6 Reasons of Brands for Using Poly Bubble Mailers 

When making a packaging decision for your brand, you need to dive deep to have better insights. In today’s market, it seems there are endless options when it comes to packaging products. One of the ideal choices is poly bubble mailers. Below you will catch 6 reasons to choose poly mailers. 

1: Reduce Dimensional Weight Shipping Charges

Delivery charges are quite high, and this is what many small businesses are afraid of. They are deprived of high revenue as a good amount of budget is quickly eaten due to weight shipping charges. By selecting poly mailers, this particular charge is reduced. It’s because it takes less space in a delivery truck. 

2:They’re Great for Shipping Soft Goods

Businesses dealing in clothing, bath towels, or any soft products, then they need packaging that doesn’t have hard surfaces. Poly mailers are again a productive choice as they will keep the product safe for a number of days. The mailers are stretchy and robust, which makes them reliable for delightful items. 

3: They’re Torn, Dirt and Water-Resistant

Every brand is looking for packaging which keeps away the dirt, is not easy to tear, and is water-resistant. Poly mailers not only feature these three options but they can’t be punctured even if the product is a bit harder. For instance, wooden frames, antique pieces, etc. are also delivered in poly mailers. 

4:They’re Feasible to Pack and Seal

Unlike other packaging boxes, poly bubble mailers don’t require any tape. They have an envelope shape that is easy to open. This makes customers happy. For hard yet heavy packaging, they need scissors or a cutter to open it. Moreover, it’s convenient for brands to loan the products when poly mailers are selected. The ease of pack & seal boosts various brands to opt for custom bubble mailers. Personalized poly mailers help the brands to meet their specific product needs. For instance, items that vary in size, so may require poly mailers in different sizes. 

5: They’re Easy to Recycle

Once poly mailers perform their job, then a person can put them into a recycling bin. Even in some packaging, it’s clearly stated that it can be recycled. However, whoever doesn’t know poly mailers can be recycled, can now straight away put the mailers in a recycling bin. 

6: They’re Great for Branding

Poly mailers are a perfect choice for startups business to increase their brand awareness. With the help of tailored services, you can get the design of your choice and can steal the hearts of the customers. Various lifestyle brands have bright pop-up poly mailers that are much adored by the customers. However, you must choose a design that goes consistent with your overall brand tone. Customization can help you achieve brand building. 

Last Shot 

Organizations know that attractive packaging is beneficial for the brand. That’s why they are leaving no stone unturned to impress their customers through appealing packaging. Customized poly mailers can’t take the eyes off of customers but also work functionally. The above discussed are the 6 solid reasons that encourage many businesses to opt for poly mailers. 

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