DIY Mother’s Day Decor at Home

DIY Mother’s Day Decor at Home

Mother’s Day is an incredible opportunity to honor the most important person in your life. There are numerous ways one can make a mom feel appreciated and loved, but the option that is most fitting for mothers is the one where their kids make the gifts with their hands, no matter the age.  And if the gift was made with thought and attention to detail, it will instantly become a mother’s favorite. Here are some ideas that will help you make the perfect gift for your mom. 

Mother’s Day foil balloons

Due to the abundance of modern décor stores, it is possible to pick any balloon design for Mother’s Day. Made in a plethora of colors and shapes, foil inflatables allow decorators and party hosts to create a festive atmosphere without spending too much time on planning. Besides, mothers adore balloons at a neatly decorated venue and with table and chair covers used in the party, because it only proves how attentive their children are when it comes to organization, or in packs. You can make a backdrop out of holiday foil decorations, or present inflatables as a gift – the possibilities are endless. Check out a full list of  available items here 

Handmade soap

Who wouldn’t like a beautiful decorative bar soap for a master bathroom? Of course, it is fairly easy to order this item from a local cosmetics store, but putting the effort into making something from scratch will always be valued. For this project, you are going to need a block of soap base, honey, lavender extract, essential oil, and something for decoration. Now you can create a unique bar of soap by melting raw glycerin cubes and adding oils to your liking. Soap bars are a great DIY gift because they allow you to customize scents and flavors, as well as add specific décor details such as initials or even small photos. 

Handmade scented candles 

Another incredible DIY idea is making scented candles by using pre-made soy bricks. Not only soy wax candles are safer and healthier, they last longer. All you need to do for a living room decoration is to find wax cubes at a local supply store, food coloring, pure essential oils, a jar, and a candle wick. These are fun to create and cheaper than splurging on a department store candle. Any Mom would be surprised by the creative talent of their kid. 

A trip down the memory lane

There is nothing more touching and meaningful for a mother than shared memories. If you want to make a powerful gift that will for sure make an impression, incapsulate these memories in an album. These can be rare photos of your childhood, shared family celebrations, reminiscence of her youth – anything that reminds of better times. 

Cupcake bouquet

A cupcake bouquet would be the most adorable table decoration on Mother’s Day. Not only is it extremely easy to create this edible installation, but the ingredients can be found in the kitchen. Create icing with a piping tip that will resemble a rosebud.  Place each cupcake on a cookie stick and use crushed chocolate cookies as soil. This original table piece will for sure grab guests’ attention. It is easy but more than spectacular. 

DIY bath bombs

If you want to give Mom a staycation spa day, a handmade bath bomb is all you need. All it takes to form this fizzy delight is soda, citric acid, cornstarch, food coloring, and essential oil. Mix the ingredients and put them in a mold, and leave overnight. The bath bomb should fizz without breaking into two halves. You can present this functional decoration on a tray or in a basket, along with some fresh towels and cosmetic products.  

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DIY Mother’s Day Decor at Home

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