What is an app? How can you make one easily?

What is an app? How can you make one easily?

An app is something that people use every day. This is a program that is created on one or another operating system. It functions and is beneficial, and also greatly simplifies the life of a modern person. Mobile app ideas can come to absolutely anyone – ordinary freelancers who want to “light up” in the market, experienced design developers, students, or business owners who have never even written code. In any case, when there is an idea worthy of time, it should be implemented. And professionals can make it a reality: which have earned recognition among many customers with completely different projects.

How to make a web application after all: what do the experts advise?

Even if a person does not have experience in the field of development and web design, then do not despair. Everyone, if desired, can cope without hiring experienced specialists. The bottom line is that today there are cool prototypes that help to perform such tasks. When there is a great idea, business acumen and a few actions are enough.

Good advice on all this comes from Paul Ferro (he works as a president of a design services agency), Andres Max (he is an Ideaware of firm), and Daniel Hindi (he is a developer of a platform used by brands around the world):

  1. Brainstorm. When you have a super idea to create a web application for mobile phones and brand new smartphones, you should understand that you have to play some kind of virtual game, which consists of several aspects:
  • Try to flesh out the idea. First, outline the basics of web development, think about the smallest details, as well as about its essence.
  • If we are talking about a game, then you can apply fantastic elements, and if web development is for people – to buy goods, order services, share information, like on portals, then it is important to make sure that the web application can solve the user’s problem.
  • Consider “pitfalls”. For example, the operating system on the basis of which it is better to develop an application and the development process itself, consider what difficulties you will encounter.

What is an app? How can you make one easily?

  1. Ask friends, colleagues, family or relatives for advice. They will be able to provide adequate feedback on whether the idea is worthy and worth implementing. They will not be interested in development, so they will adequately respond and say whether the idea is interesting or the concept is very boring, and so on. If the idea is “working”, then:
  1. You need to test it and try it first on close people so that they appreciate it.
  2. You should see who will become your competitor.
  3. You need to be sure that you are not repeating after anyone else.
  4. Worth load testing tools, or web development will become profitable and popular.
  5. It is important to understand whether it is worth investing in it and what the investment will be.
  6. Ask the people who test the software to point out its shortcomings and give their opinion in general.
  1. Not knowing how to create mobile applications, you can use the prototype. This recommendation applies more to beginners who have never developed such digital products. So, how to make an application for a mobile device:

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What is an app How can you make one easily

  • You should dig deep and assess the demand for the idea. Naturally, you still have to thoroughly “go through” the competitors and their ideas, as well as what has already been put into reality and what modern users are successfully using.
  • It is important to modernize the idea and think over, make adjustments. You can’t do without modernization, because in fact there is always room to grow and something to add, improve, do better and more creatively.
  • It is worth using a prototype. This will help you create a design sketch, a fully functional prototype on any tool, for example, in Proto.io. When creating, neither experience, nor programming skills, nor the ability to create web design are needed.

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What is an app How can you make one easily?

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