Microsoft SharePoint with its intranet Portal is a perfect online platform for Real Estate businesses. For years, this online business tool has been a great place to manage documents. Apart from being a reliable and efficient document management system, it has much more to offer to your real estate business. 

SharePoint has the following features to offer when using its intranet for the real estate solutions:

  1. Easy access to documents on searching.
  2. Document security that is uploaded.
  3. Keeping track of the older versions.
  4. Build a common space to manage files for your projects.
  5. You can put the document in its intranet to give access to third-party vendors.

 SharePoint allows you to customize its workspace to build an exclusive work environment to suit to your workflow. It gives you more control over the data and file sharing online within different offices scattered at different places. It provides you with a platform where you can securely put all the data regarding your important projects.


Regardless of the size of the company, SharePoint can help your organization to achieve the following things:

  • Better security
  • Better and easy access
  • Better efficiency
  • Helps in avoiding duplication of the data
  • Provides assurance across your team that they can find the required data for doing the desired business task 
  • Data can be accessed easily with reliability
  • Corporate and business users can access data of their concerned projects from a single page.
  • SharePoint’s central management system is user-friendly for all your associates and employees.
  • SharePoint even can display data captured from other external applications 


The electronically signing feature is one of the keys to better management of property agreements. No matter how big or small is the size of your company, all the employees can prepare and track the real estate agreement and form with ease.

It saves you from going through a lot of trouble getting the document to print after downloading it to your device. Then you have can do it after signing and uploading again to the specific folder. The electronic signature saves all the extra effort.

In the real estate management business, it is a great feature because it complies with the electronic signature laws providing security.



  1. Project Site Page

To manage your project or site on the SharePoint intranet portal you must have a specific portal that is dedicated only to these things. There can be a different site with locations that have:


related documents



  1. Give a Name For Tagging 

In the Real Estate document management system naming and tagging are the key things for organizing documents and folders. To have a setup for corporate taxonomy in the real estate SharePoint intranet portal is important for balancing metadata and folders.

To name the folders or metadata, here are some examples for setting up:

  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Contracts
  • Mortgage
  • Planning
  • Marketing
  • Taxes
  • Property Surveys
  • Construction
  • Legal
  • Operations
  • Lease
  • Sales

All these fields can have sub-fields under each of them. Make them as a tag list on your SharePoint. This will make the Document Libraries easy to search for them

  1. Document Sync

The property sales team always has a lot of files to work on. The feature of online and offline document sync is a must for the sales team in the real estate business. The employees working on their laptops or other devices using the document sync button are secure in a way that if they forget to upload their work document on their PC, the solution is just the press the sync button which will make it accessible through Windows Explorer. You can sync the files directly to SharePoint while working on your personal devices. 

  1. External Document Sharing 

It can also be configured on-site level to support external sharing. After configuring and enabling that feature, the sharing of the documents and folders with external users becomes very easy. You can also give permission to the allowed users to edit the document. The users can also be restricted to view the documents also. 

The configuration part is always a little tricky and it is best to take some professional help. Al Rafay Consulting has an expert team for all the online business solutions. We would love to unlock all the best features of SharePoint for your real estate solutions.

  1. SharePoint Enterprise Search

Al Rafay Consulting can also help you configure your SharePoint Term Store properly. We will help you to enable the required keywords in the SharePoint Enterprise Search to work efficiently. We will make sure the users feel confident and easy to use this feature and your organization takes the most out of this feature.

  1. Customer Portal

Customer Portal is where your customers can access your intranet. You have to set up this giving property descriptions, taxes, land information, etc. 

The intranet that is given access to the customers should be limited to the customer portal only. 

Feel free to consult with us at Al Rafay Consulting one of our expert team members will always be there to help you. We have an expert team of professionals to provide you with the online solutions for your online business platforms. Showcase IDX keeps you abreast of new listings in your area. The site’s database is growing at a rapid pace. You can check out its rave reviews.

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