Live Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Family Reunion 

 Live Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Family Reunion 

A family reunion is a wonderful thing that also brings with it complications. There may be rifts among family members or people who haven’t seen each other for decades.

A reunion invites a bevy of personalities into one place – how can you possibly keep them all entertained and make the reunion a joyous occasion?

Here are some entertainment ideas to keep everyone involved and smiling.

Hire a blast from the past.

A family reunion spans generations, meaning you’ve got to find a way to entertain 96-year-old great-grandma and the niece who just turned 3 last week.

A great way to do this is to hire someone like Michael Francis Sinatra, a musician who pays homage to great entertainers of the past who are well-known.

These songs are familiar to people of all ages and can help them forge a light-hearted connection to each other and the reunion as a whole.

It’s also always a treat to see live entertainment, especially people who interact with the crowd and make them feel like a part of the show.

Let them get physical.

Organize a relay race or some type of card game that can be done at a certain time to get everyone involved.

You can also provide things like bean bag toss, horseshoes, or other games that sit around waiting to be picked up and can be played on a person’s own time.

These keep people moving and serve as great ice breakers. They may also help incite friendly competition.

Make it funny.

Laughter is a way to connect people and set a good tone for any event. Book a stand-up comedian, drag queen, hypnotist, or any other entertainer who can provide an uplifting experience for the family.

Wow, the crowd.

Are you looking to leave a lasting impression on everyone? Hire a dance troupe or book a circus and act like a contortionist or fire-breather to provide a unique experience.

Teach them something new.

If you have family who likes to learn new things and be really involved, hire someone who can teach them a new skill.

This could be a person who gives salsa lessons or a local chef willing to do a cooking class on-site. Look into local crafters who can run a jewelry-making workshop or a painter who can walk folks through a simple art lesson and give them something to take home and hang on their wall.

Create a picture-perfect experience.

Photo booths have increased in popularity in recent years, with good reason. They provide a safe space for fun and also souvenirs of the event to take home.

There are many companies you can hire to provide the booth, but if you find yourself on a budget it’s an easy thing to DIY.

Make a fun backdrop, buy a Polaroid camera, and provide a basket of props.

Whip out the karaoke machine.

When all else fails, make your own guests the entertainment.

Give them a microphone and control of the music for hours of entertainment. Some people love nothing more than the spotlight, so let them be the ones to provide the fun for themselves and others.

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Live Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Family Reunion 

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