The most expensive suitcases in the world

The most expensive suitcases in the world

Suitcase: A kind of box or small chest made of leather, canvas, or other materials is used to store clothes or other things on trips or transfers and can be carried by hand.

At first, it is clear. A suitcase is used to store everything you want to take on your trips. It must be spacious, resistant, and, if possible, light; from there, the rest is a matter of taste.

And it is already known, there is nothing written about tastes. Today we are going to write about suitcases, about preferences and luxury too. We bring you the most exclusive suitcase packs in the world.

You have probably seen one of these luxury luggage collections before, perhaps at an airport crossing carried by a member of the jet-set.

They are luggage that does not go unnoticed; they shine, impress, hypnotize. And yes, Its costs a lot of money.

We bring you the five most expensive luggage sets in the world.

5: Tumi Alpha Collection

The first version of Tumi Alpha quickly became the most famous (and expensive) collection of all time, of course, until they released their Alpha2. The packs of wheeled suitcases and hand luggage usually cost between € 500 and € 600, and the Alpha collection costs approximately between $ 1,000 and $ 6,000.

4: Swaine Adeney Brigg’s Windsor Handmade Luggage Set

English royalty is known to travel with these suitcases, and there is nothing. They are made of fine leather and finished with premium quality brass locks. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted. The set of Windsor suitcases “only” cost $ 6,000.

3: Rimowa luggage

We all know that German design is unmatched, and Rimowa luggage is no exception.

RIMOWA produces its products in its factories in Germany, Czech Republic, and Canada. In 2013, built 5,800 cases daily.

Headquarters: Cologne, Germany

Products: High-quality Luggage

Founded: 1898; 123 years ago

These handmade suitcases, regardless of whether it is a fine, supple leather or Rimowa trademarked fabric suitcase, the collection may be small (3 pieces in total) but at great prices. Each piece in the collection costs between $ 1,500 and $ 7,500.

2: Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels

A minimal edition and very expensive, these gorgeous black travel bags were made by Samsonite to honor and promote the launch of Skyfall. Although now very difficult to find, the collection consisted mainly of rolling suitcases, trolley cases, a large suitcase, and an elegant suitcase that 007 would be proud to carry. The value of the six suitcases in the collection was $400 to $12,800, making it the brand’s most expensive line and one of the most expensive in history.

1: Louis Vuitton Monogram

Well, no one should be surprised at this point that this is the most expensive suitcase set in the world. The Louis Vuitton monogram is world-famous and a symbol of the French fashion house. The brand makes many suitcases and luggage sets, and almost all of them would end up on this list. However, these seem to be the most desired and valuable. It is mainly since Louis Vuitton rarely makes the products entirely from leather. Instead, they are usually cloth with leather details. This set is simple but pretty. The four suitcases vary in size, and the cutest part is a matching jewelry box.

And nothing, you can already get an idea about the price.

We, however, bet on the most practical and affordable suitcases.

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The most expensive suitcases in the world

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