Making real money from online roulette

Making real money from online roulette

When you think of making money online, you would think of a part-time business, an e-commerce store, or a YouTube channel. But what if there was another option? A relatively easy one does not require much capital and is less risky. 

Sounds impossible, right? It is not. Keep on reading, and you’ll find out.

So, we have labeled casino games as a fun activity. If done smartly with a plan, you can make money out of it. Online casinos are much better and player friendly. There are thousands of games to choose from, different versions to play, and promotional offers.

Before jumping on to it, you need to learn the game. Each casino game has a set of rules and strategies. Fortunately, roulette is nothing like any other game. Some bets offer excellent winning odds, so it is crucial to know about them.

Since roulette is a game of chance, this isn’t an easy task. It is difficult to beat the game’s house edge. You can, however, increase your chances of winning by following some tips and guidelines.

The game of online roulette

There are different versions of roulette. The most famous are American and European. European roulette has 37 boxes and American has 38, as it also has a double zero. 

The European one has approx. 2.70% house edge while the American has about 5.26%. Therefore, European roulette is more player friendly.

You also need to understand the types of bets and their payouts. For example, black or red pays 1:1. Betting systems can increase or decrease your winnings, and most importantly, your winning or losing streak does not have any impact.

Tips on making money from online roulette

Choose your wheel

Online casinos have two options when picking the roulette game. It can be a live dealer or a programmed one. In live roulette, a dealer spins the wheel and throws the ball like an actual one while you play it online. 

The other one is a computer simulation programmed by developers. The online version uses RNG technology to pick a number so no one can predict the next move.

The live dealer roulette is more authentic. Everything is happening in front of your eyes. You believe what you see. The house edge or odds are the same in both versions. It is about trust.

Play the European version

As explained previously. It is better to take a bet on European online roulette for real money. The RTP is 97%, which is a lot better than its counterpart. Besides, many online casinos offer free spins. It is a good way of making money without any investment.

Understand French roulette

French roulette is the same as European. Only the layout is better, and one rule is different. When a ball stops at zero, you either get your half money back, or the half is carried on to the next spin.  

Understand inside and outside bets

It is a proper way of making real money on roulette. Inside bets are on the inside of the table and cover single numbers and their combinations. Some of them are:

Straight-up bet – the simplest bet. You wager on one number.

Split – you bet on two adjacent numbers, vertically or horizontally.

Line bet – you bet on three horizontal lines in a row.

Outside bets are designated to the outside of a grid. Some examples are:

Column bet – you bet on a column of numbers that covers 12 numbers.

Dozens – you place a bet on either of 3 blocks of dozens.

Even/odd – you bet on even or odd areas. This gives a 50/50 chance of winning.

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Making real money from online roulette

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