Who exactly is Sai from Naruto, and how strong is he?

Who exactly is Sai from Naruto, and how strong is he?

Sai is a skilled shinobi and a member of Team Kakashi in the manga and anime series Naruto Shippūden. He is said to be the most vital member of his generation of Root, and Danzo has faith in Sai’s abilities enough to task him with killing Sasuke. Sai is proficient in taijutsu and has an ink-based jutsu that allows him to draw things that come to life. He has a variety of abilities, including:

  • Tiger Vision Staring Bullet: A jutsu where one of Sai’s drawings drags an opponent back onto the scroll, sealing them in the paper
  • Clone creation: Sai can create clones of himself made out of ink
  • Ink haze: Sai can create a blinding ink haze to hide his escape
  • Tanto: Sai is skilled with a small sword called a tanto

Sai is observant, quiet, and cautious and avoids reckless behavior. He is trained not to feel emotions and to take orders without question. However, spending time with Naruto and Sakura has made him realize that having emotions is a particular part of being human.

As an adult, Sai heads the Anbu division and works directly under the Seventh Hokage, Naruto of the Uzumaki clan. He regularly reports directly to the Seventh Hokage and aids him in various decisions.

Sai was a former member of Danzo Shimura’s Foundation and Sasuke’s replacement for Team Seven in the Naruto universe. Despite his awkward mannerisms and clumsy social skills, he was a powerful shinobi on account of his ink-based jutsu and formidable melee prowess

Sai is a character from the anime and manga series “Naruto” created by Masashi Kishimoto. Initially introduced as a secretive ANBU Black Ops division member,, he became a Team Kakashi member.

Sai possesses unique abilities related to his training in the arts of ink-based techniques known as “Super Beasts Imitating Drawing” (超獣偽画, Chōjū Giga). These abilities allow him to bring drawings to life and manipulate ink for offensive and defensive purposes. Sai uses particular scrolls to summon creatures or weapons and employs various ink-based techniques in combat.

Regarding strength and abilities, Sai is a skilled and agile fighter with proficiency in hand-to-hand combat. His ink-based techniques provide him with versatile offensive and defensive capabilities, allowing him to create and use various creatures strategically in battles. However, compared to some of the more powerful characters in the Naruto series, Sai’s strength and abilities might be considered more moderate or tactical rather than overwhelming.

Throughout the series, Sai’s character undergoes development, particularly in his interactions with other members of Team Kakashi, where he learns about emotions, friendship, and forming bonds with others.

In the context of the Naruto series, Sai is a capable ninja with unique ink-based abilities that make him a valuable asset in combat situations. However, he might be among the least potent characters in terms of sheer strength or destructive skills.

Kage level with prep.

I speak specifically with one jutsu—a powerful Fūinjutsu Tiger Vision Bullet.

It was taught to him by Danzo, who seems to have top 5 in the verse fūinjutsu skill purely from the endgame of his fight against Sasuke, but I digress. It requires powerful emotions, so we do not see Sai attempting to use this before the war arc. During the war arc, he needed to be shielded by Rock Lee and Kakashi to give him the prep necessary to activate this jutsu the first time around.

When executed correctly, this move can shoot reanimated shinobi on the same level as Akebino Jinin (the guy in the gif above). Akebino was a part of the reanimated Seven Ninja Swordsmen and was powerful enough to go toe to toe with War Arc Kakashi for an extended period. (Kakashi eventually beat him with his Sharingan, but they have a relatively even match nonetheless). Sai, meanwhile, casually seals a healthy (as in, Akebino’s edo body was completely healed and devoid of any injuries) version of him within seconds. [Anime]

This move also appears in the manga, presumably after the Akebino fight. Sai has greater control over this technique from subsequent uses, considering he could activate it quickly in the manga (within one page). This time, he seals an injured Fuguki (another member of the Seven Ninja).

Considering that he uses two shots of this technique back to back without apparent strain after he used numerous other techniques previously in the war when fighting Edo Sasori and Deidara, it implies he could potentially spam it 4 or 5 times at full power. Each use is capable of sealing [low kage] opponents without trouble.

How do you find the ionic charge of silver?

Even without this jutsu, he still has an excellent array to fall back on. But this jutsu takes the cake for being Sai’s best and most decisive move.

