7 SEO Strategies To Beat Your Competitors In Blogging

If you are reading this post then you probably have your keyword and competitors who are ranking higher then you. Or maybe on a first position with your chosen keyword and you want to beat him down so you can get your position in the Google Search Results. Then you seriously need some good SEO strategies to beat them.

This happens to everyone when you want to create content on any topic, you research and find that there are already many articles out there on your topic.

When you check the keyword difficulty, you found that it’s very high– it means hard to rank on your keyword due to massive competition.

Especially for beginners when your domain authority is low and not even your single post is ranking in Google then it’s exceedingly hard for you to outrank your opponents. 

Many professional websites are ranking on the top due to their high domain authorities, they build an SEO plan before executing it so winning against them is a tough challenge. But not unthinkable.

These are my 7 Seven SEO Strategies to beat your competition on Google.

#1: SEO Strategies – Produce Valuable contents

If you want to win against your competitors, your content has to be better then them.

Before writing, First check your competitor’s article that what they have written, how they craft their article to achieve first ranking and find which thing they missed to mention.

Now do some research on your subject and try to gather more useful information to mention in your article which your competitor lacks.

If your opponent has a 2000 words article try to write a minimum of 2300 words in yours.

If you are out of things to mention or ideas not coming into your mind, you can use People also ask box in Google

SEO Strategies : Google May Ask

or check what Google suggests to you when you search using their search box for more ideas.

SEO Strategies : Google Search Results

You can also use the LSI GRAPH tool to suggest some synonyms or other unique topics.

Properly optimize your article with your keyword. Your keyword must be present in your blog URL, Title, Meta Description and naturally in your content(Don’t do keyword stuffing).

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#2: Improve Page Speed

Page speed is important for user experience as well as for ranking in Google. By improving your web-page speed you can drive more traffic to your website.

Google stated that while showing Search results, their algorithm sort those pages higher who have less loading time.

And for user experience, if your blog takes more time to load, then obviously you will be going to lose your customer.

Also, it can increase your bounce rate that can affect your SEO factor indirectly.

Overall, slow page speed can affect your ranking as well as your customers. Use this PageSpeed Insights Tool to check your site speed.

#3: Check How Many Backlinks They Have

Always try to build more and more backlinks, as backlinks are the essential factor in the Google Ranking.

You can use Ahref free backlink checker tool to check your competitor backlinks so you can build more.

If your Competitor has 20 backlinks you have to make at least 25 to outrank him.

But they must be coming higher Domain Authorities and must have a correlation between your blogs.

Now Google has become smarter to figure out the bad links from the good. A backlink can help you achieve a higher ranking in Google, but only if they are from authoritative domains.

Domain age can also be beneficial. Because backlinks are more powerful when they are coming from old aged domain then newer ones.

#4: Don’t Mess With High Authorative Domains When You Are Beginners

When you just start Blogging doesn’t try to compete with old aged domains. They may have many high-quality backlinks and more Authorative blog than yours.

Find newer blogs, less than a year or a year old. You can easily beat them.

But still, if you want to compete with higher authoritative domains then work with long-tail keywords.

#5: Use Long Tail Keywords

If you find that hard to rank with a short tail keyword then long-tail keyword can work well. Long-tail keywords can help you to outrank the competition.

Short tail keywords are of one to two words, while longs tail keywords have three to four or more words.

Even Long tail keywords get less traffic but their conversion rate is high as compared to short-tail keywords. Because they are more specific and longer.

#6. Use Structured Data (

Structured Data helps Search Engines to better understand about the web page that what the web page is about and which information it contains.

It Structured your article in a manner so search engines can address it more effectively then process and analyze it faster. It can help you achieve your ranking if used correctly.

To learn more about Structured Data read this Yoast SEO Article.

#7: Amp Can Be Your SEO Strategies

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is designed to enhance user experience. The main benefit of AMP is speed.

This loads up the site quickly on mobile since mobile responsive sites take much time to load as compared to desktop.

I am not 100% sure that it can be your ranking factor but definitely improve your site loads time.

Less load time = Improvement in Ranking

Wrapping Up

This is my SEO strategy plan for you to outrank your competition. Now you know how to beat your competitors just do it precisely.

Create good high-quality content, improve your site loads time, target long Keywords.

Also when you are a beginner Don’t challenge other high competitors, you can’t beat them in one night. Just focus on building high-quality content and Backlinks.

Always Spy your Competitors what they do on Social media or anywhere you can.

Incase if I missed any SEO Strategies that you personally follow to achieve a good ranking in Google, you can comment below so others can also take advantage from it.

That’s it for now.

I hope this article helps you let me know in comments about how useful it is for you.

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