8 Popular Alcoholic Beverages in Australia

8 Popular Alcoholic Beverages in Australia

Australia is known for its nightlife, and the Australians take their partying very seriously. After the sun sets, cities offer an incredible amount of things to do. And even in isolated locations, you may discover dive bars and clubs, as well as BBQs. Meanwhile, tourists sometimes believe there is a tradeoff between experiencing the culture and partying; however, you can do both here.

Drinks go hand in hand with nightlife, and Australia is known for its delectable cocktails and parties. Archie Rose Gin, Vodka, Red Wine, Mountain Gin, Espresso Martini, etc., are some of the best beverages to try. So, when visiting Australia, one can do all of these things and have a great time.

Talking about drinks, bottled wine is top-rated in Australia, but you can also find various other drinks at pubs that you should try at least once. So keep reading to learn about Australia’s best-rated drinks.

  1. Red Wine

Australia is also known for its high-quality red wine, and various wine zones specialise in different flavours. Many local shops and supermarkets sell red wine, and you can even find local winemakers. It is one of the most regularly consumed and widely available beverages in the country. And it’s so popular that if you are in Australia, you don’t even need to look for it; just look around (where you are standing), and you’ll find a shop selling red wine.

  1. Whisky

Australian whisky is very popular, and there are several whisky bars to visit. And to begin with, try the single malt French oak whisky. It’s packed full of molasses and chocolate and tastes fantastic.

  1. Bundaberg Rum (a rum produced in Bundaberg, Queensland)

Rum is a popular drink in all tropical countries. The dark Bundy rum, which is owned and made by local sugarcane growers or manufacturers, is Australia’s favourite.

  1. Mountain Gin 

Gin is often made from base grains such as barley or wheat that are fermented prior to getting distilled. This one-of-a-kind cocktail is created with botanicals foraged locally, juniper berries or Australian native mountain pepper berries, and fresh pine needles.

Archie Rose Gin

Smooth, lively, piney and fresh are the words that describe this handcrafted gin. It also has botanicals that help to balance the juniper flavour. Besides, when mixed with soda water and ginger ale, this low-calorie cocktail is incredibly supple and vibrant. You can also add orange, mango, pineapple, and cranberry to the mix.

  1. Espresso Martini

Though the martini originated in London, Australians have a passionate romantic relationship with it, and you’ll fall in love with it after just one sip. It’s impossible to forget a calorie-dense, creamy shot of this martini.

  1. Vodka

Vodka is a popular drink in Melbourne, and it is less expensive than the other drinks. And since there are so many micro-producers in the cities, this drink is plentiful. Moreover, it’s a famous cocktail at taverns and restaurants.

Bundarberg Ginger Beer

If you have tasted it once, you know it well. The burn you get from ginger beer is one of its most distinguishing characteristics. Bundaberg ginger beer is prepared by fermenting and brewing the best indigenous sugarcane and ginger.

These are only a few of the drinks available in Australian cities, and there are many more to try. So when you visit Australia, make sure to try at least a few of the drinks on this list; and you won’t be disappointed.

8 Popular Alcoholic Beverages in Australia

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