Being said to be his generation’s most vital Root member, Danzo had enough faith in Sai’s abilities to task him with single-handedly killing Sasuke. Despite not being his specialty, Sai has shown proficiency in taijutsu.

He could quickly react and block Naruto’s attempt to stab him with a kunai with his tanto. He also could subdue Kabuto Yakushi very swiftly and block Sasuke Uchiha’s attempt to stab Naruto, with Sasuke commenting that he blocked the attack most appropriately.

Sai draws things, and his creations come to life by applying chakra to the drawings.
Sai typically creates giant birds to transport himself or others, lion-like monsters for attack, snakes for restraining enemies, and mice to scout an area. Sai can also create ink clones of himself for reconnaissance.

  • The benevolent kings
  • Sealing Jutsu
  • Birds to fly on.
  • Giant crabs.
  • Ink clones
  • Birds with explosive tags
    And many more.

Sai can use Earth Release to conceal himself underground without disrupting the surface of the Earth. He can also use Fire, Water, and Yang Release.

Sai is a character from the popular manga and anime series “Naruto.” He is introduced in the Naruto Shippuden series and is a member of the ANBU, an elite ninja squad in the Hidden Leaf Village (Konohagakure). Here’s some information about Sai and his abilities:

Background: Sai’s past is shrouded in mystery because he initially has no memory of his childhood or true identity. He was recruited into the ANBU Black Ops by Danzo Shimura, a high-ranking figure in the village. Sai is known for his stoic and emotionless demeanor, often struggling to understand and express human emotions due to his past as a Root operative.


  1. Ninjutsu: Sai is a skilled ninja focusing on ninjutsu, the art of using chakras for various techniques. He is exceptionally proficient in using ink-based techniques. He can bring his drawings to life by infusing them with chakra, creating creatures and objects for combat and reconnaissance.
  2. Sealing Techniques: Sai is also knowledgeable in sealing techniques, which can be used to imprison or control opponents. He uses these techniques to seal away enemies or to support his team during missions.
  3. Kenjutsu: While not his primary focus, Sai is also competent in Kenjutsu, the art of swordsmanship. He can wield a katana effectively in battle.
  4. Emotion Manipulation: Sai’s unique ability is using his Super Beast Imitating Drawing technique, which allows him to manifest and control creatures created from his drawings. While this is not a direct combat skill, it has been helpful in various situations, including espionage and support roles.

Strength Level: Sai is a skilled and capable ninja, but his strength and combat abilities are not at the level of some of the series’ most powerful characters, such as Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, or the members of the Akatsuki. His effectiveness in battle often depends on his tactical and strategic thinking and his ability to work well with his team. Sai’s strengths lie in his versatility, including his ability to gather information and support his allies.

As the series progresses, Sai develops character and becomes more emotionally connected to his teammates and friends, impacting his growth as a ninja. While not among the most powerful characters in the series, he plays a significant role in various story arcs and missions.

How powerful is Naruto?

Naruto is stated to be the strongest shinobi in history, with Sasuke being his only rival. Let’s take a look at some of his abilities.

  • Complete control over nine tails chakra
  • Uzumaki bloodline
  • Data books state his chakra reserves to be “???”
  • Kurama, with half its power, is stated to be able to “Turn the world into ash.”
  • 117 different types and forms of the Rasengan
  • Used all 9 different variations of each tailed beast.
  • Sosp chakra
  • Chakra from Tailed Beast
  • Pseudo for all-tailed beast
  • Access to lava, boil, magnet release
  • It has the elements of Earth and Wind
  • Complete mastery over Sage Mode
  • Ying/Yang release
  • Understanding of all things
  • Levitation
  • Can sense things from the limbo world
  • It can self-heal almost instantly.
  • Can react, evade, and move FTL.

Now, this is Naruto at his most potent as a teen at 17

This Naruto only had half of the nine-tail chakra and a portion from another tailed beast. Kurama even started to run low on chakra because of the days fought in the war.

Now, he can do this just with another Kurama and instantly absorb more naturally. It’s basically on a whole scale. Naruto in Boruto is now the most robust Taijustu user after time skips and has the notion of being the strongest in the world. Naruto, at his strongest, is a complete monster.

