How To Increase Your Marketing Base For Millennials: The Untold Truth

How To Increase Your Marketing Base For Millennials

Born between the 1980s to 1995s, millennials are a demographic that’s grown up with technology. Unlike baby boomers who are more open to traditional methods of advertising, millennials aren’t.

Growing up with technology and being aware of the latest trends also means they aren’t susceptible to marketing tips and techniques. If you’re trying to build a brand online and planning to market to this age group, you have to be mindful.

How To Increase Your Marketing Base For Millennials

After getting together with over a dozen marketing experts, we’ve come up with a formula or process for marketing to millennials. If your goal is to make your content and products appealing to anyone below 35 years of age (in 2023), here’s what you can do (and also what you shouldn’t).

1. Master Your Instagram Game

Make sure your products and services look professional on Instagram. Millennials are heavy consumers of social media, and in this digital age, if your brand’s Instagram account isn’t up-to-date, you’ll be dismissed.

Take inspiration from the likes of the pros like GoPro and Dragon Pharma LLC and get working on it.

2. Add Value

The last thing millennials want is to see you pushing your products onto them. You want the focus to be on providing as much value as you can to them. Give them a reason to listen to your brand and why they want to invest in your products. Think from their perspective and address any pain points they are facing. When you shift the focus from selling your products to solving problems for people, that’s when you get good at digital marketing.

Dan Laboring, Vice President of Marketing Communications at rEvolution had this to say: “Good marketing or advertising is about giving your audience a reason to care about your brand, showing them the ‘why’ they should care, and then making their experience as fans/consumers better for it.”

3. Go Mobile And Build Apps For Your Brand

More and more millennials are trying to erase their digital footprint in this online world for reasons of privacy and security. Even if they don’t log in through desktop PCs, they’re always active on mobile. Internet culture can be toxic, which is one of the biggest reasons they’re deleting their social media accounts.

Over 3 out of 5 millennials own a smartphone, and they expect to get quick replies whenever they’re interacting with brands on mobile. Having a dedicated mobile app for your business gives them a sense of privacy as they don’t have to worry about data breaches. Make sure your apps use state-of-the-art encryption for data privacy and offer discounts or store points for occasions whenever they use them. This will build engagement.

4. Meet Up With Them At Events

Put effort into learning more about your customers. Meet up with them at trade shows and events. Millennials love to interact in person, and sometimes connecting with them will get you places. If you’re trying to grow your brand, one of the best ways to market to millennials is by engaging them in the real world. 

Vice President of Marketing at Explore Cuisine, Erika Wasserman, said this: “I make sure I go to shows, not just the big trade show, but the consumer shows as well. I talk to people who don’t know who I am and engage in conversations about their shopping habits, eating habits, and learn about our consumers. It all comes down to connections with your audience.” 

5. Build Trust Through Reviews And Testimonials

Millennials trust reviews and brand testimonials from users who like them a lot more than what they see online. If you’re trying to establish a connection, leverage the power of online reviews and feedback. Send surveys to your old customers who are millennials and ask them what they think. And apply that feedback to your business and branding strategy. You can get reviews using websites like Yelp and offer to pay bonuses for users who refer your brand to their friends. Referral programs are another good way to build your digital community and establish authority in your niche. 

6. Be More Social

We’ve said before how millennials are deleting their digital footprint and going mobile, but that still doesn’t change the fact that they stay social online. Most millennials use Facebook Messenger to interact with their friends and family. Some are active on Instagram. Forbes conducted a survey on the millennial population and reported that over 62% of millennials said that they’d be more likely to buy from brands that interacted with them online via their social media profiles. Create a Facebook page for your brand and make sure you have quick response times whenever they ask questions on it. 

This will help build customer engagement and send a signal to other millennials that your brand cares about its customers and doesn’t just sell.

7. Collaborate With Brands

Millennials love to see social proof and enjoy it when they watch their favourite brands grow and become bigger. If you’ve had humble beginnings and know brands who have started in similar footsteps, you can reach out and collaborate with them. Some brands connect with influencers in their niche and get them to promote their products/services too. That works too but remember – people love watching experiences, and collaborations are a digital marketing strategy that works like a charm.

Also, the brand you collaborate with – when they grow, you grow too. It’s a win-win for both brands.

8. Make Authentic Content

The final tip in our repertoire when it comes to marketing to millennials is being authentic. Don’t make stuff up and be genuine. Millennials are more interested to hear the real side of stories. You can do this by creating vlogs and starting a YouTube channel for the brand. 

Make sure your videos are presentable and use an intro maker for the opening of product promos and launches. If you’re making webinars for your blogs or product pages, use a slide show maker with music editing tools. We could go on and on about how to edit and make video content, but here’s the gist – write ebooks, host podcasts, and make vlogs or videos for your social media handles.


Marketing to millennials isn’t just some strategy you can hack your way into. It takes time, and you have to build genuine connections for it to work. Focus on the content, stay true to your vision, and be real. You’ll be witnessing growth soon.

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How To Increase Your Marketing Base For Millennials

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