Applying for a Credit Card: The Best Perks to Look For

A credit card can add to your financial stress if you choose the wrong ones. Some credit cards have annual fees and high-interest rates. If you use your credit cards regularly, fluctuating interest rates can make your monthly balance much higher than expected. When choosing a new credit card, look for card companies that minimize fees and maximize rewards. You can benefit from cards with low fees, cashback rewards, and bonuses. Take the time to research a credit card before committing to an application. 

Low Fees and Interest Rates

Some credit card companies charge annual fees to use the cards. These fees affect your balance once each year. Fees can range from $90 to $500, depending on the type of card. Even if you work hard to keep your balance low, this fee gets applied. Some credit cards companies add this fee onto the credit cards immediately after activation, so clients start out with a balance. If you have good credit, you should get approved for a reputable card with no annual fee. Research options before applying for a new card. 

Interest gets added to your total balance. In many cases, interest rates fluctuate due to market changes. Interest rates often depend on credit scores, as well. With Chase Freedom Flex, clients get a unique APR to match their credit level. When choosing a credit card to apply for, read the fine print to learn about the interest rates. Your credit gets marked every time you apply for a new card, therefore, you should only apply for cards you really want and can get approved for. 

Cash Back Rewards and Bonuses

While a credit card works great for extra purchases and building credit, many credit cards offer more incentives to gain customers. Look for cashback rewards on your new credit card. Each credit card company has its own rules for cashback, so make sure you can complete the necessary actions to take advantage of this feature. You may need to spend a specific amount or shop at certain stores, for example.

You may also get cash for referring friends or spending a specific amount of money with your new card. With Chase Freedom Flex, popular bonuses include cell phone insurance, five percent back on groceries, and Lyft credits. Many cards allow you to earn travel points, as well. 

Personal Preferences

When looking for a new credit card, find one with features that fit your lifestyle. If you don’t travel much, you may not care if your card has travel points. Cell phone insurance can save you money since you won’t need to pay for it through your phone company. You can also adjust your spending to get the rewards. If you get points for groceries, use your card for each grocery trip and simply pay it off each month to avoid interest. Look through the list of rewards and bonuses to find the card that works best for you. You can often find one that offers rewards for your current daily habits. 

Credit cards should not make your financial situation worse. If you have good credit, you can find a card with a low-interest rate and no annual fee. The only time you should deal with an annual fee is when building or repairing credit. Look for cashback rewards and bonuses, as well. The best credit cards have features that help you earn useful rewards and have minimal extra charges. 

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