The only beings that can give Naruto any trouble are the Ōtsutsuki Clan—Momoshiki, who was stated to be a more significant threat than Kaguya possibly. Naruto felt he could even take on him and Kinski by himself.

Naruto was even shocked when the other kage and Sasuke arrived. Below, you can see Naruto casually handling Momoshiki with half his chakra absorbed and almost effortlessly.

Without a doubt, Naruto is the strongest, most potent shinobi, and his only rival is Sasuke.

How strong is base Naruto?

Base Naruto is strong.

  • His taijutsu is top-notch.
  • His ninjutsu is also good.

He can throw Rasenshurikens in base and even remotely control it. He can also make it explode whenever he wants to. He’s very accurate and precise.Sai from Naruto

He can spam this on base, as he has a lot of chakras.

He can still use all of his rasengan variations like rasenrengan, oodama rasengan, choodama rasengan. His choodama rasengan was able to overpower momoshiki.

He is a monster in base.

Naruto is mid-kage level in base.

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Sasuke is said to possess the strongest genjutsu, but what exactly is it, what is its name, and how does it work?

This needs to be a better understanding. Sasuke’s genjutsu differs from Kotoamatsukami, Tsukyomi, or IT and is not the strongest. But he has the strongest dojutsu (EMS, Rinnegan) His eyes are more potent than all other Uchihas. Thus, he has the strongest Genjutsu.

But is it more potent than other special ninjutsu?


Here is Sakura getting hit by Sasuke’s Rinnegan Genjutsu.

And here she is, awake a few moments later without any damage.

Here is Kakashi getting an introduction to Tsukyomi.

And he goes into a coma for weeks.

And he wouldn’t have woken up if Tsunade didn’t heal him.

We can tell which is more powerful.

What does the Ace of Spades represent?

Sasuke is more powerful in the way that Tsukyomi doesn’t work on him, meaning his genjutsu can win over others because it’s the “strongest.”

So it’s more likely that he can put Itachi into Genjutsu while Itachi can’t.

Do you get what “strongest” means?

And he can control 9 tailed beasts with a glance.

No other Uchiha is capable of doing so.

This is the meaning of Strongest Genjutsu.

How strong is Kushina in Naruto?

She’s one of the strongest kunoichi seen in the series, even though we haven’t seen much of her when it comes to fighting.

As a Uzumaki, she had a strong life force, granting her immense chakra reserves and vitality, tremendous stamina, and longevity. Even by her clan’s standards, her chakra was incredibly potent.

Additionally, she had the entirety of Kurama inside her, which enhanced her chakra reserves further to the point that she could be argued she had eclipsed any other kunoichi in that department.

It is arguable because Tsunade, a Uzumaki, and Senju, is the granddaughter of literally the “Chakra God” among the Non-Six Paths characters and has the stored chakra in the Strength of a Hundred Seal. Potentially Sakura with the Strength of a Hundred Seal and Hinata with Hamura’s chakra.

Being an Uzumaki, she was talented and knowledgeable in fūinjutsu. She even taught Minato some fūinjutsu, including Four Symbols Seal and Eight Trigrams Sealing Style.

Probably also Shiki Fūjin, given it was a Uzumaki Clan fūinjutsu.

According to her Databook entry, she can use the natural transformations of Wind, Water, and Yin Release. She even gained recognition from the Sannin for her prowess.Sai from Naruto

What was impressive was that she was literally at death door after getting Kurama extracted (which usually ends with immediate death; let’s not forget she just gave birth to Naruto, too), but she was still able to use the Adamantine Sealing Chains to create a barrier that is pretty much impregnable and could restrain and subdue the entirety of Kurama completely. (Naruto went to sleep immediately after getting Kurama extracted)

Even when she shortly lost control and got impaled by Kurama’s claw, she was still able to restrain him while being impaled.

Now this Kushina who got Kurama extracted, was at death’s door for a while now, used the Adamantine Sealing Chains to restrain the entirety of Kurama and got impaled, had still enough chakra left for Minato to seal a portion of it, or what she had gone for that matter into Naruto. That portion supported Naruto in taking Kurama’s chakra and achieving KCM1.

She allowed Naruto to hit Kurama with his Sage Art: Many Ultra-Big Ball Spiralling Serial Spheres.

