Does Tulammo 223 Get an Unfair Bad Rep From People Online?

Does Tulammo 223 Get an Unfair Bad Rep From People Online?

If you’ve done any kind of hunting around online for information about Tulammo 223, you may well have seen reviews from users saying bad things about it, making you think that it’s a product you should steer well clear of. Well, we’re here to stick up for the ammo, as we happen to think it’s very good. 

We’re talking here about ammo that’s at the economy end of the scale, which is perhaps why some seem to have a downer on this low-powered option. The truth is, whenever we’ve put them through their paces, they’ve performed more than adequately. 

So, What Are People Saying about Tulammo 223?

Look up some reviews of this Russian-made ammunition and it won’t be long before you find someone moaning about it. But what is it that they’re actually saying? Let’s break it down. 

Gripe #1 – “It doesn’t perform well in my Ruger SR 556”

What many people don’t realize is that different rounds perform differently when they’re fired out of different rifles. While the Ruger SR 556 is a good rifle, it’s one that needs to be used with expensive ammo (you know, the green-tipped stuff!). This is to do with the piston systems that are found in this kind of rifle that have trouble cycling the bolt after shooting. 

However, when you use Tulammo 223 in an AR15, there’s absolutely no problems for most people. You might get the odd blockage from time to time, but no more or less than normal.

Gripe #1 “It chews up my chamber!”

Another thing we’ve seen said about this popular full metal jacket round is that it chews up people’s barrels. Why? Because of the fact that some jackets have a small bit of copper residue where it meets the bullet and this somehow damages the chamber.

We know what they mean when they say this, as you will find what they’re talking about on the odd round or two, but this is a soft metal that can be removed with a fingernail. We haven’t yet found one that this technique didn’t work on, so it’s such an easily remedied thing.

Gripe #3 – “They lose too much power”

There are other complaints that some people have with this round and it relates to power. Without even looking, we know that most often this is because they’re using a rifle with a 3 piece gas ring, which will make this 223 lose a lot of gas pressure. 

This is not something that will happen when using a 1 piece gas ring, as it’s able to retain much more of the pressure – meaning you don’t lose power.

A Really Good, Reliable Ammo…You Just Gotta Use It Right

This is a really good, cheap ammo that you can fire away in great numbers without the need to worry about the cost. Tulammo 223 rounds aren’t top-grade, no one’s trying to claim they are. However, we think they get a really bad rep, just because most people don’t know how to use them properly.

They’re even cheaper when you buy them in bulk too, so if you’ve got an AR15 with a single piece gas ring and you don’t mind picking off any errant copper from the jacket lip, you’re getting a good quality product for a really good price.

That’s something we stand by, no matter how many rounds you get through. We’ve been using them for a few years now and we can’t see any reason to change.

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Does Tulammo 223 Get an Unfair Bad Rep From People Online?

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