How To Write Blog Posts in 7 steps? No one is Perfect in Beginning

Writing a Blog Post is an art.

Your 5000 words post worth nothing if it doesn’t convert your visitors into customers. Not getting attractions from other means you are invisible. In this post, I will tell you how you can write a beautiful blog post that engages.

If you are in the beginning and finding others writing a giant post with top-class blog structure and high standard vocabulary.

Don’t worry about this, nobody is perfect in the beginning, everyone has learned from their own experience.

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It’s frustrating when people don’t share your post, don’t like your post, don’t comment on your blog.

So, write every Blog Post like this is your last post and you want to leave your mark behind.

How To Write a Blog Post?

Instance, In Cricket, an out of form batsman is just one shot away from getting back his rhythm.

Same with you, you are also just one great post away to hit the road.

Write each of your posts in an arrangement so that people love to read it without getting bored and it contains the essential information that they want.

Take an example of the iPhone company they launch one iPhone after a year that lasts for the next 2 to 3 years in trending and forever in the market.

The iPhone 4 was launched in 2010 but is still in the market.

So write a post like, it shines for the next 5 years consistently. Write it like a masterpiece so people come back to your blog frequently.

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Now the question is How to Write Blog Posts that people love to read and they start visiting your blog repeatedly. How to do this?

Design every content for your customers first, then for bots. If you will succeed in attracting more and more visitors then bots will automatically come.

People don’t want that hard to chew meat, they want a juice that is easy to digest. Short and sweat sentences with little bit crisp and full of information.

#1: Know Your Audience

What are you writing for? Do you know your audience?

Now if you have started this business then you probably know your targeted audience. So write for them, write what they want from you what they are expecting from your business.

Your audience can only propel you forward. They will become the key to your success. Write for them and keep them engage with your blog by providing what they want to learn and build your audience first.

What’s the benefit of your writing if you don’t have a viewer?

#2: Research

Before writing a blog post first research and gather enough information that you want to share with your audience. Half incomplete information can lead to a negative impression on your business.

And make sure all the information is correct and not misleading. Find every information that is relatable to your title because the title pulled your visitors.

If your visitors don’t find the information about what they are looking for, they will go back from your blog and who knows they come back again or not.

So research before writing the information in the post that it must be accurate and beneficial.

#3: Structure your blog Post

A good structure helps people in navigation through your post. If your blog is orderly structured then people will also show their interest in reading your blog.

One Design

If you use different templates for each page then people will have trouble understanding your blog. So its always a good practice to stick with one template of your blog.


Your every blog post must have an introduction. The introduction reveals what your post is about. The introduction should always be striking. You have to show people why they have to follow your advice by leaving others behind.

You have to state in the introduction why you should read this post and what it contains further.

Short Paragraphs

Try to keep every paragraph shorter. The longer the paragraph, the harder to read and eventually people will lose their interest. So keep it between 4 to 5 lines.

The paragraph should look informative and written in plain Engish. A blog post is not a place for intricate metaphors.

Try to always keep your content error-free, Here are 10 best grammar checker online tools to beautify your writing.


Your every blog post must have a conclusion. It can be a short summary of your blog post or your suggestion on the things you have said in the article.

#4: Use Heading

It’s not necessary that people came to your blog and have read your blog post fully. Often people skim through the main points in the article before reading. While skimming if they find something eye-catching they stop and start reading it.

Headings are always crucial for grabbing the attention of the visitors. They indicate what is contained in this paragraph.

Heading are always helpful for On-Page SEO. Search engine use headings for finding the relevant information from your blog. 

#5: Write Like Telling a Story

You must have heard many stories in your childhood and many of them you still remember. Just write your blog post like this.

Our brain tends to remember stories then metaphors.

But write like telling a story is a hard thing. You need a lot more practice to be able to add emotions into your article.

Here are some guides that will help you in becoming a storyteller, I found these from blogging wizard blog:

#6: Use Power Words

Many professional writers use power words to drive more sales and to engage more people with their blog. Power words are so convincing that people can’t stop themselves without being influenced by them.

Power words are directly linked to our emotions. One word can change the way you think and feel.

Whether you want to lure your visitors for reading a blog post or to click on the ‘BUY’ button, power words are a quickest and easy way for doing this without petitions.

By Buffer: 189 Power Words that converts.

By Enchanting Marketing: Power Words

#7: Use Images

Images speak louder than words. A good article is a combination of images, text, graphics, charts and other multimedia. Images can be used to enhance the blog’s appearance as well as to increase shares.

Images can also boost your blog traffic. Suppose someone searches for a specific image and found your blog image that is linked with your article. Then what, image drove that person into your blog.

So images are also helpful in SEO purposes. Always add at least one image to your blog posts.

Bottom Line

Wrapping-up on How to Write Blog Post-

Before writing a blog post you must have your targeted keyword and you must know what your audience is expecting from you. If you don’t write for your audience, then your blog won’t grow.

Before writing anything into your blog make sure the information is correct and not misleading.

Use headings in your blog and structured your blog properly, a structured blog is healthy for your visitors plus for Bots.

Combination of power words and multimedia can grow your blog shares and sales.

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