Check Out The Directions To Clean Your Eyeglasses Using A Microfiber Cloth!

Do you wear eyeglasses and are looking for a good quality eyeglass cleaning cloth? Are you aware of the tremendous benefits of using microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloths? If not, keep reading through to get an insight!!

What is microfibre?

Microfibre is a synthetic material primarily designed for cleaning purposes. As the microfibres are split, their absorbing capacity multiples and makes them ideals for cleaning/absorbing liquids. The split microfibres have the potential to remove large quantities of microbes. One way to check if the cleaning cloth is a microfibre is that when placed on the liquid, if the fabric pushes the water away, it is a duplicate material and not the expected microfibre. As the microfiber cloth is positively charged, it attracts negatively charged dirt and grease and absorbs liquids effectively. 

How to clean your eyeglasses using a Microfiber cloth?

Follow the below-mentioned directions to clean your eyeglass lenses and frames without scratching the lenses. 

  1. Wash youtube hands thoroughly with a disinfectant/hand wash and dry them with a dry towel. Make sure that your hands are free from dirt or any other greasy substance that could leave prints on your lenses. Use gel-based hand wash to clean your hands rather than using lotioned soaps.
  2. Use lukewarm water to rinse your glasses gently to remove any dust or other micro particles which might otherwise scratch your lense. Note to not use hot water for rinsing as it may damage the coating of the lens. 
  3. Use a drop or two of eyeglass cleaning liquid on each lens. If you have a spray bottle of eyeglass cleaning liquid, you can directly spray the liquid on the microfibre cloth for cleaning the lens. 
  4. Rub the microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth on both sides of the lenses and all parts of the frame for a few seconds. Ensure that every part of the glasses is thoroughly cleansed, including the nose pads and sticks that comfortably rest on your ears. Pay essential details on the regions where the edges of the lenses meet the frame to extract out the dust, debris, and accumulated skin oils.
  5. Now rinse off the glasses again with lukewarm water to remove the traces of eyeglass cleaning liquid that may make the vision blurry when the glasses are dried. 
  6. Give a gentle shake to the glasses to get rid of excess water, and check carefully to ensure that it is cleansed thoroughly. 
  7. Use a microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth to wipe off water droplets on the glassware. Ensure that the cleaning cloth is clean and dried itself to perform a certain task perfectly. This is because the dirt and debris trapped inside the microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth can scratch your lenses or leave greasy stains on the lens, which will completely spoil the cleaning process. 
  8. Post drying, carry out a quick inspection again for any leftover smudges or streaks. In case there are some, you can just use the microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth with a pinch of cleaning liquid or gel to clear off all the smudges. 
  9. After cleaning your eyeglasses, use a microfiber sunglass pouch to protect your delicate glasses from damage.

Invest in the top-notch quality microfiber cleaning cloth to clean and disinfect your glasses! 

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