5 Ingenious Tips for Business Graduates to Improve Employability

The Economic Times states that the global unemployment rate will reach 6%, with approximately 207 million suffering from its direct impacts. Unemployment issues are creating problems globally and posing grave challenges for the world economies. Education and outreach training programs are continuously providing learning avenues to the youth around the world. Still, many graduates are facing problems in securing sustainable earning opportunities.

Business graduates are particularly facing problems in the job market because many students have been pursuing business degrees over the last decade. It proved prolific initially, but now there is an imbalance in the job market. Dozens of business graduates are applying for the same position. The competition has grown way beyond what one would call a healthy competition. According to a report by Luminate, only 52.3% of business and administrative studies graduates were in full-time employment positions – that too after 15 months of their graduation.

The situation is not all demotivating as several business graduates are securing lucrative jobs and developing strong career growth potential. They’re making their way to big organizations and reaching admirable professional positions. But what differentiating factors allow them to attract recruiters? What is their secret? This article can help you understand some of those tricks and tactics. It mentions five ingenious tips for business graduates to improve employability. 

  • Not stopping the journey of education

Once someone has graduated, they would certainly not want to end up in another classroom immediately. However, the real key to significantly enhancing your employability lies in continuing to ornate your profile with more academic achievements. What’s more, you can opt for online education options that offer great learning opportunities with minimum hassles. Different assessment requirements might discourage you, but you can Skip Taking the GMAT for Online SOSU Programs that provide specialties across a wide variety of subjects. 

This program allows you to gain an edge over other business graduates who enter the competition without extra armor. It’ll help you deeply understand the business sector and execute learning in the real world. Experience has no replacement, but this additional qualification gives business graduates a unique chance to catch the recruiters’ eyes. Moreover, these programs help business graduates stay updated and aligned with the latest trends and contemporary market environment.

  • Chisel your soft skills

TRVST conducted an employee survey where 93% of employers graded soft skills as either “very important” or “essential” for applicants to be selected. Soft skills have become extremely important for modern-day students to differentiate themselves from others. These skills determine an individual’s personal and professional development. 

Soft skills are specifically crucial for business graduates because the business world has the most effective use of these skills in actual utility. Negotiation, conflict resolution, presentation, verbal and non-verbal communication skills are all soft skills in great demand in the business world. Employers are eagerly looking for creative and innovative employees with a collaborative mindset to ensure efficient teamwork and mutual understanding in the workplace. Therefore, business graduates with these soft skills significantly enhance their employability chances. 

  • Sell your brand

Personal branding refers to deliberately developing your profile in a way that can positively reflect your skills and highlight your strengths. Business graduates mainly utilize LinkedIn for formal personal branding. As of now, there are more than 57 million companies active on LinkedIn. There are more than 15 million job openings but also a total of about 810 million users. So, it would help if you created a unique identity for your profile. 

Since personal branding is free, a few strategic moves can earn you great rewards. It is also not something out of this world as it’s simply all about storytelling. You must captivatingly tell your life story and highlight your academic and extra-curricular achievements in the right manner. Personal branding covers how you build your resume too. According to a survey by Standout, a recruiter spends an average of 6-8 seconds reviewing a resume. So, try to catch their attention in that little window by listing the necessary awe factor in your resume. The right elements of personal branding provide that standout potential to your resume and improve your employability tenfold.

  • The network is your Net Worth

Job markets are competitive or, rather say, overwhelmingly competitive. Positive networking can help a business graduate secure a good job. But there is a difference between lobbying and progressive networking. Though the line is thin, the difference is evident. Business graduates can develop good networks with their seniors in colleges and universities. Once they graduate, their seniors would already be in the corporate world. And this can help them explore job openings and apply at the right places at the right time. It’ll also help them gain practical insights and expert advice about the corporate world and strengthen their market knowledge. 

All of this significantly help business graduates to improve their employability. They develop an indirect reach to the right channels in the job market. These networks help them identify befitting open positions where they can apply. Moreover, sometimes quality talent escapes recruiters’ eyes only because of the huge influx of profiles for a single post. A slight reference in this situation can propel deserving candidates to the right place. According to a report by Apollotechnical, 45% of employees joining an organization through referrals stay for more than four years, whereas this amount is 25% for other recruits. That’s because the person referring a candidate knows the organizational culture and can identify the right talent fit.

  • Capitalize on your extra time during academics

It sounds ironic when a fresh business graduate enters the job market yet is asked for relevant job experience. Well, to your surprise, graduates are entering the job market with a handsome amount of internship and part-time work experience. This work exposure enhances their employability and gives them an edge over others. Therefore, business graduates should capitalize on their extra time during their degrees and utilize it for internships and any possible relevant part-time work experience. It gives them a real-time understanding of the corporate world settings. 

As a result, when you enter the job market, you have a cushion to tackle the experience requirements. These internships experiences also open future doors for you. According to a report by Smallbizgenius, 70% of employers offer full-time positions to their interns. Once you prove your work quality and commitment at an organization, they try to retain that for the long run, which exponentially improves your employability. 

Final Thoughts

The business world is becoming incredibly competitive with each passing year. Whether it’s business operations or employability in this sector, both are equally challenging. Nonetheless, it is all about how you sell your brand and market yourself. Discussed above are proven tactics to improve your employability. So, don’t pause your learning endeavors, develop your soft skills, and attain some work experience. In the end, you’ll be able to land lucrative positions with little to no effort.

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