How To Hide Friends List On Facebook?

Sometimes it’s important to hide your friends list on Facebook to keep it safe from others. Because You don’t want to show your female friends to your wicked friend (Vice versa for a female reader).

Don’t worry we will hide it within two minutes.

In this article, we will talk about how you can hide your friends list on Facebook.

Facebook has become a big issue for misusing your personal information. Even sometimes your profile picture gets copied from your profile and used by some other people on Facebook .

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But for now, Facebook has changed a lot. Now you possibly control almost anything on your Facebook account. You can hide your pictures from others, hide your personal information as well as apply a protection badge to your profile picture. So no one download it.

I have read a beautiful quote somewhere on the web that,

“Tell me who are your friends and I will tell you who you are”

So it’s better to hide your friends list on Facebook, instead of affecting your personality.

If you let your friends list public then anyone can see your friends and send them a friend request. Sometimes this can create some troubles on Facebook.

So it’s better to hide your friends list on Facebook to keep your private things private.

Hide Friends List On Facebook

  • First login to your Facebook account and go to your Profile.
  • Select Friends from the menu and then click on the Pencil icon showing on the right side and click Edit Privacy.
Hide Friends List On Facebook
  • Then a popup will appear like this.
Hide Friends List On Facebook
  • Select Only Me from the drop-down menu and click Done.

This way you can hide your friends list on Facebook. But this the web-based Facebook. If you are on a mobile phone then the steps are different.

Hide Friend’s List within the App

  • Open your Facebook app from your mobile.
  • Click on Hamburger Menu and then Settings & Privacy then Click Settings.
  • From the Settings, go to the Privacy Section and click privacy settings.
  • Then from the menu Who can Find and contact You select who can see your friend list then choose only me from the menu.
  • Then save your Changes.

Follow above-mentioned steps if your are on mobile Facebook application.

Not only this if you only want to hide your friends list from some specific people but not from everyone then you can also make this change by yourself.

If you want to hide your friends list only from some of your already added friend then select friend except from the menu where you have selected the Only me option.

After reaching there Search the name of your friend from whom you want to hide your friends list and then Save Changes.

There are lots of other settings that you can do for your friends list as well as to keep yourself safe from getting your information stolen. But you cannot hide mutual friends from your facebook account.

This way you can control your friend list from others on Facebook. Facebook is a large community so  it’s common to get leaked your information easily. But now Facebook has made my changes to keep their network to keep their users safe.

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