Public or Private Health, is it better to combine them?

Many health services belong to government entities to ensure that the population obtains medical care through their programs or health centres, while others function independently. Choosing between Public or Private Health can be difficult and the question arises as to whether it is better to combine them, in this article both services are analyzed in order to make the right decision.

What does it consist of?

Faced with the dilemma of opting for one or another Health service, it is essential to know how each of them works to establish their strengths and weaknesses. Making the right decision requires as much information as possible.

Public healthcare

It is a service aimed at serving the public through a series of programs, prevention systems and medical assistance centers to guarantee health free of charge. Its operation depends directly on the State, which is also in charge of its administration.

In almost all countries around the world, citizens have the right to receive public health care at any public hospital or health center for free.

Private healthcare

When medical assistance services are provided by entities other than government entities, as is the case with private companies, it is a health system offered in exchange for money.

Private Health provides services and health plans that can be purchased voluntarily and with a prior agreement based on the expectations and possibilities of the patient, who receives medical attention according to the economic contribution that he or she is making.

What is more convenient, Public or Private Health?

Although it is true that in many countries public healthcare is a right, it is statistically known that after an increase in demand in this sector and thanks to the increase in the purchasing power of many people, Private Healthcare has been more in demand and consequently, the services offered by it have increased considerably. But why this?

Since Public Health is maintained with the money collected through taxes and other legal withholdings, which covers the salary of health workers, as well as the financing of all medical centers or hospitals, practically all resources are completely exhausted in providing the service to as many users as possible and other elements such as personalized attention, luxury and comfort go unnoticed.

For its part, Private Health obtains income through direct payment made by the beneficiaries of the service and this allows it to allocate a greater amount of resources to improve the quality of care provided, which can be individualized and adapted to the particular needs of each User.

Public Health Benefits vs. Private Health Benefits

Some differences between the two services related to the economic aspect have been highlighted, but there are other aspects that deserve your attention before making a decision, such as the fact that in public services you share a room with other patients, while in private services you have comfort and complete privacy.

On the other hand, there are health circumstances that do not allow time to wait to be seen, something that is common in the case of surgical interventions. If it does not represent an emergency, despite the fact that you feel bad, in Public Health you must wait your turn inside a long list; but in Private Health you can schedule your medical procedure immediately, even online like in the case of a patient portal aegislabs com you just have to have the money necessary to cover the cost.

Appointments to attend a consultation usually involve the same problem, generally, you have to wait twice as long in public care centres, unlike private ones.

Similarly, during a health crisis, when governments are overwhelmed, private healthcare plays an important role, just like during COVID-19 in many countries getting a COVID test was a long and lengthy procedure but thanks to private entities like patient portal.aegislabs, a huge burden was taken off the government shoulders by the distribution of load.

However, when it comes to prolonged illnesses that require a long period of hospitalization, public health services are ideal, considering that private ones can consume all your savings and end up referring you to a Public Health service without having cured you.

In short, public medical services are essential, you have the right to access them just by requesting them through your health card or personal data, while private ones may require you to have insurance that you must pay monthly and you may be charged for each one of the queries you make additionally.

Some people prefer to use both alternatives depending on the severity of their health condition. For frequent consultations and maintenance, they attend the Public Health services, but in case of emergencies, they opt for the rapid attention of private services.

Now that you know the strengths and weaknesses of both services, you will be able to determine the most convenient one for you in a timely manner. However, the important thing, in this case, is that you will always have the medical services to which you are entitled as a citizen and are provided by the government of your country.

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Public or Private Health, is it better to combine them?

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