How To Install Wamp Server On Windows?

In this article, we will learn How To Install Wamp server On Windows so you can run your PHP code or work on your Web Development related Projects without using any service online.

If you want to create a web page or want to design a professional PHP based application having an installed Wamp server can strengthen your building task.

Moreover you can also instal wamp server for installing WordPress on your local machine

Every professional website builder create and test their website or application offline before making it live officially.

This is also a good practice for every beginner who just starting in this profession of web development.

If you check your work before making it live officially, it can reduce the chances of putting yourself in the danger.

Hence, wamp server is must for every web developer for testing their websites offline.

As you probably know PHP scripts won’t execute without a server, therefore we use Wamp server. Wamp server creates an offline environment same as a online server.

Wamp server comes with Apache Server, MYSQL DataBase, PHP MyAdmin to develop and manage your PHP project on your local computer without using any server online.

You can run your HTML codes on your browser but for running a PHP code, you need an internet connection and also a host to execute your PHP scripts.

In addition, with Wamp Server you can create your own local environment on your computer so you can work on your PHP projects offline.

If you want to use WordPress then WAMP Server can ease your work for testing your blog or website before making it live for your audience.

Because WordPress has also written in PHP you can install WordPress on WAMP Server.

Install Wamp server On Windows

#1: Download and Install Wamp server

First Download Wamp server from their official website.

Download and Install Wamp Server

Download the appropriate version of the wamp server for your window. If you are running a 32-bit window, download a 32-bit wamp server, otherwise head over 64-bit.

You can check your operating system compatibility by going to your computer properties.

#2: Select Language

After your download is finished, run your download setup from your computer by double-clicking on wamp server setup.

Then, select your preferred language in which you want to install swamp server. click Ok.

Select Language in Wamp server and click ok

#3: Accept License Agreement in Wamp server

In the next window, read their license agreement and accept the agreement by clicking “I accept the agreement” and click next.

Accept Agreement in Wamp Server  and click next

#4: Install Visual C++ Packages in Wampserver

Before installing wamp server, your computer must have certain elements installed on your computer to work wamp server properly.

These are Visual C++ Redistributable Packages created by Microsoft to run some softwares properly.

You can download these element from the Microsoft official website.

Install VC++ Redistrituable Packages and install wamp server

So, before going further make sure you have these. If you have these already installed on your computer, click Next.

#5: Select Directory Location of Wamp server

From the next window select the folder where you want to install the wamp server.

By default wamp server will install in the c:\wamp64 directory. If you want to install it in another folder you can do so by clicking on the browse.

Select Directory and install wamp server

Then, click Next.

#6: Select Folder Directory

Next, by clicking browse, choose a folder where you want to place a wamp server program shortcut.

Select Folder in Wamp Server

Click Next.

#7: Click Install and Wait

All Done, Now the setup is ready to get installed on your computer.

From the next window just click Install and your installation process begins automatically.

Install Wamp Server

Just sit and relax It can take around 5 to 8 minutes to get installed.

Installing Wamp server

#8: Choose Browser

In this process, it may ask you to select your desired browser which you want to use with wamp server.

Choose any browser from this by clicking yes.

Choose Browser in Wamp Server

#8: Choose Text Editor

Again it will ask you to choose an editor which you want to use for writing your scripts.

Choose text editor in  Wamp Server

My suggestion for you is that always use notepad++ for writing any type of script code.

You can download it from this link.

Select it by clicking on yes.

#8: Check Status In The Taskbar

After all these, make sure your wamp server must turn into the green from red, check your taskbar’s bottom right after installing wamp server.

If wamp server does not turn to green or it stays on red or orange then there must a problem with VC++ redistribute packages. Download these again and install.

Make sure Wamp Server is Green in Taskbar

Click next.

#9: Finish The Installation of Wamp Server

All Done. Click Finish.

Finish the installation of wamp server

You have successfully installed wamp server on your computer. Just check from the notification bar that it must be green.

You can visit your wamp server localhost by visiting localhost from the URL address bar of the browser which you choose in the installation process.

Verify Wampserver by going into localhost in url bar of browser

That’s it. This the process of the wamp server installation. If you still feel any problem, you can comment below.

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