Top 6 Classic Halloween Movies to Watch

Top 6 Classic Halloween Movies to Watch

Trick or treat? This year, Halloween will be celebrated at home on the couch, as there will be no parties, most likely due to the pandemic. But that’s not a problem at all, because there are so many opportunities for horror fans.

It’s a perfect evening to finally join your friends or family in front of the TV and shudder. Halloween offers the perfect opportunity to choose the coolest and most interesting horror movies to experience the ultimate thrill with a friend. We have selected for you the best 6 Halloween movies.

  1. Hocus pocus

After three decades, three witch sisters, beautifully staged by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy, return to Halloween. Three children realize that a terrifying old Halloween story is a reality when they accidentally bring to life the witches Winifred (Bette Midler), Mary (Kathy Najimy), and Sarah Sanderson (Sarah Jessica Parker), who was hanged 300 years ago. 

For the witches not to do harm, two teenagers and a talking cat try to remove the magic book from the witch and get rid of them again. One of the classic witches with a lot of humor and a great cast. Hocus pocus is one of the most interesting and popular Halloween movies of all time. This classic movie gives you a dose of suspense, similar to roulette and poker games in an online casino.


Based on the board game Cluedo, Clue or The game of suspicion was a 1985 film starring chameleon actor Tim Curry among others. Tim Curry as a butler is particularly memorable, as is Madeline Kahn. The film begins with the arrival of several guests invited to a mysterious dinner in a large country house. 

None of them have ever met, but they all have a dark secret that they would rather keep hidden. Soon, the bodies begin to appear throughout the house and the guests realize that there is a killer among them.

In the board game, the guests of a mansion discover a dead man and using their ingenuity must find out who is the murderer among them. Adapting a game like this and keeping the mystery about who the killer is, is the key. 

The Movie is the film adaptation of the fun game Parker Cluedo, which the two filmmakers Jonathan Lynn and John Landis took over. Anyone who should not yet know this board game or who has never played it should do so. It can be a lot of fun and is almost made for criminological noses.

The Addams Family

If you just read the title of the Addams family song that comes to mind, you should watch this Halloween movie. Based on the successful American series of the same name in the 1960s, the film “The Addams Family” was released in 1991. The “Addams Family” is made for children. Not even a severed hand should result in traumatic memories. 

Overall, the film captivates with Addams’ intelligence and charm, as well as the beautiful design and attention to detail of the setting. Since 2019, there has also been a film adaptation of the morbid story about the strange horror family with Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday, Pugsley, and Onkel Fester as an animated film entitled: “The Addams Family”. Addams is a private family in the style of classic Gothic horror.

  1. Halloween

You can watch any Halloween movie you want, but the experience is not complete as long as you don’t see the most important movie of all, Halloween by John Carpenter. John Carpenter’s masterpiece is essential.

The film is a classic of the golden age of slasher films (1978-1984). More precisely, the film triggered the whole period and is partly responsible for the appearance of many other slashers. The story is quite great, on Halloween night a child kills his older sister with numerous stab wounds. 

Fifteen years later, Michael Meyers escapes from the insane asylum and steals a car that goes unnoticed. Sam Loomis, the doctor in charge of Michael Meyers, goes after him and takes him to the streets of Haddonfield.


A classic that everyone should see at least once! Tim Burton created this film in 1988 with the main character Beetlejuice, extremely annoying and undisciplined. Last but not least, thanks to 17-year-old Winona Ryder, the film is fast becoming a cult classic. “Beetlejuice” is a crazy horror comedy, with cool music, good jokes, and a great cast. For the whole family.

A young couple buys a house on the outskirts of the city, but they die in a car accident and are destined to live in their newly acquired house as ghosts for eternity. However, something is disturbing him. A rather presumptuous couple buys the mansion intending to transform the house according to their modern tastes. 

The ghostly owners are forced to enlist the help of Bitelchus, a being from beyond the grave who works as an exorcist for the living and who will try to drive the family out of the house.

Corpse Bride – Top 6 Classic Halloween Movies to Watch

With the animated film “Corpse Bride”, Tim Burton continues the dark and romantic tradition of his films “Edward Scissorhands” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Director Tim Burton (Sleepy Hollow, Batman, Big Fish) is known for his style and the extraordinary staging of the cinematic atmosphere of his productions. 

Tim Burton is a great director whose hallmarks are always instantly recognized. He always brings an incredibly fantastic atmosphere to his films.

Located in the late 1800s in a Victorian town, where a shy man named Victor is mistakenly married to the “corpse bride”. A man in love puts on the finger of a dead woman, by chance, the engagement ring of his true girlfriend. From that moment, the poor mortal is united with the dead bride, who will claim her rights as a fiancée, giving birth to all “a misunderstanding of death”.


Although Halloween may look a little different this year, there are still many fun and safe things you can do to celebrate the holiday. The easiest way in the spirit of the season is to watch a classic Halloween movie. With friends or, rather, alone: ​​no matter how you spend your Halloween, we have the right movies to keep you entertained.

Halloween is just around the corner and that’s why it’s time for horror movies. Being celebrated on October 31. Many have already planned that night, but if this is not your case, we hope we have helped you with these classic movies that you must see at least once.

Top 6 Classic Halloween Movies to Watch

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