Video Games Are Increasingly Popular Among Adults

Video game players often seem to be children glued to their televisions with their fingers and thumbs tapping away staccato on the controls of a remote control or keyboard? These types of kids are certainly not the most prominent group among video game players, but there are plenty of them such as grindstone recipe. It is the adults, or in more specific terms, people older than 18 years of age.

In a survey that was recently conducted by Entertainment Software Association, the company found that 92 percent of the people who buy video games and 80 percent who buy video game consoles are adults.

Players of video games are getting older every year, so the average age is now 33. The Entertainment Software Association, or ESA, recently found that 67 percent of Heads of Household play video games for recreation. A 38 year old on average purchases video games most frequently.

When Halo 3, which was getting a lot of media attention, was released recently, it was evident how old video game players have become. Fans lined up for weeks to get their hands on this latest Halo video game. That’s been the story of every news story. Fans had followed Halo for many years, and most of them were adults. These events were covered by many television reporters, and as they conducted interviews you could see how zealous and fanatical the fans were. Many of the costumes were so elaborate that even the most committed Star Trek or Star Wars fan would be jealous.

In today’s society, many parents play video games. What’s more interesting is that 80 percent of parents who play video games said they play with their children and that this experience has brought them closer as a family. At the outset of the video game craze, parents dismissed the games as nothing more than diversionary entertainment. Parents today appreciate the benefits video games offer their children.

Those who are currently in their forties and fifties were the first generation to be raised on video games. Their interest in these forms of play has never waned. They are the first kids to have played Tron, Pong, and Donkey Kong. Their use of video games has evolved along with them, and they have become part of their everyday lives and escapes from reality.

The technical and creative achievements of many of the current video games on the market are quite remarkable. Games like Halo 3 created by large corporations like Microsoft offer an experience that goes far beyond the game. Halo 3 and Far Cry by Ubisoft are examples of first person shooter games that put players in the game and allow them to make decisions that impact the outcome. PC users can play by themselves or together with others online.

Through the purchase of special hardware, it is now possible to play games with the sense of touch. Skin-mounted sensors and transmitters are used to allow these games to be played. In the end, you will experience a virtual experience so real that you can sense it. The rewards of this kind of interaction can far outweigh the rewards of watching a movie or listening to music alone. This technology clearly has value to the adult entertainment industry, and it has been seized upon with great enthusiasm.

Adults have been the main customers of video game developers for years. Today, they design more and more games that are exclusively for players over 18 years old, such as Grand Theft Auto and San Andreas.

Increasing numbers of middle-aged adults are playing video games these days. Video games were only played by 9% of people over age 50 in 1999. In 2007, the percentage increased to 24 percent.

An annual revenue of 80 billion dollars is generated by the video game industry. Adults purchase video games and consoles like Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii for themselves, which generate most of that revenue. Kids usually pick up a console after buying one for themselves.

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