7 Genuine Ways To Make Money From A Blog

Are you looking to Earn Money From A Blog with little to no investment then you have not you try Blogging?

Blogging is the way of providing information to the general public on a daily bases to generate revenue from it. It has proven itself for many individuals that are making hundreds and thousands of dollars from it daily with very little effort.

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All you need to do in blogging is make content daily and be patient for people to find your content and after that, if you need to generate money from it then we have provided you with the list of the best ways to make money with blogging to help you in your journey.

Main Ways To Make Money With Blog

Google AdSense

Blogging AdSense is the best way to make money online. It is a fast and easy way for beginners to generate passive income from their blogs or site.

The idea behind it is that you will be responsible for uploading content on your side and Google will display their ads on your website. Whenever a visitor clicks on your ad you will receive a percentage of advertising fees for putting their ad on your website.

Google AdSense is one of the largest networks on the web therefore your content should be healthy enough to attract readers from all over the world.

The ads are easy to prepare, and the code is provided by Google provides the ad where you want it to appear on a website then Google will do all the work of advertising for you. There are other advertising companies but they don’t pay as much as google so it’s your best choice.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is promoting other products and in return, you will get a commission from them if the product sells. The biggest companies to do affiliate marketing are Amazon, Flipkart, etc and they pay quite a good commission for some of there products.

You can do affiliate marketing locally by finding companies around your area that want their products to sell online but lack customers.

If you want to do affiliate marketing we will suggest you do it with amazon because they own the largest online store in the world and you can pick products according to your niche and that will help you in selling things that you know about.

Sponsors Post – Make money online with a blog

Sponsors Post is just like running ads on your website but it will be only from one company unlike google, sponsors post naturally contain a specific niche that is related to the niche that you write a post on. Sponsorship works just like it does in the TV industries the company pays you to show their products or blocks of an advertisement on your site.

To get a good sponsorship try to put one media page on your traffic sites explaining to your sponsors that you are open to sponsorship programs and you can then contact the company to negotiate a deal or you can wait for them to make a move. It is a good strategy if you go for multiple companies at the same time to get a better chance of getting a sponsor for you.

Selling Courses To Make Money from Blog

In 2020 many people became millionaires by selling online courses to teach people about the most recent topics.

You can make your courses sell on your blog page or your website or you can try to get other people’s online courses and you will work as an intermediate person to ultimately let others buy their courses and you will get a commission out of it.

The good part is that the more courses you were able to sell the more money you will get and there is no limit to how much you can earn with it.

Subscription services

The subscription business model is based upon the idea of selling online products and services to generate a monthly income or an annual income by making people subscribe to you.

Most subscription services charge a monthly or annual fee to generate their revenue. It is one of the easiest to understand business models that can make you rich in no time at all.

As the market is growing some of the mainstream businesses like YouTube, Netflix and Spotify moved their one-time purchase services to subscription models because instead if making one-time money you can earn money for your lifetime, and in the long term it is a better option.

Selling EBooks – Make money online with a blog

Ebook is one of the most popular forms of informational products sold by enterprises online today on blogs. Think of a blog that provides information for free and offers them to read the more detailed version of an ebook. It could become a chance for you to make money by showcasing your ebooks on your blog.

You just have to remember that the issue you are choosing is similar to your blog and your ebook. Later when you have made yourself a big blogger you can interview your readers to find out which topic they would be interested in further studying and interested in bye. Ebooks give a better and higher profit margin that can be used to generate a good income for or yourself and your blog.

Selling Memberships

Another great way of earning money is by selling memberships to two exclusive corners of your website that can only be accessed by people who are paying you every month or every year.

Like an entrapment blog can provide its membership to its users where they can ask about advice on their businesses and get a mutual benefit that is exclusively available for members only, also sometimes you can provide meetups for your members so you make and relationship with them that will last very long and make money for or you in return.


Blogging is an excellent way to earn money online in 2020 because there is no limit to things that you can do. In this article, we have tried to provide simple steps that will help you in making money while blogging.

You just have to remember to keep your content user-friendly and easy to reach to anyone and running these steps in the background of your blog will give you a passive income in return.

You can make blogging your full-time job when you are comfortable with the income your blog is generating. We hope that you find this article helpful and we thank you for reading it.

Make money online with a blog

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