5 Basic Home Improvements That Will Change Your House Completely

Are you the market to change the way your home looks, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, or you don’t want to change too much about it because you like the overall décor? Well, if your budget is low or you simply want to give your home the finishing touches it deserves, here are five basic home improvements that will change the way your house looks without actually taking too much time, effort or money.

  1. Add coving to the top of your walls 

A lot of older houses have coving at the top of the walls which makes rooms look more refined and characterful. Unfortunately, most homes built in the last 40 years or so have been constructed without the coving. This can make the walls and ceiling look more disjointed, and it can leave a room feeling lacking.

If you want to take your house to the next level and add in a refining finishing touch, make some coving or hire a carpenter to do it for you. It can be as ornate or simplistic as you like, but whatever the design, if the coving is white and the walls are not, it will create a beautiful contrast that makes everything just feel cozier.

  1. Heighten your skirting trim 

In a similar fashion to coving, skirting trims used to be a lot taller and more ornate way back when, but this isn’t the case anymore. Unfortunately, most people have skirting boards that are only a few centimeters high and that look plain, adding a basic feel to the room and house as a whole.

You can easily make new skirting trim that is taller and more aesthetically pleasing, and it won’t cost a lot, either. What’s more, if you pair this with the coving, you’re sure to see a big difference in how luxurious your house looks. After all, it’s the smallest details that have the biggest impact!

  1. Replace your windows 

Many people focus on the inside of their homes, looking at things like soft furnishings and the like. Whilst this does play a big role in your house and how it looks, it’s important to consider your kerb appeal, too. One way you can easily enhance the look of your home, both on the inside and the outside, is to replace any old windows with new ones.

Whether you opt for traditional timber windows or something more ornate, you can instantly give your house a facelift with new windows. You might even find you save some money, too, due to the improved insulation from new units.

  1. Replace your doors 

In line with replacing windows, look at replacing doors, too. You may be able to salvage your front door with a lick of fresh paint, but certainly look into newer options inside. Paneled doors are fashionable, as are glass partitions, so consider either of these options for the simplest yet biggest change within your home.

  1. Add a new stairs carpet 

Stairs are often forgotten about in a house, despite being one of the most well-used areas of any home. The carpet is often trodden down and looking worse for wear, and it usually engulfs the whole of the stairs. Instead, consider stripping the carpet back, sanding and staining/painting the stairs, and adding in a runner instead. It will instantly brighten up your stairs area and give the feel of a much more luxurious home, especially if you have beautifully high skirting trim running alongside it! Consider contrasting colors for a stairs runner, such as white with a black trim, for maximum impact.

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