How to Get a Mature Woman in the Mood for Fun

How to Get a Mature Woman in the Mood for Fun

It’s reasonably common for single young guys to look beyond dating girls from a similar background. Instead of socializing with the immature girls clamoring for attention in their local nightspots, they might feel an urge to check out older, sophisticated, more sensual ladies. If this has just described your aspirations, you might be interested to find out more about the phenomenon of cougars and frisky mature woman in general. So let’s take a deeper dive into what makes senior females so desirable, along with some pointers about how to ensure the woman you’re attracted to gets in the mood.

Her desires increase with age

One problem with Millennials and Gen Zers is the preconceptions they often have about older people. There are even rumors that when women reach a certain age, their libido begins to diminish. While that might certainly be the case with older men, nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to mature females.

Where gender differences are concerned, an unfortunate fact that guys will have to get their heads around is that males mature long before females. Women who have attained what might loosely be described as middle-age are likely to still be full of vigor and looking forward to getting together with compatible individuals.

What’s more, because they’ve attained a lot of experience, they’ll know what things turn them on the most, and they’ll also feel like experimenting. A lot of mature women are keen on interacting with eligible males on dating outlets or via social media platforms.

Set her up for relaxation and anti-stress

Now for the big question. We’ve outlined how senior females are up for exciting pastimes. But how do you get the lovely lady you’ve got your eye on in the mood for fun? A lot of this depends on where you’re interacting. If you’re socializing in, say, a bar, or you’re a member of a gym or social club, you might already have a fair bit in common.

Some mature women looking for sex have discovered the delights of digital dating platforms, and while they might also enjoy going out with friends to visit coffee shops, restaurants, or movie theaters, they’ll often be found accessing their home computer or smart device to check out the profiles of younger males. If they do opt to go down this route, they’ll have some clear advantages over those who prefer meeting their partners in what could be termed ‘offline’ locations.

Algorithms will help them find matches with minimal fuss by analyzing the type of person they’ve specified they’d like to be introduced to. Users of any site or app can also balance the amount of time they spend flirting in this environment with real-life social outings.

Wherever you happen to find yourself flirting with a mature woman, just be courteous. Try and think of conversation starters that will engage her imagination, rather than dishing out hackneyed chat-up lines she has probably heard so many times over the years. Never stretch the truth, as this will have a habit of coming round to bite you! Online or offline, the golden rule is honesty. Your mature partner has probably used to blokes spinning her yarns, so she’ll be able to spot a tall story at a considerable distance! Just be yourself, and don’t try to impress.

Healthy sex is important after menopause

Menopause can instigate a lowering of self-esteem. When a women’s biological clock has run down, she might lose some of her sparks. This is one reason why it is so important to maintain a vigorous sex life, even as she reaches a stage in her life when the monthly cycles stop and female hormones – estrogen and progesterone – change in their levels, producing vaginal dryness and hot flushes. Show her that you understand what she is going through, and ensure you keep her satisfied without hurting.

  1. Try some new things

Always look to be introducing new experiences into each other’s lives. Perhaps she has spent a lot of time on one path and feels like a radical change. If she announces she’d like to give up the rat race and set up a new business, be supportive. Demonstrate your interest by offering advice about the pitfalls of these ventures. But whatever she decides to do, just make sure you let her know you’re there for her, from being enthusiastic about her work projects to suggesting fun hobbies you can enjoy together.

She needs more communication

One thing you must never do with an older partner is to take her for granted. It would only be natural for her to feel a little insecure. While cougars are used to being the center of attention as far as younger guys seeking romance are concerned, women falling into that category tend to be fairly forthright and confident. Many more who might fall into the over-40s or over-50s demographic are less sure of themselves.

They might have had unfortunate experiences with the husband they’re now divorced from or an ex-partner who caused a rocky relationship. If younger males have shown an interest before now, perhaps that’s been for quick flings. So an important aspect of getting her in the right mood for romance will be reassuring her that, to coin a phrase, your intentions are honorable!

The best way to go about achieving this is to ensure the communication between you is constant and always two-way. Never be shy about revealing your true feelings – and don’t hold back when it comes to giving her compliments.

Much of the advice we’ve imparted is down to common sense. But there’s no harm in being as prepared as possible. Taking our tips on board will ensure you have every chance of arranging a successful liaison with a fabulous senior. We’ve outlined where to find lovely mature ladies and the best approach for kindling sparks of chemistry. The rest is up to you!

How to Get a Mature Woman in the Mood for Fun

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