All About Argyle Pink Diamonds

All About Argyle Pink Diamonds

There are many different kinds of diamonds available worldwide. Additionally, each of them has its look as well as various applications and features. Among these, various pink diamonds are the ones that are very expensive and rare at this time. Pink diamonds are the rarest and least common of all naturally occurring gemstones. 

The pink-coloured diamond is a natural diamond having a pink hue without any cause of chemical impurities like the other diamonds. The reason for this vibrant colour is still uncertain. 

The areas where these hued diamonds are found include India, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, and Canada. The most significant quantity comes from the Argyle mines in Western Australia and is known as argyle pink diamonds.

  1. How does this vibrant colour come?

The researchers are still uncertain about how the colour of this pink diamond occurred. Other diamonds contain impurities from which they derive their colour. Still, the pink diamonds are different as they do not contain any impurities yet have a vibrant colour. 

According to some studies, it is believed that the extreme pressure and heart these diamonds get is the reason behind their colour. At the same time, some think that it’s due to the seismic shocks that change the diamond’s molecular structure and change colour. 

Therefore, the reason behind the colour of the argyle pink diamonds is not known yet. But some of the studies mentioned above are believed to be the cause of its vibrant colour. 

  1. Its varieties: 

In these pink-hued diamonds, there are different colours or shades available, which decide the intensity and strength of the colour. There is a central pink hue diamond, but different shades also occur as the variety in the colour of these pink hue diamonds. The colour or shades of pink diamonds known are as follows: 

  • Faint 
  • Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy intense
  • Vivid, deep, or dark fancy 
  1. How is the price decided? 

As previously explained, different pink diamonds are available with different intensities and strengths in colour. This is what decides the price or cost of these pink diamonds. The more prosperous and saturated colour strength makes the price of the diamond much more expensive. 

With the exception of colour as pink diamonds, they have a vast cover over the market. And are more expensive than standard ordinary diamonds. The main factors that affect and define the price of the link diamonds are the intensity and the carat weight.

Though these factors affect the price, pink diamonds are rarely found, which is why they are costly, usually neglecting the intensity and colour strength, even if bought. 

  1. Uses of these diamonds:

Though ordinary diamonds are also used for commercial purposes, standard diamonds are most commonly used in jewellery items and products. Similarly, these beautiful-hued diamonds are an excellent choice for making jewellery. 

These hued diamonds have a fantastic look and a vibrant colour that is not faded. Therefore, a good look is given with the jewellery of these diamonds. Also, the price of this jewellery is high because of its features and characteristics. The jewellery in which they are used is as follows:

  • Engagement rings 
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets

It could be said that these rarely occurring pink diamonds have great characteristics and properties, due to which the demand for them is increasing over the market though they are much more expensive than ordinary diamonds. 

According to studies, in the coming days, it’s believed that pink diamonds will become rarer, and the prices of these will be increasing a lot, making them a good option to buy.

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All About Argyle Pink Diamonds

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