20 Best Business Ideas in France 2023

20 Best Business Ideas in France 2023

Are you looking for an innovative business idea? Franchising is a formidable reservoir of creative ideas and concepts, reproduced on a small or large scale in a given territory once the model is well established. The dozens of new stands dotted around the Franchise Expo Paris show each year prove this, as does the Observatory, which receives requests to create new brands almost every day. Here is a selection of the most promising business ideas in France, some already developed in the franchise while others are still at the prototype stage.

” Happiness is doing what you love and getting paid for it” – Anonymous

If you’re wondering what business to start, whether it’s worth opening your own business, or just looking for some best business ideas in France, you’ve come to the right site.

The two most essential principles allow people to succeed in business:

  1. First, you need to have an exciting business idea.
  2. Second, you must be determined to succeed.

You are probably now wondering how to develop that unique and brilliant idea. This article is the answer to that question. In the following sections of the report, you will find proven and profitable business ideas in France in various niches that are already working for millions of people worldwide.

However, before we get to that, let’s see the top three mistakes you should not make when considering starting your own business.

Are you looking for an innovative business idea? Franchising Path is a formidable reservoir of creative ideas and concepts, reproduced on a small or large scale in a given territory once the model is well established. The dozens of new stands dotted around the Franchise Expo Paris show each year prove this, as does the Observatory, which receives requests to create new brands almost every day. Here is a selection of the most promising business ideas in France, some already developed in the franchise while others are still at the prototype stage.

Business idea #1. Get into stationery and supplies

There are many brands in the stationery niche, but the one that has experienced the fastest deployment is undoubtedly Bureau Vallée. In some 25 years, the brand has opened more than 300 stores in France, Europe, and even Africa. With 7,000 references in the catalog and many innovative services, Bureau Vallée is looking for franchisees with merchant profiles to extend its network.

Business ideas #2. Open a hybrid restaurant, music, and beer venue

Born in Lyon in a former transport factory then transformed into a unique place to live, Ninkasi includes a beer factory, a restaurant, and a concert hall. It’s the perfect alchemy between the production of quality beers, a catering offer in partnership with local players, and the organization of concerts and parties, all in warm and friendly places to live!

Business Ideas in France #3. Opt for ultra-fast delivery

Getir specializes in ultra-fast grocery delivery. This tech company has revolutionized last-mile delivery with its 10-Minute Grocery Delivery proposition, bringing approximately 1,500 everyday items to its customers in minutes, seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 11:30 p.m. Now, Getir is launching its franchise model in France!

Business Ideas in France #4. The madness of CBD

Want to ride the CBD wave? This natural and 100% legal product is available for multiple uses: cosmetics, nutrition, electronic cigarette. Start quickly by controlling the risks with the best CBD franchises in France.

To discover > CBD franchises

Business idea No. 5. Become self-employed in sport

Now let’s do some exercise by looking at the various sports-related concepts deployed in franchises.

Here again, the field is trendy since it is estimated that the practice of collective or individual sport is growing by 15% per year in France. Therefore, you can set yourself up without fear by opting, for example, for My Big Bang (and its express program in 20 minutes), Bodyhit (electro-stimulation), or the more classic but just as effective Fitness Park.

A more specialized brand, Dos-Stress, offers personalized fitness with the back as a priority. Also, the Orange Bleue mon coach Wellness centers have developed a new way of conceiving sporting activity to align with the needs of modern life, which is more sedentary, more urban, and faster.

Business Ideas in France #6. Beauty salons in great shape

The French men and women devote more and more time to beauty and aesthetics, a large part of them regularly attending specialized institutes. Again, undertaking a franchise in this sector guarantees success, with brands like Carlance, Lime, BODY Minute, or the most recent Atelier du Palper Rouler.

Business Ideas in France No. 7. Health and nutrition are on the rise

Once the diets and the practice of sport have not had the expected effects, you can turn to coaches specializing in food rebalancing to forge a dream body for the summer. Network commerce offers several brands related to this universe, including Dietplus, Fitness Boutique, Physiomins, or even RNPC – Groupe Ethique et Santé.

Business idea No. 8. Personal services are supported by state aid.

This year is favorable to creating agencies specializing in personal services because the government has undertaken to extend them.

With the aging population, dozens of networks are deployed in France to assist the elderly, offer childcare solutions, or participate in time-consuming household chores. Some examples among others: Family Sphere, HELP Confort, Kids&Us France, Anacours, or Menus Services

Business Ideas in France No. 9. Open a healthy poke bowls restaurant.

The poke bowl is a Hawaiian dish consisting of cubes of raw fish marinated in a soy sauce-based mixture, presented in a bowl, which swept the food planet in 2016, and whose success has not been denied since.

  • Poké Thaï the new concept of Thai-influenced poke bowls
  • Pokawa historical actor of the Poké-bowl in France

Business idea #10. Open a restaurant under a thematic concept

Another idea is to look for themed restaurants, and there again, the imagination of business creators knows no bounds. Indeed, you can turn to a restaurant serving medieval cuisine, like the Cour des Saveurs, which offers a selection of dishes and ingredients from yesteryear, even going back to the time of the Gauls and their famous mead accompanying terrines of wild boar or deer. Or choose Steak’n Shake (American atmosphere) or Au Bureau and its English Pub spirit.

Business idea No. 11. Real estate, an eldorado still relevant.

With meager interest rates for 15 years and rising prices, the real estate sector remains flourishing, and the franchise networks are engaged in fierce competition. All these brands want to cover the whole country to meet the demands of individuals looking for the property of their dreams, alongside the leaders’ ERA, Century 21, Laforêt, etc., other networks Coldwell Banker, Espaces Atypiques, la Résidence and. Play the specialty card. It will spoil you for choice if you are endowed with a commercial character and have a sense of contact.

