An Overview of Cube Solitaire: The Most Sought-After Card Game

An Overview of Cube Solitaire: The Most Sought-After Card Game

Laptops and computers are commonplace today, but they were once newfangled devices that people had difficulty using. While Solitaire and its several variants are seen as the go-to entertainment activity in today’s time, these games were primarily used to teach people the functions of the mouse. The card game helped people master clicking items on the screen and dragging and dropping items. 

Nowadays, people know how to use laptops and computers. They have mastered that art, but they continue to play this addictive card game. One of the variants, in particular, that has made a lot of noise is Cube Solitaire. The game is trendy, and it is one of the most prevalent card games online. The game has undergone various transformations over the years, and different versions exist across continents. 

At a glance, Cube Solitaire appears to be a straightforward game that any newbie can master in no time. But the challenging part is beating the opponent and scoring the highest within five minutes. The competition is tough in the online world, and the only way to beat your opponents and climb the leaderboard is by having all the essential information regarding the game. So, continue reading to become a Cube Solitaire pro. 

The Salient Rules of Cube Solitaire 

You cannot play card games without knowing the game’s rules, and the same applies to Cube Solitaire. The primary objective is simple. You have to score the highest to beat your opponent. But achieving the highest score is a daunting task that takes players a few attempts to master. However, abiding by the rules is a strict requirement of the game, and the rules are as follows:

  • The cards must be arranged descendingly. 
  • If there’s a vacant column, you can place a King card. 
  • Players need to drag and arrange the cards on the different tableaus. Once the cards are arranged and a relevant sequence is achieved, the cards must be transferred to the foundation pile. 
  • When players are out of moves, they have to tap the stockpile to get new cards. 
  • Tapping the undo button makes players redo one move. 
  • Tapping the submit button will end the game early and provide players with a timer bonus. 

Are the fundamental rules of the game clear to you? You can download and start playing the game. You can even keep scrolling to learn more about this card game, which will help you become a master at it in no time. 

The Scoring System 

All decks are not solvable in Cube Solitaire, and therefore, it is critical to understand the scoring system. Several different actions will fetch you points, and you need to use this to your advantage to beat your opponent. It would be best to consider ending the game early when faced with unsolvable decks so that the timer bonus is added to your final score. You can even strategize your game according to the scoring system to fetch more points. 

The different scoring actions are as follows:

  • 20 points are awarded for exposing face-down cards
  • 70 points are awarded for moving previously removed cards to the columns from the foundation deck 
  • 20 points are awarded when players play cards from the stockpile
  • 500 points are awarded when players form and transfer the right set in the foundation deck 
  • 100 points are awarded for transferring the relevant card sequence to the foundation pile 

The Strategies to Keep in Mind 

The card game might appear simple, but it has twists and turns. The game is competitive and challenging. It pushes players to make full use of their mental abilities. Although all decks cannot be solved, your winning chances can be accentuated by implementing these tactics. 

  • Start your game by attacking the larger stacks – The larger stacks must be attacked first because there’s the opportunity to reveal many face-down cards. You can use them to build piles when you have exposed the cards. Hence, aim to thin the stacks and gain an advantage over your opponent. 
  • The card’s color is essential when planning your move – In the game, the cards are arranged descendingly and must be in alternating colors. So, the decision to place a black or red King in an empty tableau is critical. Whatever you decide will dictate the color order for that specific pile. So, you need to analyze the cards you have at hand and accordingly plan your move. 
  • If you don’t have a King card, don’t empty a display pile – When you don’t have a King card at hand, it is not wise to remove the cards from a specific slot. Without a King card, the empty column will remain vacant, and it will be blocked off from the game. 
  • Uncover the first deck when you start playing the game – It is good advice to flip the first deck card and reveal the card hiding behind it. If you implement this as your first move, you will gain more options for potential moves. 

These strategies are some of the popular ones, but when you start playing, you need to keep exploring the best moves. Therefore, start playing practice games. These games are free, and you will be randomly matched with an opponent. After a couple of practice games, you will feel confident participating in cash battles and tournaments. 

The Bottom Line 

Now you are equipped with all the information needed to play Cube Solitaire. You also know the game tricks you can implement to surprise your opponent. Download the game and become a pro. All the best! 

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An Overview of Cube Solitaire: The Most Sought-After Card Game

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