Why did Omni-man kill the guardians?

Why did Omni-man kill the guardians?

Trusted Vltrumite officers were given a planet to weaken, and Omni-Man was assigned to earth. He killed the Guardians of the Globe as part of his work to undermine the world.

SUPERHERO movies and series seem to rage right now, and Invincible is one of the few completely independent of one of Marvel and DC’s two leading superhero franchises.

Amazon Prime’s Invincible first aired on the streaming service last month and boasts some impressive names on voice-over features, including Killing Eve and Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh.

Why did the Omni man kill the Guardians?

By murdering all of the Guardians, Omni-Man—who was posing as Earth’s greatest hero—was weakening Earth’s defense for his eventual planned takeover. In other words, Nolan killed the Guardians because they were in his way of messing up his Viltrum plans of taking over Earth for his fellow Viltrumites.

Invincible is based on a comic book series, and the twist of Omni-Man killing all the Guardians of the Globe at the end of the first episode of Invincible also happens in the comics. However, the TV series seems to pull the trigger much quicker than the comics, which wait before running into several issues. Robert Kirkman, who wrote the Invincible comics and directed the series, tells The Wrap why he chose to speed up the process.

“Moving that event up — in the comic book series, it happens much later; there’s not that feeling of, ‘Oh my God, when are people going to find out? And what are they going to do when they find out? Because everything rolls from there. He continued, “By bringing it up, we get an added feeling like, ‘Oh my God, Debbie [Omni-Man’s wife] has no idea what’s going on with her husband.

“And how will she find out, if she finds out or when she finds out? It should create a lot of tension in the series and keep you guessing from episode to episode. ” 

Is Omni Man a villain in Invincible?

When Omni-Man first attacks the Guardians in the climactic scene at the end of Episode 1, the heroes wonder if he might be under someone’s evil control. Omni-Man is not from Earth but Viltrum.

The Viltrumites are known to have conquered other planets to expand their empire; perhaps this is why Omni-Man’s decision to kill the Guardians was to enhance his power.

What is Invincible?

Invincible is an Image Comics Universe superhero created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Cory Walker.

Although the character has appeared in the comics before, Invincible didn’t get its eponymous series until 2003.

The plot hinges on Mark Grayson, who becomes “Invincible/Omni-Man.”

Mark is a typical teenager, except that his father, Nolan, is the most powerful superhero.

Shortly after his seventeenth birthday, Mark begins to develop his powers and comes under his father’s guardianship.

How can I watch Invincible?

Invincible premiered on Amazon Prime Video on March 25, 2021.

Since then, it has already been announced that the series will be renewed with a second and a third season.


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Is he invincible as strong as Omni-man?

Omni-Man is the father of Invincible and a member of the Viltrumite race, a humanoid species of extraterrestrial origin that possesses superhuman strength, super speed, virtual immortality, and flight. As usual for male Viltrumites, Omni-Man sports a large mustache.

Who dies in invincible?

There is also a brief tease in the season 1 finale of Invincible that The Immortal will come back from the dead again. The former leader of the original Globe Guardians has been killed by Omni-Man twice. The Mauler Twins first resurrected him, but his body is now in possession of Cecil and the GDA.

Why did the robot help the twins?

The robot’s true identity is Rudolph Conners, and his mission from the beginning was to find a way to create a new body for his mind. The comics showed a robot recruiting the Mauler Twins to help him make a functional clone body and transport his consciousness into the new physical form.

What happened to invincible Monster Girl?

Invincible, Monster Girl and Black Samson are rushed to the GDA ER. Monster Girl was drowning in her blood, and she was intubated, but while she was being taken care of, she turned into the monster. The robot enters and tells them that she had studied her physiology, which means that if they took him out of the room, she would die.

How many themes are there in invincible?


What happened between Rex and Monster Girl?

In Robert Kirkman’s Invincible universe, the characters Robot (Rex) and Monster Girl (Amanda) go through a portal to Flaxan’s dimension during a battle (in issue #71, if I remember correctly). At this point, they are emotionally distant, and the robot is very hurt by the actions Monster Girl took in the Flaxan dimension.

Why did Omni-man kill the guardians?
Why did Omni-man kill the guardians?

Who is the invincible robot?

But what’s essential to the robot, now known by his human name Rudy Conners, is that Monster Girl seems to be the least horrified. During a difficult moment, watching Omni-Man’s battle later in the episode, she even reaches out to hold Rudy’s hand to comfort her, and it seems that her plan was a success.

What is Omni-man’s goal?

He is the father of Invincible and Kid Omni-Man. He came to earth as an agent of the Viltrum Empire, and he was supposed to take over the world for his sake to expand his empire further.

How many compendia are there for Invincible?

There are 12 volumes in this collection. The Invincible Compendium is the most extensive collection.

Can Superman beat Omni Man?