Speaking about the Adamantine Sealing Chains, we’ve seen Karin use the incomplete version (Adamantine Attacking Chains) of her Adamantine Sealing Chains. She could destroy a large part of Tobi’s giant wooden statue and its many hands, which is substantial considering multiple Kage had trouble against it.

These chains of Karin are described only as a “mere glimpse” of Kushina’s Adamantine Sealing Chains in the fourth databook. Now imagine how strong Kushina’s chains are when they are used for attacking instead of restraining.

Sadly, we didn’t see any other techniques from her. However, Naruto’s ninjutsu style was compared to Kushina’s.

And we know she was talented and knowledgeable in fūinjutsu and taught Minato high-level techniques.

She had much potential, given Kurama couldn’t do anything to her as long she could use her Adamantine Sealing Chains. Achieving KCM1 would have been possible if she hadn’t decided to never use Kurama’s chakra.

Who is more robust, Sai or Naruto?

Sai saved Naruto from getting killed by an emo kid. Sai saved Naruto from getting beaten to death by a girl. Sai saved Naruto from his emotional bully. Sai is the stronger one of the two because strength takes many forms. For some, strength is a generic everyday light show. For other’s it’s actual skill and IQ

How strong is Yagura (Naruto)?

He was strong enough to become the Fourth Mizukage and mastered Isobu’s power at a young age, achieving complete/accurate control according to the databook and Danzō.

He was one of the most powerful Shinobi in Kirigakure’s history. Canonically, we didn’t see any feats of him while he was alive. However, Kisame thought Yagura could erase him at any time.

Granted, Yagura was already being controlled, and Kisame just become the new owner of Samehade, but it still speaks volumes about his strength and reputation. And a guy like Kisame most likely saw Yagura already in a fight. Yagura was the strongest Shinobi in Kirigakure during his lifetime.

He’s capable of performing Water Release ninjutsu; when he was revived with Edo Tensei and controlled by Obito, he showcased the ability to incorporate his large, hook-ended club into his Water Release ninjutsu (Water Release: Water Mirror Technique), creating water mirrors that can reflect all attacks.

The reflections use the same technique as their counterpart — regardless of their type — making it possible to repel all attacks successfully. They mirror the strength of the mirrored person as well.

The technique is classified as hidden in the Fourth databook, which makes it unique to Yagura; he is the only person who has performed it to date. There is Tobi, Rama, who only cathatse catches me.

His chakra reserves were vast as well. He mastered Isobu’s power, gaining complete control, and had its chakra at his disposal.

He had access to transformations. While we’ve seen him only transform as an Edo Tensei under Obito’s control, he should still be capable of using those (V1, V2, Partial, Fully) when he was alive.

In V2, he was capable of performing Cora Palm. Being able to transform means he could perform Bijūdama fully. The Tailed Beast’s ultimate technique.

Given we’ve seen him always carrying a club, we can assume he is skilled in bōjutsu. In the anime, he used it to block Kubikiribōchō.

I’m not going more into this fight and Yagura’s feats, tho. I could say that he was capable of fighting 2 S-Rank Shinobi at the same time for a short moment and overpowering them in the anime and lost only to Itachi using Amaterasu unconsciously for the first time, but that whole fight was whack; the same goes for the animation. Also, how Jūzō died to a BS small bijūdama was ridiculous. Anyways, Yagura is among the most potent known Kirigakure Shinobi.

Who is the most powerful character ever in Naruto?

Dan Kato is the most powerful character. This character can kill anyone without being physically present. He can use his unique jutsu and attack from Konoha if he wants to and kill somebody in another village.

I’m talking about his Spirit Transformation jutsu, classified as S-Rank. It has no range limit. It can easily reach the opponent no matter how far the target is. He could stay in the village and attack targets living in other villages.

Being a ghost, he is untouchable. He has no physical form. He can choose to be invisible, as was when he saved Tsunade, which means the target can’t even perceive and dodge him from possessing him.

They all had their eyes on her for a while but didn’t know what happened, including Tsunade herself, until Dan spoke. He was faster than Edo Madara could attack as well.

When we look at how Tsunade reacted, targets aren’t even aware you are possessed. She didn’t notice anything until Dan spoke. This jutsu attacks the soul of the opponent.

