Unallocated Space On USB | Fix It Now?

Unallocated Space On USB is a common problem in USB and Hardrive of the computer. This can occur commonly in USB and SD cards. The space in the USB becomes unusable and the size of the Pendrive get shrinks to KBS or MBS from GBS and we cannot store anything into Pendrive due to the lost space.

And the bigger problem, you cannot solve this problem by formatting a USB. Sometimes there’s some important data in our USB that we don’t want to lose.

What Is Unallocated Space On USB?

Unallocated space is free space in the hard drive or USB that is unused but can be used. A freshly formatted (NTFS) 500 GB hard disk starts with 99.9% unallocated space.

Computers take this space as unallocated space because it does not belong to the computer partition space.

So before storing data properly we need to need to make it as a real partition of the partition.

In this, we can store any files by creating a partition of it, or we can merge this unallocated space with another partition.

Why did the unallocated partition Happen?

Unallocated Space On USB problem occurs due to unsuccessful formatting or by using third party software to burn our USB when the operation is unsuccessful due to some possibilities.

This can also occur due to virus or malware in the computer or the partition gets deleted accidentally by us. So in such cases, there are huge possibilities to lose our important data from the pen drive or hard disk.

Sometimes we also mistakenly delete the partition from the drive or shrink the size of it.

Problem With Unallocated Space On USB

The USB or Pendrive become missing from the file explorer due to this problem and we can not use the space of our USB. The USB or Hard drive space becomes invisible but shows under disk management of the computer as an unallocated space.

There Are 4 Methods To Repair undefined Space On USB-

Method #1: Creating a new partition in the disk

  1. First, first plug your USB into your system.
  2. For Windows, open Run by pressing Window Key + R.
  3. Then type diskmgmt.msc and hit enter.
  4. Now Go to Disk Management and find your Pendrive from there.
  5. Then right-click on the unallocated space which is usually in black colour.
  6. Now right click on that and click New Simple Volume.
  7. Then follow the wizard menu to set up a partition.

Method #2: Using The Command Prompt

  1. For this, press Window Key + R then type cmd and hit enter OR Find cmd by searching cmd in the search bar of window 7, 8, or 10 and run it as administrator.
  2. Then type – diskpart
  3. Then list disk
  4. Then select disk 1
  5. Then clean
  6. Then create partition primary

or follow the process as shown in the picture below.

Unallocated Space On pendrive fix using CMD

Now, you can format your Pendrive one time by going to my computer and right-click on your Pendrive and format it.

now you will get your space back into your Pendrive.

Method #3: Use AOMEI software

AOMEI Software is free and comes with an easy to use interface which can let you recover your Unallocated Space On USB quickly.

  1. Insert your pen drive into your system.
  2. Then open AOMEI Pen Drive software.
  3. Now Right-click on the Pendrive and select “format partition”.
Use Unallocated Space - Disk Management
  1. Then from the pop-up menu, select format type NTFS or Fat32 and click proceed.
  2. After formatting, your pen drives again right-click on it and select “resize partition”.
  3. In the next screen drag the slider to the end of the disk so all the Unallocated Space On USB becomes usable.
Use Unallocated Space - Disk Management

After doing all your settings, review your changes and click apply changes.

Disk Management

In just a second your Unallocated Space On USB becomes available to you.

However, if you want to recover your files you can use paid version AOMEI to recover your important files.

Now the next and last,

Method #4: Use EaseUS software

EaseUs Software is easy to use an application to recover your unallocated space as well as your important files. But this is not a free tool to use. You have to pay a price for it. But they also provide a free trial version of EaseUS software you can get it by Clicking here.

Bottom Line

Now last just to clear your confusion in between free and unallocated space that free space is already partitioned space in the drive which can be used anytime for storing your files.

And on the other hand, unallocated space is space in the hard drive that is unused and still not partitioned in the drive. You can partition it or extend it into another drive. Tech Geek.

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