How Dancing keeps Mind sharp and Heart Healthy

How Dancing keeps Mind sharp and Heart Healthy

Dance has existed for thousands of years now. But none of us is really aware of both the physical and mental benefits dance provides. Dance is not just an art or an activity it is also believed as physical exercise that offers many proven benefits. It can keep the mind and body active and sharp promotes a healthier heart. While some prefer just to dance on their own on the random favourite songs while some prefer certain dance forms such as hip-hop or jazz. 

Whatever one prefers, dancing offers a good intense workout for sure. It not only strengthens muscles, promotes endurance and flexibility but also enhances various mental health benefits. Also, it can be a fun way to shed some pounds. Hence, a dance routine is important because it brings the mind and body together. 

Below are some insights on how dance improves both physical and mental well being: 

It boosts cognitive memory

Dancing has a great influence on the brain’s white matter, which promotes cognitive functions. It brings mental maturity and improves learning power because of movements and actions. Daily choreography routine improves focus, attention, and as a result, improves cognitive memory very effectively. With this, it also helps to combat dizziness, especially belle dance forms helps to stop feeling dizzy. 

Nowadays, supplements also help in maintaining and supporting brain health. And these supplements act as a push. A self-help and nutrient book publisher, Kate Barrington, brought to notice that these supplements optimize brain cells to improve various cognitive functions including memory retention, mental processing speed, motivation, mood, and more, furthermore

that they are all FDA approved plus offer tons of other potential benefits too. 

Lowers the risk of heart diseases

Dance is the best form of exercise that raises heart rate and works on the heart or cardiac muscles. Cardiac muscles tend to function more effectively because of regular dance sessions. 

While one performs the heart pumps blood to the lungs at a faster rate which causes an increase in heart rate. This increase in heart rate helps to strengthen your heart and keep the muscle condition. Dancing helps organs to function better such as lungs, heart, and brain. It helps to build a strong heart and its muscles which helps to aid heart strokes and ailments. 

Study reports show that those individuals who dance on a regular basis even at moderate intensity have relatively fewer chances of heart diseases than those who rarely do. 

Improves self-esteem

Along with enhancing cardiovascular health and brain function, dance gives a boost to self-esteem. It helps to overcome anxiety, fear, stress and encourages social bonding which helps in self-confidence. 

Dance helps to eliminate social anxiety and fear of public speaking, thus a person feels more confident enough to speak and engage. It helps to prevent feelings of isolation and helps to develop new connections thus making a person feel less lonely and more lively. It brings a drastic change in confidence. 

Keep the mind sharp

Dancing requires a lot of moves and action to remember which helps to explore our learning and thinking abilities. Thus, dance also helps to make the mind sharp and intelligent. Also, it helps to protect one’s memory and different types of styles, dance forms, and steps sharpen the brain’s ability to remember these kinds of details. This can help to prevent dementia. 

Dance forms such as hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, and ballroom relatively make the mind sharper and boost brainpower. It activates the brain’s reward centre which activates its sensory circuits and the brain starts to function more actively. It is both an emotional and physical release activity. 

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Improves mood

During dance sessions, the body releases certain kinds of mood-improving hormones and chemicals that help to improve our mood and mental state. It allows the person to express more and let the person feel free. It is like a shortcut to better mental health. 

Dance releases a hormone called Dopamine which is called a happy hormone that uplifts the mood and alleviates stress and anxiety issues. It helps both the brain and body to be involved and engage accordingly. There is also the release of neurochemicals called endorphins which bring positive feelings in the body, also termed as a happiness booster. 

Dance can bring a drastic change in terms of fitness. It helps the brain and cardiovascular health to function more efficiently. Dance is considered an ideal cardio workout by most people and doctors. And is a great way to explore and learn more about mind, body, and soul. 

Talking about the supplements, health advisors generally agree as they are made of natural ingredients and have tons of other potential benefits.  And dance is just one of the things out of many to have a great healthy and happy lifestyle. Dancing is like an unpaid therapy that yields multiple benefits. Engaging yourself in a daily moderate dance routine will be beneficial for overall health. 

How Dancing keeps Mind sharp and Heart Healthy

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