Once he possesses a body, he can kill the person by just possessing him, as the target’s soul will collapse from the inside. This technique completely ignores durability and regeneration.

Dan is one of the strongest characters, if not the strongest, because he can attack anyone from any distance, and the target wouldn’t know any better.

With that technique, he can attack the target without being anywhere close to it, isn’t perceivable through normal means, is essentially intangible even if he doesn’t choose to go invisible, and the target is unaware they are possessed while the soul of the unlucky one collapse from the inside, killing him.Sai from Naruto

How strong is Han (Naruto)?

Han of Iwagakure was the jinchūriki of Kokuō, the Five-Tails. We didn’t see him fight while alive; it was just his controlled Edo self. But we have his databook entry. According to it, he was recognized worldwide for his prowess with steam ninjutsu, and his speed in taijutsu during his lifetime was considered the greatest in the world.

However, the accuracy of that second claim could be better. Considering his showings (and Nauto’s using the same power), I could understand if it was his strength. It is monstrous, but speed? He is swift, but there is still the Raikage or Guy, maybe Minato; however, his fighting style didn’t revolve around taijutsu, so he probably was omitted when Kishimoto wrote it.

Well, later on, there is also SPSM Naruto & Rinnegan Sasuke. Han’s speed in taijutsu = Six Paths Level? It seems more like hyperbole. It is the same with Choji being the strongest and having the most significant destructive power in the ninja world.

WA Choji > SPSM Naruto >= Rinnegan Sasuke. Either way, regardless of his speed in taijutsu, he is the fastest in the world, and his fighting style revolves around taijutsu. Due to Kokuō Boil Release, he can magnify his physical strength and the force behind his physical attacks.

He was able to kick Naruto in KCM and send him flying a significant distance away with Killer Bee, which speaks for his physical strength.

He had significant chakra and stamina because he was Kokuō’s jinchūriki. However, how much control he had over his biju during his lifetime is unknown; hence, we don’t know if he could use it or transform it into the Tailed Beast. He was able to make use of Kokuō’s Boil Release.

We had no information on this guy when he was alive and no feats/statements besides that questionable databook entry. We don’t even know who exactly captured him to somewhat scale him to any person.

It was challenging to conclude how strong he was. He was at least Jōnin material, given that he made his name known with his prowess during the Third Shinobi World War. He made an appearance in the new Minato Oneshot.

We got some panels of him fighting Team Jiraiya, and he has enough control over Kokuō to use a Bijūdama. It doesn’t change much to my overall answer; he still at least Jōnin material; however, the only difference we know now is that he can use Tailed Beasts cloaks and Bijūdama.

How strong is Roshi (Naruto)?

Rōshi was a shinobi of Iwagakure and the jinchūriki for over 40 years of the Four-Tails. With the latest information about him, he achieved enough control over Son Gokū to transform into it to use their ultimate technique, the Bijūdama.

His Fourth Databook entry stated that he went on a journey to master the bijūs power. He walked that path, striving for obstinate training to sublimate his own Kekkei Genkai and Son Gokū’s power.

With Han — the other jinchūriki of Iwagakure —he forced Team Jiraiya to withdraw just in time via Minato’s Hiraishin. At the time, Team Jiraiya couldn’t fight them on even footing.

Since he can transform fully into Son Gokū, the lesser forms we’ve seen canonically only in his controlled Edo Tensei state should be available to him while he was alive.

Due to being the jinchūriki of Yonbi, he possesses the Lava Release Kekkei Genkai.

One of the techniques he can use is the Lava Release: Scorching Stream Rock Technique, which was seen against KCM1 Naruto and Killer Bee during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

He can shoot at least 23 boulders of molten rock. They can quickly melt through most objects, and because a considerable number are dispersed over a wide range in quick succession, they are also challenging to avoid.

After manifesting one of Son Gokū’s tails, he can utilize the Lava Release Chakra Mode.

He coats his entire body in lava, which enhances the damage of his physical attacks.

Due to the heat the lava generates, he can burn the target without directly contacting it. Lava Release: Scorching Armoured Fist.

It could burn Naruto in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode despite not making physical contact with him. It also makes him invulnerable — at least to a certain degree — to physically attack.

