When Purchasing Prescription Medicines Online You Should Have a Drs. Prescription

When Purchasing Prescription Medicines Online You Should Have a Drs. Prescription

Recent events in history have had a deep impact on society. Covid 19 has been a tragedy for many people, and even those who have been fortunate enough not to lose someone or be very sick for some stretch of time have felt the effects of this. This is something that affects the entire world, from the most populous, advanced civilizations to those in far-flung, scarcely explored regions of the planet.

It has advanced social attitudes toward certain digital things by 10 to 20 years, with things like telecommuting, online learning and wider adoption of e-commerce and streaming services being prime examples. If there was a silver lining to this cloud, this expedited adoption of the Internet would be it, along with perhaps a better sense of caution when it comes to medical concerns in the future. Hopefully, some people learn their lessons.

Still, people are hesitant to buy prescriptions online, because we still think of online purchases as something different from brick-and-mortar purchases. The truth of the matter is, that the only difference is the absence of that building and a direct-contact human being, something we should be more reticent to pursue for no apparent reason in the future anyhow. For something like colchicine 0.6mg, which can be a life-saving drug, you need to save as much money as you can, because the economy is extremely uncertain, and this is going to be an interesting decade in that concern.

When Purchasing Prescription Medicines Online You Should Have a Drs. Prescription

Some people assume that you can’t buy prescriptions online, only over-the-counter medications, but that is nonsense. There are plenty of ways to easily verify a prescription online, and online pharmacies, which are the real deal in every respect, are all set for these verifications. Without the overhead from brick-and-mortar, they can be extremely competitive in a lot of ways. Their prices are naturally lower, and they are willing to engage customer-converting and retaining measures like savings, coupons and rewards programs.

Furthermore, if you order from Canada, you can extend the savings much further, believe it or not. You probably didn’t realize that you can order medications across borders, but in the United States, we have trade agreements with many nations across the world, especially our neighbour to the north. As long as the medication you are ordering is FDA-approved and legal in the United States, there is no law prohibiting you from buying it from outside the country.

The question you may be asking is, why are they cheaper in Canada? Are they just better than us politically? That is a debate we aren’t here to have, but it is a debate that a lot of people do have, of course. However, we are just looking at hard numbers here, and the fact is, they lower shelf prices, with taxes offsetting the cost of pharmaceuticals in the long run. The goal is to allow people to get their medications when they need them, worrying about them being paid for later, which they definitely will.

When Purchasing Prescription Medicines Online You Should Have a Drs. Prescription

The thing is, you live in the United States, meaning you don’t pay taxes in Canada. Those shelf prices are direct to you, the taxman never comes calling. Ergo, you have a smaller starting price begin with, and then you layer on things like online pharmacy savings, rewards and coupons, etc., and you can save upwards of 60% on things like colchicine 0.6mg.

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