CPS Counter – Check Your Mouse Clicking Speed Test with CPS Test 2023

CPS Counter – Check Your Mouse Clicking Speed Test with CPS Test 2023

What is a Click Speed Test?

CPS Test is a device that affects your click-ability for a certain period of time. Mouse speed ​​test or speed analyzer are both exactly the same. So in simple words, the click test reveals to us how often an individual can hit the mouse button and test Click Speed test or CPS Test for your mouse.

We give you a click speed test, this game is intended to test your click speed. Your points increase with the number of snaps you have made. You can beat your speed by playing over and over again without any restrictions. In addition, you can improve your performance for game purposes such as shooting and activity games. You can use an auto-clicker for this purpose.

Second Click is a test of how fast you can click on computers. In this test, you used your mouse to click as often as possible in one second to test your speed at clicking buttons.

CPS is short for “clicks every second”, and directing a CPS Test or Kohi Click Test helps us ensure how fast we can click. There are a lot of clicks on speed test pages that can’t be used for anything in the internet click speed test. An effective CPS LED test helps you prove the supremacy of your PC mouse and know that it has real potential when you send it to the PC.

CPS Counter – Check Your Mouse Clicking Speed Test with CPS Test 2023

Clicking on click speed test pages is excellent for knowing how fast you can connect with your mouse. These pages test click rates over time (typically relates every second) and enter a click rate as shown on their presentation during the test. 

Whether you need to play a Kohi Click Test or CPS Test to see the mouse speed, you can currently use these best click speed tests on the internet.

The best websites for clicks according to the second test

CPSTest.onlIt is one of the most used sites for clicking speed tests on the entire planet. The site determines the time over time and graphs the constant speed of Snaps of your display during the trial.

The best thing about this CPS site is that there is no time restriction, and at any time you stop, it will give you an average rate of fire, which depends on the time during the test.

Jitterclick. It.

It’s an impressive sight to check your snapshots of each subsequent speed. It has exceptional programming behind it and invites your customers with a large rectangular field that a customer needs to click on to check the CPS score.

This click speed test site also results in a diagram that has completed Visual Snaps in the direction of testing. You can click on the green field for 10 seconds to quantify how many Snaps can be allowed with your PC mouse.


This website offers 6 unique speed tests that can help you decide the actual fast speed of individual seconds. You can test your click speed for up to 100 seconds in the first 5 tests, and there is also the CPS (click every second).

Additionally, the sixth test is carried out briefly to measure Snaps every second by constantly clicking to determine the most Snaps in the second location that your PC’s mouse can allow.


On this click speed test site, you can participate in the test. It has the speed test game that contains not only the exact snapshots that each subsequent score not only indicates because it is still incredibly intervening. In the 10 seconds that start, you have to click quickly, and there are individual results in the type of CPS score that shows the skill of the mouse.

You should have introduced Streak Player on your PC to play this click speed test game.


This web-based click speed test site has an instant 60-second challenge to measure your CPS score. You need to click the mouse during the test as soon as possible.

It shows how many snapshots you can take at a time.

How do I calculate clicks per second?

If you think about how we train, click every second.

Equation: CPS = Number of clicks / number of seconds.

clicks every second is the absolute number of snaps divided by the total number of times. You can undoubtedly calculate your fast speed test score with this recipe.

Types of speed clickers or mouse clicks

Here are some types of quick-click tests with a mouse click

CPS Counter: It is an immortal system to count clicks that the number of snaps is handled without a time limit. You can test it with the mouse, computer and mobile phone. It acts as an assistant indicated by your calculator interest. In addition, you can appreciate social sharing, program similarity and definite results in an instant.

Mouse test: In the mouse clicker test, you can legitimize your mouse buttons, right button, left button or focus wheel by pressing them. This mission will inform you about the mouse’s exhibit, as well as how to perform your gadget.

Spacebar test: in this type, you can raise the space bar by clicking. It is a similar type of test by using a space bar you can test your space counter by hitting the space bar for a given time interval.

Point Trainer: Aim Trainer is mainly an instrument to prepare your focus on mouse precision without the mouse being accurate, you can not perform well in a large part of the games. It is a level bass game to further develop your playing skills according to each level.

Double-tap Test: It is a definitive device for testing the double-click of the mouse. Double-tapping plays a significant role in many PC companies, just like your gaming business as well. You can test the mouse’s right, left and upper keystrokes in a more characteristic way.

Characteristics of CPS Counter

1. Click Click Speed ​​Test

This game is intended to train click test speed and an approach to determining the number of snaps in given time variants. The click test shows how fast you can click a mouse button.

An extraordinary action that you can play and test your click speed test. You can test your click speed over and over again to hit your score. Challenge yourself and increase your score to fight all over the world.

2. Give instant results

In this game, you can immediately check the result of the clicker test speed. If you are not happy with your score, you can usually play the game to work on your results.

3. No slacking

We planned this game without presentation problems to improve and keep up with the exhibition. There are no problems with slacking, no procrastination and no hanging problem.

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You play the game efficiently without being afraid to slacken. You can play better and win land without relaxing, the game is free from all kinds of specialized problems.

4. Profitable with all programs

Our site is viable with all applications like Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and so on

Something that makes a website incredible is the point where it is viable in many programs that do not consider rendering. In fact, this is alluding to a similarity between programs.

We make sure that our websites are viable with the most famous programs. We offer an extraordinarily versatile customer experience.

5. Social sharing

A fascinating expansion to this game is that you can give your peers your points and welcome them to play the game.

Our site allows the player to share his click test on any of his # 1 online media with peers and challenge him to hit the score. Customers can go over friendly sharing using Twitter, Facebook and email.

6. Dynamic

An additional component is that the game is versatile. Versatile clients can also test their capabilities from similar web customization in light of the fact that the web form is unambiguous like the portable web.

You can test the clickthrough rate effectively during the specified clear time frame.

7. No account is required

Our site does not need a record to play the game. Everything is simple without cerebral pain. The best part is that we do not expect you to make a record.

CPS Counter – Check Your Mouse Clicking Speed Test with CPS Test

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