Beginners Guide: How to Start a Blog? Basics of Blogging

How to start a blog? Basics of Blogging | Beginners Guide

There was a time when we use the Internet only for downloading games, music, movies. At that time we know nothing about blogs and blogging. We don’t know that we can also start our own blog and website. Before you start a blog you must know some basics of blogging.

We have grown up now, now we know what a blog is and what we can do with it.

At this time many people are blogging by leaving their 9 to 5 jobs. They have made their life with blogging and earning money by working from their homes.

But not everyone is lucky as them. We can’t get rich by creating a blog and putting 10 to 20 posts in it. We have to be diligent and the biggest thing is we have to be persistence.

We must have faith in ourselves that we can also be successful.

It is also true that not everyone starts a blog by thinking that I want to make money from a blog. Some start a blog by following their passion. They love to write, they love to share their knowledge they have.

They always try to do something new and share it with other people.

And if you have also made up your mind to start a blog, then you have to be strong. The path of success is not supposed to be easy. 

In this guide, I will share all the basics of blogging with you from the very beginning.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a discussion or an informational website. Where we share our knowledge in the form of a post on a blog. In the blog, the most recent posts appear on the top of the other blog posts and on the first page of the blog.

Blogs are usually run by an individual or group of people (team). It is a platform where an individual or a group of writers gives their reviews on something or subject.

Structure of the Blog

We can also create our own structure of a blog if we have some knowledge about PHP, HTML, CSS or JavaScript. These are the most useful language for designing a blog structure.

But still, there is nothing to worry about if you have no such knowledge of these languages. There is some platform that provides inbuilt themes that are also free to use, you can apply these themes on your blog.

The basic structure of every blog could be like this-

How to start a blog? Basics of Blogging | Beginners Guide
  • Header with menu or navigation bar.
  • The main Content area with blog posts or highlights.
  • Sidebar with a call to action button, social profile and another important widget you can add.
  • Footer with relevant links like privacy policy, contact page, or you can also add your site’s information or your own profile.

The structure of a blog is an important thing. A good and attractive structure will help you to grow your audience.

What is blogging?

How to start a blog? Basics of Blogging | Beginners Guide

Blogging is an act of writing. We can choose any niche and start a blog. Many blogs focus on a specific topic, like pets, web designing, food recipes, or in which they specialize.

Although it’s important to choose a particular niche and post relevant content only, it’s not necessary.

You can also post everything you want to post. But it also has some drawbacks.

Like, a niche blog can help you to grow audience and people know what your blog is about, they know what you gonna share in the future and they become your regular visitors.

Blogging is all about converting visitors into customers.

A niche blog is good in terms of SEO, and it’s also very helpful if you want to earn money from your blog. Niche blogs always have a good chance to stand in SEO. They always show at the top of the Google search result.

On the other hand, if you don’t give much importance to money then you can start a blog without a niche and post whatever you want in which you are interested. Because then blogging is your hobby not a source of income.

It is also not necessary that you cannot make money without a niche blog. But then you also have to keep other things in mind.

It is not impossible but surely you will have to face some difficulties in monetizing your site. You have to learn some strategies from others who are already making money without a niche blog.

How to start a blog?

So now you know everything about a blog, blogging, about the niche and without niche blogs and now you want to start your own blog.

Always keep in mind, starting a blog is not as difficult as maintaining it. You have to update your content regularly and monitor every single deficiency.

SEO is a very important thing for your blog, you have to compete with other bloggers too.

But fear not, it’s not all that hard to do. If your passion is blogging then this is nothing in front of you.

You will keep yourself busy all the time without getting bored. But only if you have a passion for blogging.

Platforms To Choose

There are many platforms are available for starting a blog like- WordPressBlogger, tumbler.

These are the most loved and widely used platform for blogging. These are free and paid too.

As a beginner, you don’t want to mess with web developing languages and you want a blogging platform that is easy to set up, easy to run and understandable.

Your blogging platform must have to be flexible because as your blog grows, you need to change your site’s appearance and you may also want to add more features for your audience.

So it’s very important to choose a good platform at the very beginning, otherwise, it will be difficult to move to another platform.

There are so many blogging platforms are available but I am taking you as a beginner so suggesting only these blogging platforms for your blog.


How to start a blog? Basics of Blogging | Beginners Guide

WordPress is the most powerful and popular software which you can use to easily create a beautiful website. WordPress powers 34% of the internet.

WordPress is a flexible platform with a lot of themes and plugins. You don’t need to create or buy themes or plugins. Most of the themes and plugins are inbuilt and free to use.

It is an excellent platform for creating a blog or website. You can create any type of blog on WordPress.

Here are just a few examples of website you can create:-

  1. Blog
  2. E-commerce
  3. Business
  4. News
  5. Photography
  6. Music

Who uses WordPress?

Many famous websites and blogs and other music sites are using WordPress.

Mashable and Tech Crunch are both on WordPress. News websites like The New York Times and CNN’s on-air personality blogs are on WordPress too.

Is WordPress free?

WordPress is 100% free to use and the possibilities are endless for customizing a WordPress blog.

You can create your blog on for free or use for self-hosted blogs.


How to start a blog? Basics of Blogging | Beginners Guide

Blogger is also a good option to create a blog. Blogger is owned by Google and all the created blogs on bloggers are generally accessed by

But you can also add your own domain and remove the form the domain of your blog.

When you create a blog on blogger you will be provided with the domain as ( but you can remove by registering a domain with blogger ( You can direct your domain from to by buying a domain.

A single user can create up to 100 blogs per account.

Adsense is a good option for monetizing your blog. Adsense is an inbuilt feature in blogger because both services are provided by Google.

For applying AdSense on your blog you first need an AdSense approved account to start monetizing your blog with Adsense.

Blogger also provides many themes for applying on your blog and you can also buy a theme from third-party sites and apply on your blog for making it attractive.


How to start a blog? Basics of Blogging | Beginners Guide

Tumbler is also a blogging platform but it’s not popular as WordPress or Blogger. It was founded by David Karp in 2007 and later sold to Automatic. WordPress is also owned by Automatic.

On tumbler, you can create your blog. You can also follow other user’s blogs. However, you can also make your blog private.

Tumbler hosts over 500 million blogs. So this is also a good platform for starting a blog or website. Amizon


By the way, these are all good platforms to start a blog. But I have research on the internet and found WordPress is above all of these.

Many people suggest and top bloggers suggest WordPress as a good blogging platform.

On the other hand, a blogger is also a good option, although it is less flexible than WordPress but, for beginners, the blogger is good for diving into the world of blogging. And then comes tumbler on the third number in my list.

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