8 Amazing tools Google Search Console Dashboard

As you hear the term of Google Search Console, this is a free Google Webmaster tool which helps you in indexing your website or blog in the Google.

There is an inbuilt Simple Google Search console dashboard that is easy to understand and where you can perform every action you want.

This is also a tracking system for your blog where you can check your website performance, coverage, which page is performing better and which keyword is driving traffic to your blog.

You can also find from which country the traffic is coming, how many impressions you get in Google search? and how many times your link gets clicked?

Apart from that, you will also obtain information about what is the average position where your blog is ranking.

In total, Google Search Console Dashboard helps you in optimizing and monitoring your website and help you to display your website in Google search results so more people can reach your website.

You can take advantage of this free tool for getting and tracking your blog’s traffic.

  • First Visit Google Search Console.
  • In the top, left corner click on search property and under the search click Add Property.
Google search console dashboard

Then this box will appear on your screen.

Google search console dashboard

Note: Google added a new property called Domain but the URL prefix is an old one.  

You can use which one you want, but I suggest you to to go with Domain if you have a personal owned domain eg. “”


if you are using a free domain like “” then you can go with URL prefix.

This doesn’t create any difference you can use any as you want.

Then after entering your domain name click Continue.

If you are using a Blogspot or purchased a domain name from Google Domains then you don’t need to worry about a verification process, Google will do this automatically for you.

In the case of other domain name providers, or in case of free WordPress, you have to manually add verification code.

After Adding your Domain in Google Search Console Dashboard you have to wait for one to two days while your data get fetched.

Now I am going to explain-

8 Amazing tools Google Search Console Dashboard

#1: Overview

In the overview, you can see your website’s performance over time. You can see how many clicks you get in the Google search results and see if any error in any pages of your blog.

You can also call it a quick report menu for your blog.

#2: Performance

In this, you can check how many impressions your website is getting and a number of clicks by the visitor in the Google SERPs.

Average CTR is the click-through rate, this is the percentage of clicks divided by the impressions.

Impressions mean how many people see your website in the Google search while searching for their query.

You can also see from which country, traffic is coming on your blog

Your top pages and which keyword is ranking.

#3: URL inspection

This tool helps you in checking, whether your page is indexed or not. Just enter the URL of your page and press enter.  If your page is indexed by Google it will show otherwise you have to click on Request indexing.

You can also manually add your new post URL so it can be indexed ASAP in Google.

#4: Coverage (In the index menu)

In coverage, you can check which page has an error that is affecting the process of indexing.

You can also see which pages are successfully indexed, and which page is not.

If any of your pages have an error or warning, you will see here and correct it.

#5: Sitemap

A sitemap is crucial for your website. This helps in displaying all of your pages in Google.

A sitemap contains the list of pages on your blog or website. Sitemaps are important for every blog.

For more on sitemap- Google Sitemaps

Every blog or website has a sitemap, you can also check your blog’s sitemap by going to-


This is an XML autogenerated file for every blog if your blog doesn’t have this file check this article on how to create your own one.

Link- Generate A Sitemap

How to add a sitemap?

  • Click sitemap under the index menu.
  • In the add sitemap field write “/sitemap.xml” or full URL of your blog then “/sitemap.xml”.
  • Click submit.

Now every page of your blog gets submitted into Google.

Above are all the powerful tools in the Google search console.

Now below, these are all optional and not much vital. I am not going to explain them all and fully just an overview.

If you added your domain property in Google as a Domain then these below given tools won’t work, these are only for URL prefix.

#6: Speed (enhancement)

Speed is an important factor in SEO. This tool shows your website speed.

#7: International Targeting

This report is used to track the country from where most of your traffic is coming and which language they are preferring.

“hreflang” tag is used in tracking it all.

#8: Removal

This tool helps you in removing all unwanted, expired, or broken links from the Google SERPs.

Copy the URL from the Google SERPs and paste in the removal tool and submit it. Google will review it and remove from its index.

That’s all!!

I am not recommending you to use other features of Google search console without any knowledge because it can affect your website SEO or permanently delete your website from Google index.

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