The Benefits of Animation in Online Business

The Benefits of Animation in Online Business

As technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, the number of possibilities for business are increasing just as quickly. Across hundreds of industries animation is a tool being used by companies to for games, purchases and tracking. Food delivery apps, online casinos, education apps and web browsers all use computer generated imagery to enhance their user experience, adding colour, vibrance and fun for users.

Food delivery apps

Friends, food courier services have continued to grow exponentially since their inception. Many have come and gone in the last 5 years, with the likes of Uber Eats, Grubhub and DoorDash managing to stay ahead of the chasing pack consistently. The reasons for the success of these apps are plenty, as well as providing fast delivery and getting orders right, one of the main ways they dominate the market is by offering a fulfilling user experience through animation.

They use detailed graphics in conjunction with GPS software which allows users to track their courier in real time. After ordering your food you can follow the driver via the map, see exactly how long they will take and know whether they have any other deliveries to make on the way. This has helped create a better understanding of delivery times, providing clarity and transparency that is greatly appreciated by customers.

Online casinos

Animation is a vital tool for any online industry trying to recreate real life experiences. A good example of this is online casinos, most of which use fun and colourful animations in their games like blackjack and roulette. This helps users feel like they’re in the casino, with ever-improving graphics providing a realistic experience which keeps users entertained for hours. The use of exciting animations has also been extremely popular in online slots, with designers using a variety of colourful themes.

Many slot machines in casinos are now digital and use lots of vibrant designs and fancy animations, which makes them easy to recreate in online versions for users to enjoy. With the events of the last few years leading more people to use online casinos, animation has made the experience more fun, making the differences between online and real-life casinos much smaller.

Education apps

The internet has improved the landscape of education massively, reducing the need for pens, paper, and calculators. Thanks to technology, learners who may have found traditional methods boring or uninspiring, now have alternative ways to learn through interactive activities with attractive animations. Language learning apps are a good example of this, with the likes of Duolingo using vibrant graphics to add some fun to the proceedings.

Duolingo uses animations to teach new vocabulary, congratulate users for correct answers and award points. Additionally, learners answer questions by dragging computer generated images, letters and words into the correct place, a much more immersive and entertaining learning experience than reading books and writing answers on paper. Kahoot, an app where teachers can make quizzes for their students to participate in via their own devices, is another great example.

Bright animations are used to award points and rank students based on points scored, with an interactive leader board displaying results. These animations help add an extra competitive element for students, who are motivated by seeing their name rise to the top of the rankings. The Benefits of Animation in Online Business


At this point the genius of Google in the tech industry is well documented, with the search engine always at the forefront of innovation. When Google first entered the industry, the market was crowded with tens of search engines vying for the top spot. Nowadays, Google’s position as number one is undisputed, with companies bending at their will, desperately optimising content to appear favourably in search results.

As well as through providing quick and extensive results, Google has achieved and maintained this position using animations on their homepage, which entice users to click on them and find out what there about. Animation examples of their “Doodles” feature include fireworks for Chinese New Year, drawings of historical figures and flags to represent independence days of various countries. These animations draw users in, who can then find out the context of the pictures.

The Benefits of Animation in Online Business

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