Traits That Make the Favorable Temperament of The Australian Shepherd

Traits That Make the Favorable Temperament of The Australian Shepherd

Dogs are known in general as intelligent creatures, some more so than others. Some dogs are friendly and calm, and others are notorious for destruction and playfulness. Whatever breed of dog you choose, knowing their temperament before bringing him or her home is the ideal thing to do, especially if you have children in the house.

One of the popular choices for families when adopting a puppy are the Australian Shepherd dogs. If the name isn’t a sure giveaway of their origins, perhaps the fact that they were bred on American ranches, will give you an indication of their nature. After World War 2, these dogs were included in various shows and competitions and were heavily involved in horse shows, as well as rodeos. 

They were originally used to herd animals such as cows and sheep on ranches, and also used for entertainment purposes where they would play with clowns at children’s parties. These are some of the most intelligent and hardworking dog breeds in the world, which is why it is easy to train them too. They also make good guard dogs.

We look at these and other personality traits that make up the unique temperament of these four-legged companions. 

Their Size: The Australian Shepherd dogs can reach heights of up to 23 inches tall and can get as heavy as 65 pounds when fully frown. However even if they are smaller in size, their personalities will always be as big as their hearts. When given duties or tasks to do, they are at their happiest, this is because they have loads of pent-up energy that they like to use throughout the day.

If you live in the country and have a farm, ranch, stable or large garden, these dogs will be happy running around. Although, when they are left alone, they tend to become destructive so it’s best to keep them in a fenced enclosure so they don’t get up and run amok in the neighbourhood. 

Needless to say, if you have kids, they will make the best pets, and your kids can keep them busy, and vice versa. 

Their Lifestyle:

Having mentioned above, how they have too much energy, it is no wonder you need to keep them busy. Activities play an important role in their lives, and no dog is as playful and active as these guys. Whatever game you play with them, they will indulge fully in it. 

Activities such as throwing a ball, or a frisbee, will help them make use of their energy levels, and when trained, they can bring back that frisbee or ball to your feet to be thrown back out for them to fetch, sometimes even in mid-air, again and again. Try out some agility training activities too. Anything from racing through tunnels to running and jumping over inclines, slopes and ramps, are things they love to do. On top of these playful options, you should also make sure to take them for walks every day.

Their Diet:

When feeding them, always make sure to use high-quality dog foods, and aim to give them fewer junk treats and more wholesome foods. This Holistapet dog guide can give you an idea of the types of foods to give them. Whether you make the food at home or buy them food from pet stores, always make sure the food has only valuable ingredients in it and avoid artificial fillers, colourants and flavours.

Also, be very mindful of cheap brands of dog foods that have harmful ingredients and chemicals in them. Some dog foods have unhealthy additives which will harm the dog more than help it. A nutritious meal along with lots of water to keep them hydrated is the best way to go. 

Some human foods are safe for dogs to eat, and these include the list below:

  • White rice
  • Apples
  • Dairy products like plain yoghurt, cheese and milk in small quantities
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Peanut butter without added sugars and sweeteners
  • Plain popcorn without salt or butter
  • Blueberries
  • Turkey
  • Pork
  • Bananas
  • Watermelon

And more. Do not give them anything sweet like chocolates or sweets as this can be very harmful to them or any other pets you may have.

How to Train Them

Training these dogs is one of the easiest tasks you will ever have to do. However, the trick is to start early. If you adopted a puppy, you should begin while they are still young, and can adapt. Use their boundless energy in their favour and train them to do simple tasks such as pick things up, go outside to pooh, shake your hand, or sit in a particular place, for instance. There are tons of things you can teach them, but always remain patient with them.

Grooming Them: unlike cats, dogs don’t mind being given a bath. More so these dogs, because they love to play in the water. Their double-layered coat could use a good cleaning once a week, especially if they are open to going outdoors and playing in the mud. A dog brush or rake can be used to groom them and remove any hair they may normally shed themselves. You can also use a wire brush that is specifically made to brush them with and can be purchased at a pet store or some veterinary clinics. 

Besides the above information, having these dogs is a great way to keep you and your family active, happy and healthy all year round. 

Traits That Make The Favorable Temperament Of The Australian Shepherd

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