Reasons Why Cyber Security Is Important

Reasons Why Cyber Security Is Important

While technology has welcomed many positive aspects in our lives, you’d be surprised to know that some potential risks lurk behind these advancements. And this, in turn, has led to the growing incidents of cybercrimes across the globe. Thus, it gives all the more reasons for individuals and organizations to incorporate cybersecurity measures to avoid terrible consequences.

Cybersecurity is a series of steps and protocols to protect systems, networks, and data from malicious activities. Just as any physical location, like your home or office building, needs protection, and you guard it against criminals, cybersecurity protects its users from hackers.

Is your mind still in a conflict about whether you need cybersecurity? Well, to ease your worries, we have listed down the top reasons why cybersecurity plays a crucial role in today’s age:

  1. Threat to national security

Terrorists and foreign nations can harm a country’s infrastructure, steal sensitive information, instill terror among citizens, and damage the economy. Big corporations with plenty of data are not the only target of cybercriminals. Government institutions can also not function without robust cybersecurity. Thus, cybersecurity must be a top priority. 

With that said, if you wish to play your part in assisting and safeguarding the residents of your native land, in that case, you must pursue a career in homeland security. Professionals in this field are responsible for protecting their land and its people from inside and outside threats. 

Although each degree program offers a different set of courses to its students, some common topics include the psychology of terrorism, emergency management, national security, intelligence analysis, etc.

However, if you wish to tackle real-world cyberterrorism challenges and protect your homeland’s infrastructure, in that case, a career in counter-terrorism might be the perfect fit. But searching for the best school that aligns with your career objectives and lets you fulfill your dreams can be challenging. Nonetheless, don’t fret. You can check the best counter terrorism schools and make the right choice that meets your needs.

  1. Increase in different types of cyberattacks

There is no denying that cyberattacks are a real threat to everyone. You might be aware of common cyberattacks, such as malware, phishing, man-in-the-middle, etc. But as cybercrimes are increasing, cybercriminals are also becoming more intelligent. Simply put, each day, new cyberattacks are being introduced.

For instance, have you heard about crypto-jacking? The world is embracing new technologies, such as bitcoins and different digital currencies. But unfortunately, cybercriminals try to hack your devices and steal data and resources. So if you want to stay away from cyber threats and attacks, you must implement the latest cybersecurity protocols.

  1. Innovations in the technological world

Over the past few years, the innovations of the newest technologies have eased our way of living and simplified our everyday tasks. So whether you wish to pay the bills, shop online, listen to music, book a flight or even study, nearly all activities in our everyday lives have been more feasible.

Moreover, businesses today are integrating different technologies to boost their operations. For example, organizations leverage the service of cloud-based systems to store and transfer data. However, with these rapid technological transformations, cyber crimes have also grown more sophisticated. Without proper cybersecurity, sensitive data, such as banking details, passwords, etc., are at high risk of getting stolen or leaked. Besides, cybercriminals now take advantage of artificial intelligence to conduct malicious activities and infiltrate the network.

  1. Breach of personal privacy

With so much of our daily life online, it is no secret that individuals and organizations are comfortable sharing and storing personal data online.

For example, individuals may share their private information while shopping, banking, playing games, etc. Likewise, organizations may store employees’ personal information and enterprises’ confidential and valuable data on different projects and interconnect with their prospective customers.

Cybercriminals can steal personal information and sell it. Therefore, implementing the proper cybersecurity solutions can help prevent hackers from stealing and interfering with your system.

  1. Cause financial damage

The financial impact of cybercrimes is immense. According to a report by IBM, the average total data breach cost was $3.86 million in 2020. Moreover, according to estimates, cyber crimes will cost the world $6 trillion annually. Reasons Why Cyber Security Is Important

It is relevant to note that the attacks by cybercriminals have the power to wipe out businesses, disrupt people’s personal finances, and overall wreck the country’s economy.

Since recovering damages brought on by cybercrime isn’t cheap. So it is advisable to invest money in cybersecurity. Put this way, an organization that suffers cyber threats or attacks will undeniably, experience financial loss. But, their reputation might also get compromised, resulting in the loss of potential customers. 

  1. Easily available hacking tools

Gone are the days when cybercriminals were exclusively persons with advanced technical skills. These days, even an amateur carries the potential for disaster. The reason is the readily available hacking tools and software on the internet. 

Often, inexperienced hackers can find advertisements for hacking tools online, usually on gaming websites. Sometimes, these gaming sites also provide a tutorial link on how to use these tools. Unfortunately, most of these online hacking tools and programs are easy to learn.

Additionally, the commercialization of cybercrime has made it easier for hackers to access cybercrime tools and resources such as ransomware and crypto-mining.

  1. It has become more common

With the development and emergence of the newest technology worldwide, the likelihood of cyber threats and attacks is also rapidly increasing. Put this way, cybercriminals have advanced their ways and attempts.

However, that’s not it. With the rise in COVID-19 cases worldwide, many businesses shifted their operations virtually. As a result, the number of cyber-attacks and threats has increased even more. In a statement made at a June 2020 house hearing, the representative said that the country had witnessed a 75% spike in daily cybercrimes recorded by the FBI since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Reasons Why Cyber Security Is Important

Ways to enhance your cybersecurity

Read on the below best tips to improve your cybersecurity:

  • Ensure your browser, operating system, and applications are up-to-date
  • Practice a multi-factor authorization strategy wherever possible
  • Don’t forget to backup your data frequently
  • Ensure you use strong passwords that are hard to decode
  • Stay aware of the latest hacking techniques and scams


In the modern era, almost every aspect of every individual’s life revolves around digital technologies. Hence, the need for cybersecurity is vital for everyone. If you ignore cybersecurity, your sensitive data, money, and reputation are at risk.

According to a report, the cost of cybercrime will increase by 15% yearly in the next five years. That means it would reach $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, from $3 trillion in 2015. The astonishing stat shows that no one is safe from cyber criminals today. Thus, everyone must play their role in fighting against cyber attacks and threats. In a nutshell, cybersecurity is just as crucial as the need for the newest technology.

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Reasons Why Cyber Security Is Important

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