning a few essential Plex tips and tricks, then decide if you need a Plex Pass 5 Reasons You Don’t Need a Plex Pass If you have a lot of Plex is a must-have software on your computer. But do you need to pay for a Plex Pass? 

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Finally, you should know how to watch Plex using virtual reality. You can now watch Plex in virtual reality Plex has launched a new app called Plex VR. It means that you can watch Plex in a virtual apartment or a drive-in theater and even invite your real friends to share your virtual popcorn. Read more.

Always Use a VPN for Plex: The ten best Plex plugins for power users

Here’s why you need a VPN for Plex:

To Avoid ISP ThrottlingWe don’t encourage or condone piracy, but do believe ISP throttling is deceptive and unfair. Many ISPs slow down the Internet speed of users when they engage in bandwidth-intensive activities like streaming. With a VPN, you can prevent your ISP from snooping on your traffic and, ultimately, throttling you.

  • To Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Unable to stream certain content? It could be unavailable in your country or region due to geo-restrictions. You can work your way around these roadblocks by making your online activities appear from another country. It is where a VPN can help – it lets you spoof your IP address to access the content you want on Plex!

  • To Protect Your Privacy

Privacy on the Internet is non-existent, and you can’t trust anyone but yourself to keep your browsing history hidden. Using a VPN, you can safeguard your connection with AES 256-bit encryption (also known as military-grade encryption). As a result, third parties like ISPs and hackers won’t be able to spy on your streaming activities.

The ten best Plex plugins for power users

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