How to become a blog writer: 10 easy steps

How to become a blog writer: 10 easy steps

“The reason people write isn’t the fact they want to say something. They write because they have something to say” said F. Scott Fitzgerald. But once you’ve decided to become a blog writer, you don’t have to be one of the greatest writers of all time, like Fitzgerald. You don’t even have to be a professional writer. It is enough just to be well-versed in the issues that you plan to cover in the blog.

In the modern world, where the life of almost every person is directly or indirectly connected with the Internet, blogging is gaining more and more popularity. So, how to become a professional writer for blogs from scratch or writing essays for academic services?

Make a firm decision to start a blog

Thousands of blogs are on the Internet today. But over time, writers stop posting articles. In most cases, this happens because people don’t see quick results and they lose interest. You have to understand that this is not a sprint but a marathon. So, make your own blog posting plan and be consistent. Try to publish at least one article per week.

Choose topics of your blog

Hardly anyone can advise a novice blogger on a specific topic — there are many of them today. In this matter, it is better to rely on your personal preferences, capabilities, and abilities. To become successful and start making money, it is important not only to love the issues covered but also to be well-versed in them.

Determine target audience

If you incorrectly define the target audience, then even an interesting, colourful blog will not be popular among readers. Think about who you are writing for? Write down the portrait in detail. Imagine your reader’s day. What problems do they face? What are they afraid of? What goals do they set for themselves?

Choose a platform for posting articles

Determine where it is most convenient for you to work — on a free platform or create a website on your domain and hosting. In addition, you can have a blog on social media. To choose where it is convenient for you to work, determine the blog format and also think about where your target audience is.

Make your blog attractive

We all look at the appearance at first. This is an old truth, and it is relevant to the Internet. The site is the calling card of the entire blog, which plays a special role in attracting the attention of subscribers. It is important to think over every detail — a thematic image, a catchy logo, and a description of the essence of the entire blog.

Make a personal diary from your blog

Write in simple and understandable language. Talk more about yourself and your personal experience. Indeed, today, in pursuit of optimization and other tricks, many have depersonalized their blogs. So, stay alive and be an interesting person. Keep a “diary” and become close to your readers so that they feel not a soulless author of articles but a real person behind the monitor.

Promote your blog

Interesting topics and a beautifully designed page can draw and hold the attention of the public. But first, you need to do everything possible so that users know about the existence of the blog. There are quite a few methods for this — a collaboration with other bloggers, targeted advertising, PR, publications in the media, etc. So, don’t skimp on advertising. Promotion and popularization of your blog is a great way to become recognizable and increase the number of subscribers.

Don’t ignore comments

Comments are not just the opinions of readers. Behavioral factors directly depend on the number of comments and their “quality”. And the overall level of traffic depends on them in turn.

Search robots strictly monitor users’ Behavior on the site:

  • How much time they spend on the pages
  • How they navigate the site
  • Do they write comments
How to become a blog writer 10 easy steps
How to become a blog writer 10 easy steps

All this has an impact on the search results of a site in search engines. In addition, comments are content in themselves. After all, there are very informative ones among them, surpassing even the article itself in their usefulness.

Therefore, if you want your blog to be successful, be sure to work with comments. Respond to any comment, even a negative one — users should see your desire to communicate.

Be unique

Trying to copy successful bloggers will not help you gain a large following. It is important to find your own style and manner of communication with subscribers. This will allow you to conquer your audience.

Don’t give up

It is very interesting to work with blogs because you express yourself, earn money, and do what you love. Let it be a little difficult at first because it is not always easy to get into the essence and get used to a new type of activity. And the competition on the Internet is also rather huge. But if you do everything right, you will have nothing to worry about.

You need to set yourself up for achieving goals and overcoming obstacles on your way. You have to be persistent, patient, and put in a lot of effort to achieve success. And remember: never be afraid to ask specialists for help. Sometimes it is better to pay someone than to lose the business. After all, you have invested your heart in it and spent so much precious time!

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How to become a blog writer 10 easy steps

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