They both have superhuman speed, strength, and stamina. Both can fly, although Omni-Man can fly through the void of space without any protection. Superman can do this in some iterations, but not in others, like ’90s Superman: The Animated Series.

Why is omni man so strong?

The former superhero has solid DNA within him. This human-looking alien can override the genetics of whoever has a child (explaining why his deceased son Oliver Grayson looks so much like him). His power to fly can make him travel through outer space in seconds.

Is Thragg stronger than Omni-man?

Class 100+ – Thragg was said to be the strongest Viltrumite ever to live; he could easily decapitate Thadeus, kill Battle Beast, and fatally wound Omni-Man.

Invincible fight against Omni man?

When he wakes up, The Immortal has one goal: to kill Omni-Man. That fight ends with Omni-Man punching The Immortal’s torso, an act that exposes Nolan’s true colors to both his son and the news choppers broadcasting the brutality to the entire world.

Does omni man care about his son?

Omni Man loves his son so much that he KNOWS he will eventually kill him if he stays too long. So he goes on these killing sprees to commit suicide for the greater good.

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Invincible and the devastating truth about Omni-Man

Since the first episode of Invincible, the Amazon Prime Video animated series has made it clear that Omni-Man, the great superhero father of the protagonist, has more things in common with Patriot from The Boys than with Superman. His brutal crimes have been kept secret throughout the series until the devastating truth has come to light. 


Unlike the comics created by Robert Kirkman, the Invincible series featured Omni-Man’s brutal murder of the Guardians of the Globe in the first chapter, making it clear that Earth’s most famous superhero is a ruthless psychopath. 

Since then, Nolan has been hiding the evidence of the crime from him, but in episode 1×06, the truth has been revealed thanks to his wife and his relentless investigation.   

Ever since the Guardians’ violent murder became known, Debbie has been suspicious of her husband for his strange behavior. They got worse when Nolan insisted on retrieving his bloody suit instead of turning it over to the Global Defense Agency.  

The GDA sends him back to Hell with demon investigator Damien Darkblood uncovering Omni-Man’s secret. Still, Debbie finds his notebook and Nolan’s bloodied suit, and that’s when her worst suspicions are confirmed.

Debbie decides to take the costume to Art Rosenbaum, the most excellent superhero tailor, for a forensic analysis of the blood, confirming that Omni-Man attacked the Guardians, something that the public already knew but that the protagonists of the series ignored. 

After a quick and searching visit with Art, Nolan returns home, and Debbie confronts him, getting on her nerves by revealing that she knows his visceral secret.  

Why did Omni-man kill the guardians?

While the real motives for Omni-Man’s heinous mass murder have yet to be revealed, more and more people are becoming aware of his crime. The series has given indications that it has to do with his Viltumite nature. Still, curiously, when the truth is revealed, Nolan moves away from the canons of the classic villain since he leaves Art and his wife alive instead of killing them to cover up his previous homicide.

Now, it remains to be seen what Omni-Man’s next step will be when the truth about his heinous actions is revealed to the world. On the other hand, it will also be interesting how Mark will take the revelation that his father is a murderer when he finds out and how it will affect him and his Viltrumite heritage.


According to the original comic source, Nolan Grayson, aka Omni-Man, is a member of the alien race called the Viltrumites. The Viltrumites are a race of warriors and planetary conquerors; they were feared and reviled throughout the known galaxy. Omni-Man was sent to Earth to conquer it but started a family instead. He married Debbie Grayson and had a son named Mark, who would later inherit his father’s alien abilities by becoming the superhero Invincible. Omni-Man and Invincible, at times, also worked together.

But once Invincible’s father is revealed to be a genocidal maniac, everything changes for Invincible—both in the eponymous character’s life and view in the public eye, and the series’ approach to superhero violence from that point conducts itself with more than a bit of bloodshed.

Viltrumites are ruthless conquers because they killed any species on the planet to expand their empire; however, at a certain point, a virus took almost all of them out. The remaining Viltrumites went to other worlds and laid low, planning to destabilize the defenses of the planet they inhabited from the inside out, slowly plotting an eventual uprising and comeback. By murdering all of the Guardians, Omni-Man—who was posing as Earth’s greatest hero—was weakening Earth’s defense for his eventual planned takeover.

In other words, Nolan killed the Guardians because they were in his way of messing up his Viltrum plans of taking over Earth for his fellow Viltrumites.

Why did Omni-man kill the guardians?

In Invincible issue 11, Omni-Man told his son the truth about his true motives, and the Viltrum race is ruthless conquering invaders. He asked Invincible to join his side like Darth Vader asked Luke Skywalker to join him in Star Wars. Mark then refuses to help him take over Earth, and the duo begins to battle.

Wait to see how the Amazon Prime original series adapt the iconic father and son battle from the original comics in the next episodes. Get ready! (^_^)

Why did Omni-man kill the guardians?

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