8 Tips to Make Small Home Spaces Look Larger

8 Tips to Make Small Home Spaces Look Larger

A person’s home is their castle. It should be a place for them to feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed, to function as the central hub of life. When space is limited, many people think they will have fewer options than before. But this does not need to happen.

These tips will help you make your small spaces look larger and more inviting so that you can enjoy your sanctuary with no hassles or hurdles:

Keep Clutter to a Minimum

With making space look larger, less is more. Just because something has potential storage space doesn’t mean that it needs to be stored there all the time. If an area looks cluttered, remove one or two unnecessary items from its surface. You’ll notice how open and inviting that same space feels after one quick change of clutter levels. 

Your living room may not feel spacious, but with a little bit of editing, you can make it seem that way! One clutter-fighting tip is to use baskets instead of shelves—baskets are much less likely to overflow than shelving units.

Use High Falls and Dark Floors

This strategy works because the color contrast tricks your eye into thinking that there’s more space present. If you have high ceilings and dark floors, try lightening up the walls by painting them white. If you are in North Carolina, for instance, and want to give your home a classy touch, it is also a good move to hire the best north carolina home builders for professional assistance.

If you’ve got low ceilings and light-colored hardwood flooring, add some color onto the wall using paint (or even wallpaper!) for a similar effect. This technique can work wonders when applied to small homes as well. Pair the colors with a design element that’s still in keeping with your home.

Create Interest Through Artful Arrangements, Plants, or Other Objects

The trick is to draw attention away from the lack of space by adding outside elements like plants, artwork, and other furnishings into an area. Also, you can create a feeling that there is more room than what exists. 

Try grouping things together so that one object draws your eye while all others are out of focus; this will give off the illusion of depth.

Dress Up Window Sills with Lots of Plants and Flowers

Window sills are a perfect way to add some green life into small spaces; they’re also an easy place for you to show off your tastes. If you’ve got a long, narrow living room, try adding plants that drape down on one side so that the other feels wider in comparison. 

Use Mirroring Techniques

Mirroring techniques will make any small area appear larger than what it is—try using them on furniture if nothing else! This works because you create an optical illusion: one side appears to be the same size as the other. Your brain perceives one side to be bigger than what it is. 

For example, if you have a small entryway and add mirrors on either end of the wall when walking into this area from both sides, you’ll think there’s more space in front of you than meets the eye.

Divide Large Spaces into Smaller Ones

To make spaces look larger, try dividing them up with walls or curtains to feel like two separate zones. For instance, a living room/kitchen combo might divide things up using screen doors instead of large ones. 

This can also work well within smaller homes; an open-concept layout can sometimes feel like a less homey space than what it is. Removing barriers can make any interior seem larger in comparison, and this also helps to create some privacy as well.

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8 Tips to Make Small Home Spaces Look Larger
8 Tips to Make Small Home Spaces Look Larger

Use Light Fixtures

Use light fixtures with indirect lighting to create an open and airy feeling within your living spaces, which will make them appear larger than they are. You can do this by placing table lamps over surfaces that need illumination, such as desks or kitchen counters where you prepare food. 

Then, place overhead lights on dimmers, so you can control how much you want to illuminate the area without making it too bright for comfortable evening activities like reading or watching TV.

Maximize vertical height

This includes using more wall art, mirrors, or shelving units for displaying items like books, plants, and knickknacks. Using curtains on windows is also an excellent way of maximizing light coming in from outside while keeping spaces looking cozy.

Final Thought

The tips listed above will help you transform your small spaces into ones that feel more open and spacious. You’ll be surprised by how easy these changes are to implement. Plus, they often cost next to nothing; thus, there’s no excuse to try them. After all, your surroundings end up becoming one of your favorites.

8 Tips to Make Small Home Spaces Look Larger

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