Lehenga: Colourful and historic women apparel winning hearts 

 Lehenga: Colourful and historic women apparel winning hearts 

Are you fascinated to dress up on your big day? It is the dream of every girl to be at her best dress up. By buying a wedding lehenga online you can compliment her on her special day. 

It is more than just an outfit for the bride; it symbolizes emotional connection. As a result, a lehenga is extremely special for a bride on her auspicious wedding day. 

  • Lehenga is popularized since the age of the Mughal 

A bride dresses elegantly in a lehenga and jewellery. The bride’s bridal lehenga is the most important thing on that day; it is the epicenter of sanctity.

A lehenga, also known as a ghagras, is a pleated skirt paired with a long or short, stitched and fitted blouse (the choli). The ghagra is tied at the waist, exposing the back and midriff.

  • What is Lehenga Choli? 

The lehenga choli is made up of a blouse and a dupatta. The main work for lehenga choli can be seen in the styled borders. The borders on the lehenga add to the elegance of the lehenga choli. 

The Indian Lehenga choli evolved from a royal mandement of Mughal business to a favorite dress for Indian women of all types for ceremonial occasions. 

Important characteristic of the lehenga dress 

It is fascinating to learn about the history of the lehenga choli, which claims that it was originally worn only by women during the Mughal era. At this point, it was recognized as a dress capable of festooning American native opulence in the most unassuming manner. 

Even today, the spirit of Mughal culture remains largely unchanged and is reflected in common Mughal designs. Furthermore, the dry cleaning of a lehenga choli is simple and reliable. So, these are some of the most important characteristics of a lehenga choli.

  • A proud history behind lehenga 

Throughout history, the particular lehenga has undergone very little change. Indeed, as soon as possible, leading designers do not fail to lift recommended patterns that make up the golden Mughal era. 

The traditional long skirting, the choli, and the dupatta are still part of the wardrobe. The fabric used to make the lehenga is similar to that used during the reign of the great Mughal King, Akbar. 

The dupatta is now made of silk-filled duvet linen from chiffon, a completely new improvement. Lehengas are ankle-length pleated dresses that are tied at the waist. The skirt will be graceful and will flare around the wearer. 

Lehenga is a popular attire worn by people worldwide 

The capacity of tribal stitched lehengas ranged from the knees to the ankles, whereas the capacity of more powerful people seemed to be always long enough to touch the floor as they simply moved. 

Traditionally, most lehengas were offset umbrella-shaped sweaters. However, in today’s fashion market; there are numerous shapes of your lehengas, giving an innovative look to the ethnic attire. 

  • Lehenga is the envoy of Rajasthan & Gujarat  

Lehenga is the envoy of Rajasthan or Gujarat’s design of dressing. Specifically cut lehengas, Sea food tail lehengas, Mermaid lehengas, Paneled lehengas, Kali ghagras lehengas, round lehengas, A-line lehengas, Lehengas with full flair, and many more are examples of lehengas. As is well known, the traditional attire of women in Rajasthan and Gujarat is the ghagra choli.

  • Buy an embroidered lehenga for occasion 

While our forefathers and country women prefer the embroidered lehenga choli made of cotton garments and embellished with embroidery and mirror work, women from royal families prefer and can afford more elaborate brocades, tanchoi, and high satins, even with real gold and silver adornments studded with pricey stones.

A lehenga is a traditional costume 

Wearing this traditional costume of lehenga on occasion is the coolest trend. The traditional lehenga is worn at weddings and festivals such as Navratri, Eid, and Dusshera. If you are looking for your favourite lehenga, look no where than Snapdeal’s colourful styles and collection. 

Now let us know about the Bridal Lehenga Styles-

Embroidered Bridal Lehenga: We offer a wide variety of Embroidered Bridal Lehenga with Zari, Zardosi work on various fabrics such as silk, art silk, resham, and so on.

Bridal Ghaghara Choli: We offer a variety of Bridal Ghaghara Choli that includes Ghaghara and Choli, as well as a dupatta to make the bride’s day more memorable.

Wedding Lehenga Choli: To make the bride’s day more optimistically bright, we offer a wide range of Lehenga Choli in our collection, which includes a Lehenga Choli and a dupatta.

You can easily get your bridal lehenga from our exclusive collection by using various filters such as color, size, and type, as well as the choice of occasion within your budget from our collection of designer Lehenga Choli.

Snapdeal is the best one-stop solution for lehengas

Our Bridal Lehenga online Collection features the most recent and innovative designs. Because your designer wears designs the best products for you, these designs are created specifically for you. 

  • Buy a designer Lehenga suiting your preferences and taste

As a result, you can easily select the bridal lehenga that suits your preferences and tastes. We want every one of our customers to be happy with their purchase by providing them with the best bridal lehenga of premium quality.

  • Wear a bridal wedding lehenga on your big day 

You can wear a bridal wedding lehenga to several festivals if you are a bride, a newly married woman, or a bride’s relative. Furthermore, you can buy a lehenga online for various occasions such as a wedding, reception, sangeet, mehndi, and Garba.

So, what more can you expect from a designer? 

You can even call for an expert to design your lehenga. Snapdeal has one of the vast collections of designer lehengas. The price is also within a pocket-friendly budget. Thus you can look to buy from the house of modern designers always. 

  • Lehengas are a popular attire in Bollywood films

A lehenga is a very common dress popular in the cinematic world of Bollywood movies. We have seen these stunning outfits in several Karan Johar (Bollywood) films, particularly during lavish wedding scenes. The vibrant colors and meticulous work on these Lehengas are truly captivating.


  • Achieve a chic look 

Designers are working on cuts and shapes to achieve a chic look. Trendy Lehengas are available in fish cuts, tight up to the knee but then twist. 

The bottom part is frilly and loose, and the choli is designed in the style of a jacket, with deep necklines and backlines. 


Lehengas of the Brides typically choose this attire for the most important day of their lives. Designer bridal wear and attire feature stunning designs. Young girls choose colorful Chaniya Choli for dandiya raas events.

 Lehenga: Colourful and historic women apparel winning hearts 

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