How to Install a Free Cell Phone Tracker Online in Easy Steps 

How to Install a Free Cell Phone Tracker Online in Easy Steps 

The free cell phone tracker online is a great tool to have in your arsenal when it comes to monitoring the whereabouts of your loved ones. You can get peace of mind by knowing that they are safe and sound, even if you’re miles away from them. 

This free cell phone tracker online works for all major carriers, so no matter what type of phone they have, this free cell phone tracker will work. 

The best part about the free cell phone tracker? It’s free!

What is a free cell phone tracker online on your phone?

Of course, I want to get a good program that is free. 

But let’s agree that free cheese comes only in a mousetrap.  

But some companies are willing to provide their applications with limited functionality free of charge for testing.  

So we can install a free cell phone tracker online on your phone for free.

Of course, you have to pay for full functionality, but I think it’s not a big price to pay for the data you need. 

How does Snoopza free cell phone tracker online works?

What  Snoopza free cell phone tracker online can do? 

If you are looking for a free cell phone tracker online, Snoopza free cell phone tracker online is the best choice.

The application (and other free cell phone tracker applications) may not be able to meet your needs or expectations at any time.  

Snoopza free cell phone tracker online has many features like: 

  • Remotely change passwords on certain websites; 
  • Track all emails sent and received by the target device; 
  • View all photos taken with a smartphone camera immediately after they were captured;
  • Intercept text messages of the user.
  • Monitoring SMS Messages & Emails

Do I need any special knowledge to install and use the cell phone tracker?

No, you just need a free account and internet connection. You do not have to download anything from Snoopza because it is all online.

How to Install a Free Cell Phone Tracker Online in Easy Steps? 

Free cell phone tracker online spy apps are easy enough for anyone to install and use, even if you have never installed an application before. 

Snoopza is one of them! And it’s free too! 

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how to install a free cell phone tracker online on any device running Android operating systems from OS 4 to the last version 11. 

You can install the free cell phone tracker online without any special knowledge about technology or gadgets. In five simple steps, you will be able to see what happens on your child’s smartphone or tablet in real-time. 

First of all, enter the website at and create an account that does not require email verification for signing up by entering your name and password (you’ll choose later). 

Then register using this username and password, also select how often you want to send reports: hourly (recommended), every 30 minutes, once daily, etc… 

After these few easy steps, we recommend download Snoopza Viewer on your mobile device and run it.

Once the free cell phone tracker is installed, you will see an icon on your home screen and our website address in “default browser”.

 If you go to that page via a computer or laptop, simply login with Snoopza credentials (username and password) into the Snoopza Viewer application to view what’s happening on your child’s smartphone 

When you start snooping, we recommend staying away from the target device as much as possible so his/her privacy isn’t invaded even more than necessary 

Once I install the cell phone tracker, can the target user come to know about its presence?

No, Snoopza is pretty sneaky! He or she won’t know about your spying activities unless you tell him/her directly. If I install a free cell phone tracker online on my child’s smartphone will he get suspicious? 

He might be a little curious but it shouldn’t take long for him to realize that something is wrong with his device and ask you what’s going on…if anything at all.

Can I be traced back if I install the Snoopza on some other phone?

No, the free cell phone tracker is anonymous and untraceable. 

Can I install a free cell phone tracker online on my spouse’s smartphone without them knowing?

Yes, but you should be aware that Snoopza won’t allow you to monitor more than one device at once (for example your spouse’s). 

If multiple devices are connected then only the first user signs in will receive alerts. So make sure you know which of your family members’ smartphones has the “Snoopza” installed.

I don’t have physical access to the target phone. Can I still use the free cell phone tracker online?

You will need access to the monitoring device for about 15 minutes to install the app on your device. It usually takes 5 to 15 minutes to install. 

Then you can remotely receive all data from the mobile device and access the free cell phone tracker online app from your PC and mobile phone.

Can I install a free cell phone tracker online without root my target device?

Yes! The free cell spy app will work if it is installed through a website at link sent to your targeted device. 

This is one of our most requested features and makes this free mobile tracking tool stand out from other surveillance apps which require access to the root directory to be installed.

Snoopza top features

Snoopza has free functionality 

  1. Track Calls
  2. Manage SMS
  3. Track Internet History
  4. Geolocation Feature

 Which will help you collect the necessary data for free.  

Snoopza free cell spy app will help you track calls to and from your target device. 

Get everything that happens on the phone including incoming, outgoing call history with the duration of each call as well as full contact information for all people calling or being called by your targeted mobile device. 

This application is perfect if you are looking to keep tabs on certain numbers like work-related numbers, loved ones (children/spouse), friends, etc… 

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By monitoring what number they might be contacting through Snoopza free cell tracker software installed without them knowing. 

All this data can easily be viewed within a user-friendly dashboard where it’s broken down by date/time in an easy-to-read chart format making it simple even for those who don’t want to deal with data and graphs. 

PlanBasic PlanStandard
1 MonthFree$14.95 
1 YearFree$99.95 

If you need more data then buy their paid features that will help you get even more data. 

Record CallsCheck Contacts
Viber spyStealth Mode
Facebook spyTrack Todo List
WhatsApp spyTrack Camera
Snapchat spyDetect SIM card replacement
ScreenshotsMobile Snoopza Viewer

After 3 days of the free trial, we recommend buying Snoopza Standard which lets access all features for $14.95 per month or pay-per-download if preferred.

You can find payment options during the signup process at the official site Snoopza. 

After purchase, Record Calls will be available to you. 

Social Media Data – You will know everything that the person writes on social networks on the monitored device. 

Media– You can also see all the photos and videos that are saved on your phone. 

Location History – Snoopza will show you where the person went with their mobile device, so you know what they do when out of sight. 

SMS tracking – This feature allows you to read all SMS messages that were sent or received via a monitored Android smartphone. 

Moreover, it is possible to view call log history (incoming/outgoing calls) as well as contacts list from the Facebook Messenger app installed on the target phone.  

No root access -required for installation; free cell phone tracker online track any Android device; top-quality customer support available 24/365; no subscription fee or hidden costs.

Conclusions and results

The free version allows monitoring almost everything you need to find out if your teen is being careful, while the paid one allows extra data plus real-time location tracking. 

However, Snoopza free cell phone tracker online has some cons too, so be sure that they are not going to bother you before purchasing it. The first con is related to the storage space needed for installation on the target device. 

The application takes about 40 MB of free memory which might affect other programs working at the same time. 

Also, another drawback would be the lack of ability to track GPS coordinates without paying but this feature can help further improve safety and security saving lives or just monitoring children close by when they are alone outside the home after school hours waiting for parents.

Compared to other applications, installation on your device is simple and does not take much time.   

All you need is to click on the free download button and complete the subscription form. After that, enter login details in your user area created automatically after payment has been confirmed.

The free cell phone tracker online application Snoopza spy app can be installed only on Android devices.

 It takes no time at all and does not require any special skills for doing so which makes it an ideal solution for parents who want to keep their children safe without having technical knowledge of how this works behind screens. 

Once installed on the target device, you will receive real-time updates through a web account where a live location map displays the last known GPS coordinates with information about speed and direction data is available at a given moment. 

So we tested the Snoopza application and can recommend it for installation as a free version and a paid one if you need additional data.

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