Flower–Fruit Mountain.

While in his transformed state, Rōshi can create a volcano that explodes violently, sending molten rock flying up in all directions.

It is said to be able to melt anything in its path.

Besides being capable of using Bijūdama, he should be able to use Monkey Flame Arson in his fully transformed state.

It’s unique to Son Gokū; the jinchūriki can spew green flames at the opponent.

While we did see it just in the anime, they were depicted to use green flames in the second book and the manga, though the color still needs to be discovered. It is the same drawing tho.Sai from Naruto

He was captured in his later years by Kisame.

He had been noted to be a powerful shinobi, forcing Kisame not to play around with capturing him as he was a formidable opponent and leaving Samehada with bad vibes from their encounter.

The anime went a bit more into the fight, with Rōshi going into Lava Release Chakra Mode and clashing with Kisame before it gets cut off.

He had vast chakra reserves, being a jinchūriki capable of controlling it to a high degree. As he possessed the Lava Release, he had Fire and Earth Release and could combine the two.

That said, I would rank him at Mid-KageMaybe even borderline high-kage.

He did make it difficult for Kisame and already had high control over Son Gokū more than 20–25 years before his encounter with him.

Granted, he had Han with him; in my book, making Team Jiraiya withdraw is a feat.

How strong is Anko in Naruto?

Being one of Orochimaru’s earliest disciples and the first person ever to survive his Curse Seal of Heaven implantation, Anko is, at the very least, slightly ahead of the curve regarding general ability and potential.

Graduating from the academy at 10 and becoming a chūnin two short years later, her service record is excellent.

According to the First Databook, she completed 647 official missions: 72 D-rank, 86 C-rank, 398 B-rank, 89 A-rank, 2 S-rank.

Her status as a Tokubetsu jōnin isn’t just for show; she has an excellent command of the techniques Orochimaru taught her and many other skills to match.

Two of which, Hidden Shadow Snake Hands and its more potent variant, Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands, she can use at the drop of a dime without the use of a single hand seal:

This isn’t part of a clever stratagem to hide a weakness either; she’s one of the few known characters able to use other’s hands to complete hand seals:

She also seems to have a good grasp of ninjutsu and many supplemental arts, thanks to Orochimaru’s tutelage.

She seems to be quite acquainted with shurikenjutsu in particular, given that she can use several tools, even those not intended for combat, to a high degree:

Above all else, though, she’s a competent leader despite her low intelligence score in the first databook. Even in the face of the unknown, she can make wise decisions.

Why is Sai from Naruto so white?

Sai is most likely one of the children taken by ROOT at a young age. I think he was one of the Uchiha clan kids who went missing and was never found. He was trained by Danzo and his men to protect the village and and to be able to take out the enemy emotionally.

The ROOT headquarters is underground, and the children could not go outside because they could have been found. In his flashbacks, Sai has not been in the sun. The lack of vitamin D made him so pale.

How strong is Shino from Naruto?

Shino is strong, darn strong. But, he’s a wasted potential. He’s good at taijutsu and trains with Hinata. Uses parasitic insects to battle. Strongest jutsu: bug bite, a jutsu that enters the enemy’s bodies, and boom, giant insects get out of them.

He also does a jutsu that sucks chakra. But it can’t suck extraordinary chakra like a tailed beast or Otsutsuki. Total waste of potential

How strong is Sai from Naruto compared to other characters like Kakashi, Shikamaru, etc.? What are his abilities and limits?

Sai cleared the Chunin exam at the age of 11 or something and joined ANBU black ops under Danzo to protect the Konoha village, so it’s easy to say that Sai is a powerful character when it comes to combat; after he was a Black Ops ninja.

Sai got something that portrays creature abilities, like he can draw anything on scroll, which turned out to be accurate in ink form. So when it comes to one-on-one fights between him and Shikamaru on a sudden basis, then I will rate him higher due to his better combat skills, but when the game is pre-determined, then it should be Shikamaru as we know how good he is when it comes to tactics.

While comparing Sai with Kakashi, it would be a downgrade for Kakashi to get compared to someone like Sai. Kakashi was the 6th Hokage, so it must be true that Kakashi was more powerful than Sai.

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