Business Ideas in France No. 12. The automobile: from rental to repair

All automotive trades are represented as franchises, whether repair (RoadyFeu VertNorauto, or Speedy) rental (ADAUcarRent A Car, or Drivy). You can also opt for more actual trades, such as Autosmart and its truck store specializing in cleaning products for professionals.

Business Ideas in France No. 13. When the building goes, everything goes.

The adage speaks true if we judge by the strong growth observed within the networks specializing in the building industry and its related activities. The progression is particularly remarkable among window sellers, who take advantage of the ecological aspect of their products (who do not know Grofillex Windows and Tryba ). Work brokers are also very well positioned and see that the networks provide complete training to candidates before the actual opening. It is the case at illiCO works and La Maison des Travaux.

Business idea No. 14. Supermarkets: small investment but attractive income

The major retail chains are rolling out their model in small local shops to reach consumers in the heart of towns and villages in France. Brands practice leasing management to attract entrepreneurs, who can thus enter the networks with a very measured investment.

Business Ideas in France No. 15. And fashion in all this?

If Paris is the capital of fashion, France can be considered the country where the sector has the most ready-to-wear stores. Here again, many franchises compete for this coveted market, with networks specializing in children (Orchestra, Sergent Major), others dedicated to men (Father & Sons), others still aimed at women (Esprit), and more specialized concepts, like Cymbeline’s wedding dresses.

Business Ideas in France No. 16. Foreign specialty restaurants

While the bar of 2,000 networks has just been crossed in France (source French Franchising Federation), the opportunities for creating foreign specialty restaurants are varied:

  • Italy with delicious quality pizza franchises
  • Thailand with Pitaya
  • Chic Vietnamese canteen with Phood
  • Indonesian street food with Djawa
  • American dinner with Memphis

Without forgetting sushi and tex-mex, you will inevitably find the culinary concept that suits you.

Business idea No. 17. Play the card of an original mono-product

With cheese curds imported from Quebec, a famous secret recipe for the brown sauce, and homemade fries, POUTINEBROS is the 1st authentic Quebec poutine fast food in France, an original idea based on a product little known in France but recognized in other countries.

Another country, another product: Berliner Das Original pays homage to Turkey with a quality kebab offer. A flourishing market!

Business Ideas in France No. 18. The many variations of food shops

With a midday break that tends to get shorter and a desire for variety, the French turn to different food shops every day to vary the pleasures. The franchise responds perfectly to this trend by bringing to market premium brands like Comtesse du Barry, chocolate shops on the outskirts or in the city center like De Neuville, beautiful tea rooms like that of Palais des Thés, not to mention bakeries. represented by brands such as La Mie Câline , Brioche Dorée or Boréa .

Business Ideas in France No. 19. Wine, from the bottle to the box

Wine is part of France’s heritage, and the income generated by its export is increasing year after year. In this area, there are many chain stores with complementary concepts, such as Domaines Qui Montent (sale of wine and snacks), BiBoVINo and its revisited cubis), Cavavin and its 155 units or even Nicolas, a network born almost 200 years ago, is still in the development phase!

Business Ideas in France No. 20. Flowers to end in style

Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas. We offer flowers on specific dates and throughout the year, and florists have understood this. Their stores remain open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you want to start a business in a colorful and sustainable field, choose Carrément Fleurs, Oya Fleurs, Le Jardin des Fleurs or Monceau Fleurs and its network of 170 units around the world.

Entrepreneurship in Quebec: what to get started?

The most common mistakes when starting a business.

Most people are afraid to start their own business because of the risk of losing financial liquidity. In many cases, even the best business ideas did not provide entrepreneurs with a stable source of income from the start.

However, that’s probably not what you’re here for. Therefore, we have identified the three most common mistakes when starting your own business so that you can avoid sudden surprises.

Very often, people are not adequately prepared to run their own business. The most common mistakes among entrepreneurs are:

  1. They do not verify the demand for a given service or product in the region.
  2. They quit their full-time job before reaching financial liquidity.
  3. They invest all their money at the start of business operations.

The ready-made business ideas listed in this article will allow you to combine your full-time job with starting your own business. Over time, when customers and orders begin to increase, you can go to 1/2 times, and after a while, you can focus on running your own business.

Good. We already know the main mistakes to avoid. Now let’s take a look at it.

How to start a business without capital?

Often you don’t need a lot of start-up capital to make your business idea a reality. You can get started for $2.50/month or start your graphic design business, with the only cost being the Adobe Photoshop subscription.

But let’s say you need an initial capital injection, and you don’t know where to get the financing.

However, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to get your seed capital, and below, we’ve outlined some of the more popular routes.

1. Ask yourself what you can do and get for free.

It’s true. Reevaluate if you need to spend that money in the first place. Being strategic about your costs in the early stages of business can be crucial to your business survival.

2. Build up to six months of expense savings.

Plain and simple. Knowing that you want to start a business down the line, start setting aside a set amount each month to start your business.

3. Ask your friends and family for additional funds.

Friends and family remain the best way for many entrepreneurs to raise outside funds to launch their businesses.

4. Apply for a small business loan when you need extra cash.

Small business loans can help you start or maintain your business. And although lending standards have tightened since the last financial crisis, learning how to navigate the process ahead of time will help you succeed.

5. Find out about potential angel investors and woo them.

If you think you are good at what you do, you can try to find an investor who will help you start your dream business.

Knowing what mistakes not to make and where to find money to develop your own business, we can explore the list of business ideas.

Let’s start!

20 business ideas to launch in France 2022

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